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15 Breakup Lines That’ll Make You Roll Your Eyes

15 Breakup Lines That’ll Make You Roll Your Eyes

Most overused breakup lines fall short in their sincerity. Often they’re just rehearsed ways to escape a relationship with as little explanation as possible. And in the age of nurtured self-importance, you may start seeing these poorly crafted breakup lines more and more. Without further ado, here are fifteen breakup lines that will make your roll your eyes. 

1. “It’s not you. It’s me.”

“So it’s me is what you’re saying”….We start off our list with the most recognizable of all break up lines. People throw this line around to circumvent an honest breakup, but you can be certain about one thing. If someone says this to you, it was most definitely your fault. Please don’t fall into a pit of despair though. Trust me when I say they’re not worth it.

15 Breakup Lines That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes

2. “I’ll be so jealous of whoever ends up dating you.”

“Well, I’m confused as to why you’re not jumping on the opportunity yourself.” Again, this is just another insultingly poor attempt to console you, but the fact that it’s obviously contradictory isn’t much of a consolation. Do yourself a favor. If someone ever says this, don’t fight for their love. Just run.


3. “We’re going down different paths.”

“I see. You think you’re too good for me”….I don’t mean to plant insecurities into your mind, but an ex who says this cliche probably doesn’t have the highest opinion of you. In a more candid sense, “different paths” can be translated as “I’m better than you.”

4. “Let’s just be friends.”

“Ouch. Did you just friend zone me?” I know firsthand that getting friend zoned can be the most agonizing experience. But be grateful that your ex’s discontent with the relationship didn’t result in a messy breakup. Be thankful that you can still have a wonderful, platonic relationship with a person you truly care about.

5. “I want to see other people”

“Either you’re wanting to break up or you’re wanting to be a swinger. Either way, this is not worth it.” Don’t wait for someone on the slight chance that they’ll come crawling back. Your utter dependence on this person probably isn’t as severe as you think.

15 Breakup Lines That Will Make You Want To Roll Your Eyes


6. “You know and I know that this hasn’t been working.”

Actually, I was dumb enough to believe that it had been working. My mistake.” At the risk of sounding cliched, communication is instrumental to any relationship. Being able to intimately share and understand the human experience with someone makes life worth living. If your relationship is devoid of communication, then it might as well be some nameless faceless interaction with a pair of boobs on Omegle. Maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic, but you get my point.
7. “You know you’re number one.”
This isn’t exactly a breakup line, but it is an awfully pitiful way to eschew commitment. A person who says this most likely has multiple number ones, all of which are probably STD ridden. respect yourself enough to not self-deceive. This person probably isn’t capable of love and much less commitment.

8. “I’m not ready for a relationship.”

“Well, that’s fine, but you probably shouldn’t have lead me on for as long as you did.” This is yet another example of someone selfishly sparing your feelings. If the relationship was working, then they’d try to change. Don’t be deceived.

9. “I’m still not over my ex.”

Then we could have bypassed the relationship. That would have saved me a lot of suffering. Even though this line may ignite your competitive spirit, don’t waste your time vainly battling for their attention. You’ll find that you’ll always fall short.

15 Breakup Lines That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes


10. “You deserve better.”

“After hearing that pathetic breakup line, I agree. I do deserve better.” While lovable self-loathing can win over the hearts of many, this insincere cliche will make you wonder why you were with this person in the first place.

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11. “I deserve better.”

This line is the more frank version of the last one. The reason why this is so irksome is that it places all the blame on the other person. If you’re wanting to scapegoat someone else for the fall of the relationship, at least acknowledge your faults.

12. “This isn’t working.”

“Um, care to elaborate?” This line is only eye roll-inducing because of how ridiculously vague it is. If they don’t care enough to elaborate, trust me, honey. Chasing after them will only lead to disappointment.


13. “I need space.”

“As in some space faraway from me?” In truth, when a person says this, the line is typically their way of telling you that you’re too clingy, which would be a valid complaint in my case. But besides how overused it is, it can easily be misinterpreted as  a breakup line. I would advise jumping to conclusions though.

14. “Don’t text me.”

“Can you at least give me a reason?” Shutting down conversation is the number one way to foster acrimony. A person who does this never cared about your well being to begin with. They may have had a selfish love for you but nothing more. I’m guessing you deserve better.

15. “I’m not in love with you anymore.”

I wanted to end our list with a perfectly acceptable breakup line. This is the most candid and appropriate line, because it’s the most honest. Don’t evasively answer the L question. Just tell them straight up. Prolonging a damaged relationship isn’t only a detriment to the other person, it’s a detriment to you. So just muster up the courage and be frank. It’ll save you some torment.

15 Breakup Line That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes


After hearing these lines said to us, they may be laughable in retrospect. That doesn’t change the fact that they were devastating at the time though. Evading an emotional reaction is a product of deep resentment. Resentment leads to dehumanization, which in turn leads to these pathetic lines that spare the other persons feeling at the time but only lead to more unabated resentment. So try to stifle your sociopathic tendencies, and realize that the other person is human. They deserve better than a cliche. They deserve an explanation.