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Breakfast Spots In Tallahassee Ranked

Breakfast Spots In Tallahassee Ranked

Whether you’ve had a long night out or are craving a change from your usual cereal, finding the right breakfast spot is crucial- and not always easy to do. From home-style waffles to avocado toast, or a more hearty meal, each of these brunch spots has something made for your taste. Through extensive research and my own obsession with breakfast foods, I have ranked my favorite spots in Tallahassee from best to worst. 

1. Table 23

Easily my favorite place to enjoy a southern meal, delicious mimosas, and great service- Table 23. Many places either have better drinks or better food, but Table 23 exerts top quality in both their drinks and food quality. Their menu includes authentic southern food items such as chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy, and shrimp and grits. They also have more unique items such as peach cobbler french toast and smoked gouda cheese grits. Despite what you choose to order, everything in Table 23 is flavorful and made with top quality ingredients- they are sure to take their time when creating each plate. In addition, there isn’t usually much of a wait if you do not make reservations. If you do have to wait, Table 23 is in a beautiful environment, with lights on the outdoor deck and decorated with southern charm, making it the perfect spot to take pictures. The service at Table 23 is always exceptional as well, they are sure to perfect your order, and do everything in a timely and complete manner. I’ve only had positive experiences in Table 23, and have never heard complaints about this special place. Make reservations for Sunday brunch at Table 23 for an unforgettable dining experience.


2. Madison Social

Filled with chatty college students, savory aromas, and great music- Madison Social is another exceptional brunch spot. Their brunch menu includes very unique choices- both savory and sweet. From breakfast quesadillas to avocado toast, to pancakes of the month, Madison Social really has it all. The atmosphere is somewhere between laid back and upscale, making it a comfortable yet high-quality place to eat. As many people know, Madison Social also has delicious drinks to go with your brunch- including mimosas. Brunch at Madison Social always means delicious food and drinks in a fun, laid back atmosphere. They also allow dogs on their outdoor patio, so everyone is free to join! Although there can be a wait on busier days, you will pretty much enjoy a delicious home-cooked, high-quality meal at Madison Social.

3. Keke’s

Very competitive with my first two favorite places, Keke’s is easily one of the best places in Tallahassee to grab brunch. A clean environment, generous servings of food, and polite staff- it’s nearly impossible to have a bad experience here. Walking into Keke’s- it feels like a true breakfast restaurant. Keke’s also has an extensive menu, including any breakfast item you can imagine, as well as sandwiches and other lunch items. Even the pickiest eaters can find something on the menu that they will love-Keke’s truly has it all. Although there can typically be a wait for a table, the quality and flavor of their foods are well worth it. Even down to the English muffins- everything on your plate will have you licking your lips and wanting more. Keke’s also has a delicious iced coffee and sweet tea- and their portions are nothing shy of generous. I love every aspect of Keke’s and can’t ever get enough of this delicious breakfast restaurant!


4. Maple Street

Another southern breakfast spot, Maple Street is a competitive fourth place on my list for its homemade biscuits and delicious options. Their menu is mostly a range of different biscuit sandwiches, included chicken and biscuits, egg and biscuits, and more. Although the menu isn’t particularly diverse, all of the options are customizable and always top-notch- in taste and quality. Despite how long the line is, Maple Street’s fluffy, warm, homemade biscuits and fresh-squeezed orange juice are always worth it. Not to mention, their hashbrown cake is a yummy side dish filled with savory seasonings and delicious hashbrowns. Even their coffee is so good you will want to go back for more. Maple Street located close to campus on Call Street is the perfect brunch spot for homemade biscuits and southern food.

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5. The Bada Bean

Another authentic breakfast restaurant, The Bada Bean is a hole-in-the-wall sort of place with mouth-watering food and drinks. The Bada Bean has an extensive menu with almost everything you can think of- including my favorite, skillets. Their food is always served hot, with tasty flavors, and generous portions. If you’re into coffee- or even if you aren’t- you have to try one of their popular lattes or coffee drinks. Their drinks are always aesthetically pleasing with creative designs in them, and come in large cups that are hard to finish. Not to mention, the amazing smells and tastes that come with them. The only complaint I have with The Bada Bean is the smaller, dark interior- but it’s not uncomfortable enough to make me want to pass up on their food. Although there tends to typically be a wait for a table here, The Bada Bean is a delicious breakfast spot that you can’t go wrong with!


6. Jenny’s Lunchbox

Last on my list is Jenny’s Lunchbox. Although it may not be the most upscale restaurant- this hole in the wall place is one of my favorites for its authenticity. The people, the food, the atmosphere- it all feels very genuine and authentic. I recommend visiting on a beautiful day and enjoy sitting on their outdoor patio. Jenny’s is one of those places where you can come as you are, order as much as you’d like, and enjoy breakfast with some good friends. Jenny’s has yummy breakfast options- but you may enjoy this place more after a long night out. Best of all, their service is quick and their prices are the lowest I’ve seen at a sit-down brunch spot. Jenny’s wouldn’t be my first choice for a birthday or anniversary, but if you’re looking for a casual breakfast with delicious food, this is the right spot for you.

Finding the right breakfast place in Tallahassee can be difficult. Lucky for you I’ve eaten out too much and have ranked some of my favorite brunch spots in this small city. Be sure to grab a friend and try out some of my favorite places to start my morning!

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