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10 Breakfast Smoothie Ideas For College Students On The Go

10 Breakfast Smoothie Ideas For College Students On The Go

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day—it’s what your parents always told you growing up. Between rushed assignments, early-morning study sessions and sprinting across campus to get to class on-time, a full breakfast isn’t always a possibility for the average college student. With the size of the average dorm kitchen, a meal that simply requires a blender, a few ingredients, and a couple minutes is a blessing. Here are some breakfast smoothie ideas that are a great way to get those all-important vitamins without sacrificing essential time in the morning. 

1. Banana-Strawberry Smoothie

The banana-strawberry smoothie is probably one of the more classic smoothies—a staple smoothie that’s easy to make and easier to customize. To create this easy breakfast smoothie idea, simply add one peeled banana, a large handful of strawberries—chopped, stems removed—and a large glug of milk or milk-substitute, blend to combine. If you’re partial to an icy drink, add ice cubes to the blender as well. Better yet, freeze chopped strawberries for the same effect! 



2. Mango-Orange Smoothie

The mango-orange smoothie is a wonderfully tangy start to any day. To recreate this refreshing breakfast smoothie idea, add one mango along with one large orange (or a few smaller oranges) to the blender—both fruits should be peeled, with seeds and pits removed. For this breakfast smoothie idea, yogurt is preferred over milk or milk-substitute in order to create a smoother finished drink—more akin to a orange popsicle. Blend fruit and yogurt with about six ice cubes, making sure that the liquid is free of any pulpy residue, and pop the entire thing in the freezer for a minute at most. To ensure your breakfast smoothie is pulp-free, canned orange slices can be used in place of fresh oranges—roughly one can per one large orange.    

3. Tropical Smoothie

THe tropical smoothie will transport you to a tropical paradise. In order to create this breakfast smoothie idea, add one peeled banana, two handfuls of stemless strawberries, about half a cup of pineapple chunks, one small peeled orange, ice, and the dairy or nondairy milk of your choice. In all honesty, a 8-ounce can of pineapple chunks—or even frozen pineapple, if it is available—will be a lifesaver for this recipe. No one wants to peel a whole pineapple—trust us! Disregard any excess liquid from the can of pineapple, and simply blend all ingredients to combine. A few spoonfuls of yogurt and a dollop of honey will give this breakfast smoothie a great protein boost.

4. Citrus-Spinach Smoothie

I know what you’re thinking—Spinach for breakfast, in a smoothie? I’ll pass! This breakfast smoothie idea is, undoubtedly, might seem a little odd; but, it’s definitely not one you’d want to miss out on. To create this unique breakfast smoothie idea, add one large orange to a handful of ice cubes, and toss in a large handful of spinach—add a bit more spinach than you think you’ll need. I prefer to canned oranges in this recipe, simply for convenience, but peaches work well here too. Add the milk or milk-substitute in last, just enough to submerge the rest of the ingredients, and blend until well-combined and spinach leaves are completely liquefied. You can sweeten this with a tablespoon of vanilla extract or a large dollop of honey. 



5. Raspberry-Peach Smoothie

The raspberry-peach smoothie is another classic take on smoothies that will make a wonderfully sweet start to the day. The simplicity and charm of this breakfast smoothie idea will make every day taste like summer. To create this smoothie, add about a cup of raspberries, one peeled and pitted peach, and half a cup of yogurt to the blender and carefully blend to combine. This breakfast smoothie idea is sweet on it’s own, but a teaspoon of vanilla extract adds a nice amount of depth to the drink. Due to the delicacy of the fruits, I omit ice from the blending process and simply allow the finished drink to chill in the freezer for up to ten minutes.


6. Banana-Espresso Smoothie

The Banana-Espresso smoothie is a great way to incorporate a caffeinated kick into a healthy breakfast smoothie. To create this breakfast smoothie idea, add two peeled bananas, a handful of ice, a few large glugs of dairy or plant-based milk, at least one shot of espresso—more if required, instant coffee works well for this—and blend to combine. Adding a tablespoon of crushed dark chocolate or vanilla extract will lead a sweet note of depth to the smoothie, but it is not a requirement. No doubt, this will quickly become one of the breakfast smoothie ideas that will keep you energized, full, and focused throughout the day!      

7. Berry-Banana-Oatmeal Smoothie

The berry-banana-oatmeal smoothie is one breakfast smoothie idea that requires slightly more preparation, but results in a tasty breakfast smoothie. First, add one or two tablespoons of hot or boiling water to a tablespoon of steel-cut rolled oats and set aside. While the oats are soaking, add one peeled banana, a handful of ice, a few glugs of milk, and about a cup of berries to the blender. For a colorful end result, I’m partial towards blackberries—but any type of berry will do. Once the oatmeal has soaked up all the liquid, add that too—plus a teaspoon of honey or vanilla extract—and blend until smooth. The tasty and robust flavors allows this to be one of the breakfast smoothie ideas perfect for an energizing start to the day.       

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8. Very Vanilla Banana Smoothie

The Very Vanilla Banana Smoothie is a simple smoothie classic. To create this breakfast smoothie idea, add at least two peeled bananas, two tablespoons of vanilla extract, ice, and large glug of milk to the blender and blend to combine. You can up the amount of bananas if you’re looking for a heavier flavor; but, keep the banana to vanilla extract ratio constant. Adding a bit of yogurt and honey, along with the milk, will increase the depth of flavor. The gentle flavors of this smoothie allows this to be one of the breakfast smoothie ideas that will help you start the day off right!


9. Honey-Vanilla Citrus Smoothie

The Honey-Vanilla Citrus of this breakfast smoothie idea offers a delicate flavor that transports you to a simpler time. To create this breakfast smoothie, add one large peeled and seeded orange, a handful of ice, and a few glugs of milk to the blender. Incorporate two or more tablespoons of honey and vanilla extract carefully during the blending process. If you’d like a milder citrus flavor, swap the orange for a pitted peach or sliced peaches. The refreshing taste of this smoothie allows this to be one of the breakfast smoothie ideas will leave you feeling ready to conquer the day!   


10. Peanut Butter-Banana Smoothie

Filling and packed with protein, the Peanut Butter-Banana smoothie a breakfast smoothie idea that will be a favorite. To create this delicious breakfast smoothie idea, add at least two peeled bananas, ice, and enough milk to cover the bottom of the blender. Incorporate roughly a cup of peanut-or-almond butter slowly into the blender while on a low setting to prevent butter from clumping or sticking to the blender blades. The protein and healthy fats from the butter allows this to be one of the breakfast smoothie ideas that will help start your day off with an energizing kick!      

As a note, you can easily add protein powder or a sprinkle of chia seeds for any extra energy boost!

With these breakfast smoothie ideas you will have a repertoire of filling—and tasty!—breakfast alternatives for busy college students on the go. What are your favorite smoothie options? Share and comment below!          

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