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Breakfast In Boulder That Will Blow You Away

Breakfast In Boulder That Will Blow You Away

Breakfast In Boulder That Will Blow You Away

Finding an amazing breakfast place can be a challenge at times and finding a reasonably priced breakfast can be even harder. Luckily, in Boulder, Colorado we have several breakfast restaurants that serve great food that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Here is a list of the best, and most underrated breakfast restaurants in Boulder.

1. Dot’s Diner

Dot’s is a Boulder staple without a doubt. This restaurant boasts being around for over 30 years and has multiple locations around Boulder. Dot’s features a charming, retro atmosphere; the location on 28th street even has trivia cards from the 70s to entertain you while you wait for your meal. There are options for any dietary restriction on the menu and meals can be made gluten free with no extra charge. Some of the highlight’s of the Dot’s diner menu are the German Pancake, which takes 25 minutes to cook, and the fresh biscuits with raspberry jam. Dot’s provides a homey feel and is a great option for breakfast in Boulder.

Breakfast In Boulder That Will Blow You Away

2. Village Coffee Shop

Contrary to it’s name, Village Coffee Shop is actually another retro-style diner as well as a cost friendly and delicious option for breakfast in Boulder. This hole in the wall diner provides a much needed break from the trendy and health conscious restaurants in Boulder. While Village Coffee Shop may not be the place to take your stuck-up cousin, it is prime territory for a large, decadent hangover brunch with a few friends. Popular menu items include the pancakes, burgers, and biscuits and gravy, all of which will fill you up and taste amazing. The staff is friendly and engaging, and if it’s your first time dining at Village Coffee Shop, the whole restaurant will applaud you.

Breakfast In Boulder That Will Blow You Away

3. Tangerine

Tangerine is located in North Boulder, and is the perfect place to have a nice brunch or breakfast in Boulder with a few friends. The decor in the restaurant is warm and inviting, and if the weather allows, there is a patio area with lovely flowers and plants. Several great options from Tangerine include the Belgian waffle with fresh fruit, walnuts and sweet mascarpone cheese and the BLT eggs benedict. There are plenty of gluten free options on the menu, and lovely cocktails if the mood strikes.

Breakfast In Boulder That Will Blow You Away

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4. Walnut Cafe

Walnut Cafe is one of the most well loved places for breakfast in Boulder by the town’s inhabitants. Walnut Cafe is involved in the community, the walls are decorated by purchasable art from local artists and they allow local organizations to come to their restaurants to promote to the customers. The menus are even covered in pictures of people who eat at the restaurant, if you’ve lived here for a while it’s likely you’ll find someone you know! The menu features great healthy options, elaborate and delicious coffees and teas, and the best gluten-free waffle arguably in the world. The patio of the walnut provides a way to soak up the Colorado sun while enjoying a wonderful meal.

Breakfast In Boulder That Will Blow You Away

5. Santiago’s

Santiago’s has some of the best breakfast burrito’s in Boulder, all because of their amazing green chili. This is not a restaurant where you sit down and eat, but rather a great option if you need a super tasty breakfast on the go. If you’re not a fan of spicy breakfast food, Santiago’s may not be the best breakfast in Boulder for you. The location on the hill makes Santiago’s a great option for students on their way to class.

We hope this list of the best restaurants for breakfast in Boulder. Let us know in the comments which you like best!

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