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10 Breakfast Ideas If You Don’t Usually Eat It

10 Breakfast Ideas If You Don’t Usually Eat It

Does a lack of breakfast ideas mean that you usually end up skipping it? We don’t want to sound like your mom, but it’s so important to eat breakfast so you can avoid low blood sugar levels and binge eating later on in the day. Whether it’s due to a lack of time or you just don’t feel that hungry in the morning, we’ve come up with a list of 10 breakfast ideas that you’ll be jumping out of bed for. 

1.Breakfast Smoothies

A breakfast smoothie is a perfect choice if you don’t usually eat breakfast. That’s because its quick to make, you can drink it on the go and it will help fuel you up with loads of nutrients that are so good for your body. What’s more, smoothies neediest be expensive. Simply freeze some bananas overnight and these will make the perfect creamy base for any smoothie. You could add frozen berries, peanut butter and even some oats to keep you full until lunch. 

10 Breakfast Ideas If You Don’t Usually Eat It

2. Breakfast Burritos 

If you’re more of a savoury kind of person then you should defiantly give these breakfast burritos a go. Simply fill a wrap with scrambled eggs, veggies, cheese and anything else that takes your fancy. These make for a really healthy, high protein breakfast that you’ll love. 

10 Breakfast Ideas If You Don’t Usually Eat It

3. Yoghurt Fruit Cups 

Super creamy and packed full of good protein, yoghurt is a fantastic breakfast choice if you want something quick and healthy to eat in the morning. For breakfast on the go try making these cute to go jars layered with pureed fruit and some yoghurt of your choice.

10 Breakfast Ideas If You Don’t Usually Eat It

 4. Apple Peanut Butter Slices

If you really can’t face the thought of much food early in the morning then these apple peanut butter slices might be the right choice for you. Simply spread unsweetened peanut butter in between slices of apple for a good mix of good sugar and fat in the morning. This snack is really transportable so you could even bring it to work or class with you to munch on when the hunger hits. 

10 Breakfast Ideas If You Don’t Usually Eat It

5. Homemade Flapjacks 

Flapjacks are one of the best breakfast ideas if you want something easy, quick and filling. Add in anything you want from nuts and seeds to chocolate chips and dried fruit. Then simply cut them into squares and pop them in your freezer so that they’re ready to grab and go in the morning. 

10 Breakfast Ideas If You Don’t Usually Eat It

6. Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are one of those fantastic breakfast ideas that you can make ahead of time. All you need to do is mix oats, yoghurt and chia seeds together then top with some fruit and leave in the fridge overnight. The chia seeds will have expanded by the morning and soaked up most of the moisture resulting in a really creamy, high protein breakfast that you’ll love.

10 Breakfast Ideas If You Don’t Usually Eat It

7. Banana Bread

Cake for breakfast? It sounds too good to be true. Well, banana breakfast one of those great breakfast ideas if you tend to skip it usually. If you pick a recipe that uses sugar alternatives like honey or one that incorporates oats into it, then a couple of slices of banana bread makes for an easily transportable breakfast that will give you a ton of good energy. Toast and butter it for an added treat.

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8. Savoury Egg Muffins

If you’re lacking breakfast ideas, then be sure to give these savoury egg muffins a go. All you need to do is mix some beaten egg, veggies and cheese together and bake in a muffin tin. They’re low carb, high in protein and easy to transport. So,  mix up a batch of these delights at the weekend, pop them in the freezer and you’ll have breakfast set for the week.

9. Homemade Granola

Did you know that granola is so easy to make at home? All you need are some oats, coconut oil and then something to sweeten it with like honey. Then you can pretty much add in anything you want, be it, nuts, dried fruit or a little cinnamon? Making your own granola is fun, cheaper and so much better for you than the prepackaged stuff. Serve with milk, yoghurt or even just snack on by the handful when hunger strikes.

10. Anything On Toast

Toast is a fail-safe when it comes to breakfast ideas. Keep it simple and top it with butter, avocado or nut butter if you’re in a rush or tuck into a warming plate of scrambled eggs or beans on a lazy morning in.

There’s no excuse not to eat breakfast now so be sure to give some of these tasty ideas a go this week. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and with so many options out there to eat, it should never be boring.

What’s your go-to breakfast dish?  Comment below to let us know.



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