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Breadcrumbing and Ghosting: Why One’s Worse Than The Other

Breadcrumbing and Ghosting: Why One’s Worse Than The Other

Breadcrumbing is the new way of full on leading someone on – not fucking cool tools. Ghosting, breadcrumbing and cushioning are all dating nos. Check it.

Fuck your ghosting problems – if you thought that was bad, you have another thing coming. It is savage as fuck. We are all familiar with ghosting. It was a term coined last year for suddenly cutting someone off and ditching all forms of contact with a person you were seeing, dating or whatever you want to consider it. We’ve all heard those sob stories of guys suddenly disappearing without a trace. Breadcrumbing is the new way of full on leading someone on – not fucking cool tools.

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Urban Dictionary defines Breadcrumbing as follows: the act of sending flirtatious, but non-committal texts (i.e., breadcrumbs) in order to lure a partner in with little to no effort.


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Breadcrumbers find ways to be sneaky as fuck. They comment rocket ships on your Instagrams without texting you, occasionally slide into your DMs, throw up a like on Instagram whenever they feel like it and whatever fucked up thing they can think of to get your attention and fuck with your head. It’s seriously a fucked up way to get someone’s attention. These breadcrumbs work so that you can’t forget they are there. Essentially it’s another form of booty calling if you think about it. They keep you at arm’s length for whenever they feel like finally hitting you up to hang out.

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The only reason I could come up with why someone would breadcrumb someone is because they are a shitty fucking person. Enough of these stupid ass dating rules and games- ditch the bullshit. If someone is throwing you breadcrumbs, they are a loser. However, breadcrumbing isn’t just used to lure someone in to hookup. There’s breadcrumbing after a breakup to keep someone around; there are people who breadcrumb to keep a dating prospect on hold and people breadcrumb just to play games. They may not be interested in you but are interested in boosting their ego.

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Bottom line, if you know someone who throws breadcrumbs out like they’re feeding ducks, say bye. This modern dating scene is absolute shit and you should not invest time in a breadcrumber. They are a waste of time and it’s a form of emotional manipulation. The next time someone likes your Instagram but has cancelled numerous times, say peace to their sorry ass. Leave those tiny fictitious crumbs on the floor and walk away.

Don’t be Hansel and Gretel and feign for breadcrumbs – that shit ended poorly for them.
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