10 Brands With The Best Workout Shoes For Women

Finding the best workout shoes can be tough with several workout brands to choose from. Here is a list of the 10 best workout brands who have the best workout shoes for women. These brands are “wow” worthy! Check out the best women’s gym shoes here.

1. APL 

APL women’s athletic shoes are no joke. Not only do they have the best workout shoes for women but also feature insanely stylish gym shoes for women that can be worn as luxury sneaks. Yes, APL’s are a bit expensive but they’re timeless, sturdy and comfortable which is why they are one of the best workout brands for women looking for great gym shoes.


2. Nike 

Of course you can expect Nike to make the list of best workout shoes for women. Nike workout shoes will be around for quite some time and they truly are some of the best women’s gym shoes out on the market. The new Nike TR Flyknit gym shoes are stylish and easily make one of the best workout shoes for women.


3. Adidas

Adidas truly does have some of the best workout shoes for women. Since they’ve completely re-branded their image, Adidas workout shoes are better than ever.


4. Reebok

Alright, I’ll be honest; Reebok has completely blown me away. Reebok’s training shoes are some of the best workout shoes for women now that they, similar to Adidas, have re-branded their company. The best part about these women’s workout shoes is their affordability. They truly are cute workout shoes for women.


5. Allbirds

Believe it or not – Allbirds are great workout shoes for women. While they only come in one style, the Women’s Wool Runners, they are outstanding gym shoe options for women. Don’t rule these women’s workout shoes out. They feature new colors every so often. They might be the most comfortable workout shoes for women – no lie.


6. Under Armour

Under Armour is one of my favorite gym workout shoes for women – or just in general if we’re being honest. You have to know if Gisele works out in these (yes she actually does as witnessed at SoulCycle) they are legit. Under Armour workout shoes for women are light, comfy and supprotive. The UA Street Precision workout shoes for women are killer.


7. Asics 

Asics have some of the best workout shoes for women. I will admit they aren’t always the cutest but if you are looking for some of the best running shoes, Asics are your go to.


8. New Balance

New Balance workout shoes for women are some of the most popular workout shoes… period. New Balance has new athletic footwear for women that are great for all purposes.


9. Brooks 

Serious runners, listen up; Brooks running shoes are great for intense runners. If you are looking for the best running shoes for women, Brooks has your back.

10. Sketchers 

Alright – you may be in denial about it but Sketchers workout shoes are kinda the shit. They are making a come back and should not be ruled out. They make some of the best workout shoes for women and they are starting to get real cute. Sketchers also provide insanely affordable workout shoes for women.


What are YOUR favorite best workout shoes for women?

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