10 Brands With The Best Winter Workout Clothes

Fresh air is something that we all need, especially when we are locked indoors a great deal of the winter. Despite that fact that it’s freezing a majority of the time, there’s some days that are nice enough to actually want to be outside. I know it sounds impossible, but even the midst of January can hit a thaw. With a winter thaw comes warm(er) days, however, even those warm days aren’t truly comfortable without the proper attire. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the brands with the best winter workout clothes – so you’ll never have to freeze again!

These are the brands with the best winter workout clothes! These are the brands with the best winter workout clothes!

1) Gymshark

The company known for making a booty look amazing also makes warm workout clothes too! Now you can run outside, keep warm, and own a pair of leggings that makes your a** look spectacular.

This brand has the best winter workout clothes! This brand has the best winter workout clothes!

2) asos

With over 600 styles of active wear to choose from, I have a feeling you won’t have a problem finding some warm winter workout clothes in asos’ selection. Not to mention, they have a department completely devoted to outdoor workout wear (in case you don’t feel like digging through all their styles).

This brand has the best winter workout clothes!  

3) Forever 21

What’s so great about Forever 21 is how cheap it is. You can buy 5 items for the price of a legging at other stores. In addition, Forever 21’s outfits are extremely trendy and fashion forward. So, whatever you buy you’ll be looking stylish in!


4) Adidas

Adidas is a brand strictly dedicated to workout apparel, and they have some great stuff! Some of their best items are their climaheat clothes, which traps your bodies heat and keeps you dry!

  This brand has the best winter workout clothes!

5) Target

Honestly though, what isn’t Target good for? At a reasonable price theres hundreds of items to choose from when it comes to women’s active wear! Not to mention, they have outdoor workout options as well!


6) Nike

As well all know, Nike is where it’s at when it comes to workout gear. Although it seems a little obvious to mention it – I had too because let’s be honest, it’d be weird if I didn’t.


7) Under Armour

Under Armour has some of the best winter workout clothes that are both warm, and super comfortable! Their dry fit clothing is amazing, and protects from the sweat you work up even when it’s freezing out!


This brand has the best winter workout clothes!  This brand has the best winter workout clothes!

8) Reebok

Owned by Adidas, Reebok is yet another OG workout brand. The brand offers a lot of sweatshirts and joggers for the outdoor winter workout women (and they’re cheaper then Adidas too).

This brand has the best winter workout clothes! This brand has the best winter workout clothes!

9) Nordstrom

If you love to incorporate fashion into your workout clothing then Nordstrom is where it’s at! The website offers numerous styles to choose from that are both warm and cute!


10) Northface

This popular workout brand doesn’t have a ton to offer, but what they do offer is everything you want/need.


 What do you think of these brands winter workout clothes? Let us know in the comment section below!

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