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10 Brands That Sell Cheap And Cute Workout Clothes

10 Brands That Sell Cheap And Cute Workout Clothes

There is nothing like cute workout clothes to get you fired up to go to the gym. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to look like a fitness model when you workout and not break the bank. Don’t you dare drop one more dime on $100 leggings from Lululemon! Here are 10 brands that sell cheap and cute workout clothes.

1. Gymshark

Even if you’re not a hardcore gym rat (er, shark), you’ve probably seen people at the gym repping the Gymshark brand. And with good reason! Gymshark makes extremely cute and flattering workout wear for both men and women and is a favorite brand among fitness pros.

The best thing about Gymshark is that their clothes are very reasonably priced. While their newer collections can be a little more expensive, you won’t pay more than $60 for even their most popular pair of leggings. Plus, they often have discounts on their older collections, so keep your eye out for their next sale and stock up! 

It is definitely worth it to own some Gymshark workout clothes. I promise, they’ll be your go-to when you want to crush your next workout!

10 Brands That Sell Cheap And Cute Workout Clothes

2. Forever 21

While you may have skipped over Forever 21’s athletic section the last time you were in the store, but believe me when I say it is a goldmine. With trendy styles (cheetah print for life) and extremely low prices, Forever 21’s athletic section usually houses some hidden gems and basic workout staples.

If you’re worried about quality, I would opt for buying sports bras here instead of leggings. They update their athletic wear frequently, so continue to check back regularly for new styles!

10 Brands That Sell Cheap And Cute Workout Clothes

3. Fabletics

If you’re on the hunt for new leggings, then Fabletics should be at the top of your list. Fabletics offers new customers 2 pairs of leggings for $24 (yes, for real) and they have a ton of fun colors and patterns to choose from.

Started by the queen Kate Hudson herself, Fabletics’ goal is to make every woman feel strong and comfortable, no matter their athletic ability. With such cute styles and such low prices, Fabletics is definitely a must.

10 Brands That Sell Cheap And Cute Workout Clothes

4. Target

You may already be obsessed with Target (I feel you) but I’ll give you yet another reason to go back. I am always shocked when I’m browsing through Target (every single day) and check out their athletic wear. With new seamless styles and a ton of high-quality materials, Target never fails to amaze me.

What’s best about Target is that their pieces are durable and dependable. I know for a fact that when I buy a Target sports bra, it’s going to be in my closet for eternity. Definitely the most bang for your buck.

10 Brands That Sell Cheap And Cute Workout Clothes

5. Old Navy

While I don’t typically shop at Old Navy often, their workout clothes seriously stand out above the rest. I have numerous athletic jackets and sleeveless tops from Old Navy, and many of my friends have told me that their leggings fit just like Lululemon’s!

Old Navy has really stepped up their game with their workout clothes, and I know that if I’m in need of a staple, I can find it here. The best part about Old Navy is the price – they are super affordable for those shopping on a budget. I know I can rely on Old Navy to be there for me when my favorite staple sports bra needs an upgrade.

10 Brands That Sell Cheap And Cute Workout Clothes

6. Aerie

Aerie is one of my favorite brands on this list (and like, ever)! Not only do they sell the most comfortable clothes I have ever felt, but their brand mission is so feel-good and wholesome that it gives me all of the feels (and another reason to shop there). 

Aerie encourages all women to embrace their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin, and they reflect this value by showcasing models of all different shapes and sizes in their national ad campaigns. Plus, with frequent sales and promotions, Aerie will forever be one of the best (and most affordable) athleisure brands out there.

10 Brands That Sell Cheap And Cute Workout Clothes

7. 90 Degrees

A popular dupe for Lululemon Align leggings, 90 Degrees is a workout brand that you can purchase through Amazon. 90 Degrees’ workout clothes look and feel so similar to more expensive brands’ but they cost less than $45! 

If you’re looking to have all of the style of Lulu while you’re ballin’ on a budget, then I highly recommend you add all of the clothes from 90 Degrees to your cart.

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10 Brands That Sell Cheap And Cute Workout Clothes


I don’t know if you can exactly count ASOS as its own brand, but it definitely needs to be on this list for its workout clothes.

Not only is ASOS a go-to online retailer for the hottest street brands, but also the most popular workout brands as well. From Nike to Adidas to Puma, ASOS always carries the trendiest workout clothes of the time. With frequent promotions and offers, ASOS is a super affordable and high-quality store.

10 Brands That Sell Cheap And Cute Workout Clothes

9. Til You Collapse

Til You Collapse is not a very well-known brand, and it deserves some recognition! Frequently promoted by the top fitness accounts on Instagram, Til You Collapse makes leggings for girls that aren’t afraid to workout until they, well, collapse. 

Maybe don’t actually push yourself to the point of exhaustion, but definitely take inspiration from this brand to crush your next workout. Once you get even one pair of these leggings, you’ll be hooked.

10 Brands That Sell Cheap And Cute Workout Clothes

10. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is one of my favorite brands because all of their leggings are made from recycled water bottles. And no, I’m not joking. 

Not only are their workout clothes super cute and affordable, but Girlfriend Collective believes in a cleaner Earth, and is doing their part to recycle and bring sustainability to fashion. They are such an amazing brand to support, and I absolutely love the quality of their leggings! 

Girlfriend Collective is a newer brand, but they are one of the most inspiring and positive retail brands I’ve seen. Time to go green and support this company!

10 Brands That Sell Cheap And Cute Workout Clothes

What are your favorite workout brands? Comment them below!

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