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10 Brands Of Jeans That Should Be In Your Closet

Every woman can agree that they can never have too many pairs of denim jeans. So, I hope that these brands are packed inside your closet. No pair of jeans are the same which makes them so special. You know which pair is the comfiest, which pair you’re willing to sacrifice comfort for, and everything in between. Jeans are a staple and a necessity for everyone.

1. Revice Denim

Revice has the most fashionable brand of jeans. Have you ever seen a pair of flare jeans that have a huge star on the butt? Those are Revice. Their denim is funky and so much fun. They are great jeans to have in your closet for going out because of how unique some of their pairs are. While their sizing is somewhat wonky, be sure that you message them so you can get the right size so you can slip them on as soon as they get to your doorstep. They are the most Instagrammable pair of jeans that should be in your closet.

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2. Abercrombie and Fitch

Close to everyone grew up wearing Abercrombie and Fitch and then drifted away. However, you should find your way back to their denim section. If you’re shopping in-store, you can always count on there being a huge wall full of jeans that we already on sale then another 50% off. Some of the best jeans that will be in your closet will be $30 from a brand you used to love in middle school. Abercrombie’s jeans have the best stretch to them and they are so cute. The best part, there’s no big moose logo anywhere so no one will even know where they’re from. They constantly have sales on their jeans so if you’re ever in the market for a new pair, these bad boys will not let you down. Abercrombie and Fitch’s jeans are the type where when you accidentally eat too much you don’t have to unbutton your pants.

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3. Mother

Everyone needs to splurge on one pair of nice jeans. Ones that you know will be reliable and that you will wear so much that they are shaped to your body. More expensive jeans are sometimes worth it strictly because they will last you a long time. Mother jeans are on the more expensive side of denim but they are so worth it. With their iconic “M” stitching on the butt pockets, these jeans will make you feel loved. They are comfortable and hug your body just right that you will never want to take them off. These jeans will treat you just as well as you treat them.

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4. Rag and Bone

Another pair of expensive jeans that you can splurge on if you’re feeling adventurous. Rag and Bone jeans are also extremely reliable jeans. They are so comfortable and cute that you will classify these are your nice jeans. Like said before, you should splurge on at least one nice pair of jeans, and Rag and Bone should be a pair that you consider.

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5. Levis

Old reliable. Without a doubt one of the best denim brands ever created. Levis’s jeans hit differently. I don’t know how to explain it but if you know, you know. Levis have been around forever which is what makes some of these pairs of jeans so special. You could walk into a thrift store and find the cutest pair of vintage jeans and I guarantee you they are a pair of old Levis. Or, if you want something new, you can go for their iconic 501s or their wedgie fit. 501 jeans are what our parents were wearing when they were our age. Their classic jeans. The wedgie fit took closets by storm when Kylie Jenner posted a picture of her in them with the tear under her butt cheek. Wedgie fit jeans are so stretchy and hug your butt so nicely that you will wear these day after day. Levis will never ever let you down.

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6. Boyish

Boyish has great pairs of jeans that are also extremely Instagram-worthy. They have unique pairs while also giving you some staple bootcut jeans. They are so cute and are the type of jeans you save specifically for girl’s days when you want to snap a cute picture. There are some pairs of jeans that you save for cute outfits and Boyish jeans will supply you with those pairs.

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7. BDG

BDG denim is sold at Urban Outfitters and now Nordstrom. They have classic pairs of jeans that will go with any outfit. Sometimes throwing in fun pairs that you can wear every once in a while. You will mainly find cute denim jeans that have the perfect rips in them. BDG are the type of jeans that once you wear them enough they become that perfect pair of worn-in jeans that you know won’t do you wrong if you have to wear jeans somewhere.

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8. Good American

Good American jeans know how to hug your body just right. They are able to fit your legs and butt without leaving that huge gap around your waist. Somehow, when you slip these jeans on they shrink to your body and make you feel so comfortable. Good American are jeans that you get so you know that you will always have something in your closet that fits.

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9. Topshop

Jeans from Topshop do not let you down. Topshop is where you go when you want a nicer pair of denim but don’t feel like spending a crazy amount of money. Truthfully, the best time to stock up on Topshop jeans is when Nordstrom has their anniversary sale. They always have the cutest jeans on there and you won’t feel guilty when you buy multiple pairs.

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10. Brandy Melville

Brandy jeans are the epitome of going out jeans. These are jeans that you won’t care if they get ruined because they truly did not cost that much. They are trendy pants that will serve the purpose you are looking for when you buy them.

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What brands of trustworthy jeans are in your closet? Comment below!

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