20 Braided Hair Styles You’ll Want To Wear Over And Over Again This Spring

The springtime is the season where a lot of women bring out their braids. The warmer weather usually inspires folks to try new things out with their hair. This article will display 20 braided hairstyles for you to try this spring season. 

1. Braid with a side ponytail

The braided hairstyle below illustrates a ponytail with a classic braid on the side. The hairstyle looks like it was done on curled hair. It appears that the end of the braid is also wrapped around the ponytail for an added flair. This braided hairstyle can be a simple and elegant look for any event. 


2. Single braid w/ a messy bun 

This braided hairstyle showcases a messy look, which is great for parties or a date night with your boo. The look is a simple braid on the side of the head with all the rest of the hair placed in a messy bun. The look also has side-swept bangs, which looks great on those you are self-conscious about their forehead.

3. Braided pigtails 

Braided pigtails can be a great casual look for everyday wear. If you are a girl that enjoys being active and running around, then this will be the perfect hairstyle for you. This hairstyle is very effortless and does not require a lot of upkeep.


4. Braided ponytail w/ a hair scarf 

This is a super cute braided hairstyle that brings a little bit extra than your average braided ponytail. The braids are wrapped around both sides of the head, and they are tied together with a beautiful, ornate scarf. This braided hairstyle is an easy look that’s still unique and charming. 


5. Bushel braid ponytail

This hairstyle looks very difficult, but it is actually quite easy to master. Here’s a tutorial video to reference when trying to accomplish this look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tcyzTcmDpU. This braided hairstyle can be worn to even a formal event. The braid style is elaborate enough to be worn in a more formal setting. 

6. Dutch braid w/ scarf intwined 

Are you the edgy, creative thing that loves to push the envelope when it comes to your look? This hairstyle has the perfect amount of edge and originality to it. The scarf in this braided hairstyle allows the hairstyle to seem casual but with more detail added.


7. Fishtail braid w/ smaller braids 

A fishtail can be a simple look, but the one pictured below looks like a free-spirited person. The smaller braids added to the braided hairstyle makes it look more unique and different. The braids are also tucked under, which adds a whimsical element to the hairstyle.


8. Fishtail braid half up half down

This braided hairstyle is another style that has an ethereal look to it. This hairstyle would look great on women that love that kind of style. What makes the fishtail braid stand out is the twist above it and the way it’s styled half and half down. It gives the eye more to look at tastefully. 

9. Fishtail ponytail 

The long, fishtail braid in the picture below looks quite easy yet it’s very intricate. This braided hairstyle would look best on medium to long length hair, because you will be able to get a full view of the braid.


10. French Braid Pigtails 

French braided pigtails are a great cutesy hairstyle for girls who are active and do not have time to fix and check their hair often. The look is very easy while still providing the braided hair aesthetic that we all love.  This hairstyle would look great on hair at any length. 


11. Single French Braid 

This braided hairstyle would look great for those who have a lot to do. When you are a busy girl, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair. This hairstyle looks great on people with medium to long hair. 

12. Milkmaid Braid 

The milkmaid braid is a classic braid that everyone knows. The one pictured below is slightly different than your traditional milkmaid braid. There are three braids that are messily wrapped around the head. The messy look makes the braid style and hair styling more forgiving. This hairstyle looks best when it is not perfect.


13. Pull through braids w/ pigtails

 This braided hairstyle is another hairstyle that looks great and best styled messily. Pull through braids are also great for those who have thin hair and are self-conscious about rocking braided styles. 


14. Side Braid 

The side braid is a great way to have an edgy braided hairstyle with minimal effort. This braided hairstyle will also be great for those who are not great at braiding their hair yet, and they are doing this hairstyle themselves. 

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15. Solo Braid 

The solo braid is an excellent look for a person that’s a free-spirit. This look is very effortless but still different and innovative. This hairstyle is great because you can also try with braid no matter what your hair type is.

16. Two front braids 

The two front braids is an excellent braided hairstyle for those who need their hair out of their face. 


17. Two braids w/ a bun

This braided hairstyle is great for those who have thick hair and need to style it, so they do not have to worry about it.


18. Two braids on front w/ natural hair texture 

Natural hair textures are IN! Do not be scared to try some of these hairstyles on your natural hair texture, especially it is curly like how it is pictured below.

19. Two french braids w/ ribbon

I do not know why, because this braided hairstyle screams holidays to me. The blue velvet ribbon in the picture below gives it a delicate holiday feel to this braided hairstyle.  


20. Waterfall braid 

A waterfall braid is very intricate, but it is so worth it. It looks gorgeous on curly hair as well. 


Which braided hairstyle are you open to trying out this spring? What are some of your already favorite hairstyles to wear? 

Featured Image Sourced from Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/749427194224457253/