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10 Braided Hair Styles To Keep You Cool This Summer

10 Braided Hair Styles To Keep You Cool This Summer

Braided hair styles aren’t just for little kids anymore, they are trending for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you have short or long hair, there are so many different styles to manipulate your hair. These styles will become your new favorite way to keep the hair off your face and keep you cool this summer.

1. Double Dutch Braids

It’s all in the name. Double dutch braids are simply two braids that are done on either side of your head. Start by dividing hair down the middle and securing one side with an elastic. This way hair stays on the correct side. Next, starting at the top of your head (or where ever you want the braid to start), braid in the Dutch style. Secure the bottom with an elastic, and repeat on the other side. Pull braids so they loosen up a bit to create a more relaxed style!

2. Fishtail Pony

This is one of the easier braids, in the sense that it only uses two sections instead of three. The fishtail braided hair style is perfect for summer. Plus, it looks cuter than it sounds! You’ll want to secure the hair where you want the braid to start. Then divide the hair into two sections. Take a small portion of hair from the outer edge of one section, bring it to the middle and gather it into the other section. Do the same from the other side and continue until all the hair is braided. Keep the sections small and tight so your braid can take shape. After it’s all braided, leave it tight or loosen up hair pieces.


3. French Buns

The perfect mix of fun and feminine, the french bun will be your go to look this summer. Give yourself a middle part and try to get it as straight as possible in the back. Divide the hair and secure one side, so no hair pieces cross over onto the other side. Flip your head upside down and french braid from the bottom up. Once you get to the top of your head, secure with an elastic and twist remaining hair into a bun. Repeat the process on the other side so both buns are roughly in the same spot. Use hair pins to keep everything in place!

4. Laid Back Braid

Laid back braids are the spur of the moment braid. It’s the braid you do when you are in the middle of something else. It keeps the hair out of your face while still looking cute. Simply pull the top section of your hair back and braid the pieces. Secure with an elastic to keep the braid in place. This braided hair style is a perfect mix of carefree and put together.

5. Upside Down Braids

Say good bye to baby hairs falling down in the back of your head, when you put your hair up. This braided hair style can take the hairs and hide them in plain sight. You’ll want to sit down before you start this style. Flip your head over and start doing a dutch braid (same as you would a normal dutch braid). Once you reach the spot when you want to stop, secure the braid with an elastic. Then continue to style the rest of the hair into a cute, but messy bun. Use pins to keep everything in place, if needed.


6. Fishtail Bubble Braids

How fun are these braids? We sure love them. They are sure to catch attention from everyone. Start by roughly dividing the hair into two sections and secure in place. Then braid a fishtail braid for about an inch or two and secure with an elastic. Before you start the next section, wrap a small piece of hair around the elastic to hide it! Repeat the process until all the hair is in a braid. Pull the hair until each “bubble” looks the same! This style of braid is great for those of you with layers in your hair. Now, you won’t have to worry about pieces sticking or falling out of the braids.

7. Braided Updo

On those days where you want to feel put together or you have a special event, you can’t go wrong with a braided updo. It’s easy enough to do at home and stylish enough for special occasions. Start by dividing hair into two sections and braiding hair into two low braids. After securing with an elastic, tug braids to loosen them. Next pull the right braid up and over the right ear to lay flat against your head. Secure with pins to hold in place and do the same on the other side! Pull a few pieces of hair out to frame around the face for the perfect wispy look.

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8. Simple Scarf Braid

This look is kind of a two for one braided hair style. You’ll use the scarf as a headband to keep the hair out of your face and also use the scarf ends to complete the braid. Begin, by placing the scarf in your hair like a headband and knot the ends together so the scarf is tight on your head. Then taking the two tails form one piece, use them as one section in the braid. Braid the hair as usual and secure ends with an elastic. Voila! It’s really that simple to get a look that will keep you cool this summer.

9. Pull Through Braids

This braided hair style is so elegant and easy to do because it’s not a real braid (shhh). This hairstyle is made with mostly elastics to create the “braided” look. You’ll want to start by gathering hair in place where you want the braid to start and secure with an elastic. Then section the hair into two parts, top and bottom instead of left to right. Then on the top section, put an elastic about an inch down from the first one. Grab the hair between the elastics, separate and pull the bottom section through. You can continue until all the hair is braided or stop halfway to create a messy bun!

10. Braided Party Pony

Whatever you do this summer, the braided party pony is ready to go! This fun style is great for concerts or lounging on your patio. Start by sectioning off the hair you want braided (one, two or three sections). Pull the rest back and out of the way. Then, do your favorite style of braid, stopping at the spot you want to. Secure with elastics to hold everything in place. Leave the party pony braided, loose or in a messy bun. No matter what style, it will help to keep you cool.


Which braided hair style is your favorite? Which one can’t you wait to try this summer? Comment and share with us below!

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