12 Boss Outfits Every Journalist Needs ASAP

Owning a set of boss outfits that make you look and feel great is about as essential in any wardrobe as a caffeine boost is in the morning. But you also want an outfit that lets other people know you mean business, and as a journalist a boss outfit is just another essential part of the job. That is why we’ve compiled some essential outfits that every journalist needs to own and rock ASAP!

1. The White On Black

Adding a blazer to any look is an instant way to achieve that boss look, and by sticking to the classy black and white look really creates a powerhouse appearance. It’s sleek, classic, and totally comes across as both professional while still looking like a journalist on a mission (which you probably are!). The best part about blazers is how easily customizable they are, not just in colours, but with what outfit you pair it with. You can wear a blazer with jeans, dress pants, a dress—the choice is yours!

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2. The All-Business Suit

Every girl, no matter what profession, needs to own her own business suit. It’s the perfect outfit that can be worn to many different occasions or events, but no matter what, you will always look like someone who means business! It’s one of those outfits that makes you feel confident just by wearing it, and confidence in any field is key. A strong colour as well, like navy blue, which is typically associated with confidence, intelligence, and wisdom, will make the perfect trio to project in your boss outfit!

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3. Tucked Top And Flared Pants

This look is awesome in the hotter months when you are looking for something that still is professional and a total boss outfit, but will also double up on on keeping you cool—which is where the flared pants look comes in! With its high waist and flared bottoms, paired with a tucked blouse, it seamlessly merges casual and boss into one. And it’s super comfy!

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4. The Lois Lane

Lois Lane was every bit a GirlBoss journalist, who knew both how to take a stand and chase down any story, and her outfits were a reflection of her boss nature. By combining a classic pencil skirt and blouse look, and adding a vest to top it off, she created a boss outfit that every female journalist should own.

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5. Pencil Skirt And Blouse

This outfit is another style that every girl should own and definitely needs to be in the boss outfits category because of its sleek and powerful look. This is the type of outfit you put on and just feel ready to go, and is the perfect look for a reporter or news anchor.

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6. The Blazer Dress

This dress takes the look of a blazer but turns it into a dress that covers all the categories of fashionable, professional, practical, and is all around a must-have for your wardrobe. As a journalist, you’ll probably end up with lots and lots of blazers, because they are such a perfect addition to any outfit. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still wear dresses!

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7. High Waisted Plaid Pants

The plaid pattern always reminds me of the old-fashioned journalist outfits that used to be in fashion way back when, but that doesn’t mean the look is outdated! Combining a splash of old with a touch of modern will result in a very unique and totally boss outfit. The top can be a snug turtle neck, a loose-tucked blouse, or a long-sleeved V, the choice is yours with these customizable bottoms.

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8. The Belted Plaid Dress

Another reason to add that classic plaid look to your wardrobe! Combining the look of capped sleeves with the sleek addition of a belt, all to a plaid pattern, combines itself into a powerful outfit that speaks profession yet fashion. Or you can add a blazer or cardigan on top for a cozier look—either way this dress has lots of dress options!

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9. Suit Jacket And Jeans

This is a perfect combination of casual jeans with the business look of the jacket, which is all around still professional and still a total boss outfit for any male journalist. A full suit is obviously a must item, but for those days when you need something in between, a suit jacket and jeans look is just the thing.

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10. Business Casual

Just because you are in the journalism field doesn’t mean you can’t still rock the business causal look. This is a boss outfit that every man should own and that can be styled to any career! Field reporter, anchor, journalist, this is an outfit that works for them all. Try going for bolder colours like combining emerald green with tan pants, to really change up the routine colours.

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11. The Tweed Vest

I think we can all agree that vests in general should become a staple in any outfit. Depending on what you pair it with, it can be a professional outfit, a casual outfit or a part of a full suit. There are tons of options, but by adding tweed to the mix, it creates a throw-back to the old-fashion style of journalism. Add a modern spin to really combine this classic old into a complete power and professional look.

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12. The Clark Kent

Just like Lois Lane, Clark Kent was a journalist who knew how to rock the undercover ‘definitely just a regular journalist’ look, but also knew how to own that superhero look. Somehow, he managed to channel all that into his very much boss outfits. The secret? (Not the Superman symbol hiding underneath) His choice of flannel attire. It takes a business casual look, but by adding pattern to the shirt choices it has a whole new look that totally works for a boss outfit.

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What do you think of our top boss outfits? Are you a journalist with an outfit that is your go-to boss look? Let me know in the comments below!

Feature image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/ycVFts5Ma4s
Michaela Ream

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