Top 15 Boss Babes To Follow This Year

If you’re looking to kickstart your life this year then you need to be following these boss babes. They are pushing the limits and doing more with 24 hours than is even imaginable. 

1. Rachel Hollis

There are very few words in the English dictionary that don’t describe Rachel Hollis. She holds titles such as business owner, visionary, motivational speaker, author, podcast host and producer, social media expert, fashion designer, marathon runner and media mogul. This boss babe wants you to be the best version of yourself. She has conferences, workbooks, audiobooks, and podcasts all dedicated to inspiring women to do more with their life. Follow this boss babe for daily inspiration, she’ll light a fire in you that you never knew existed. 

Top 15 Boss Babes To Follow This Year 

2. Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy may have started as a Vine star but the young entrepreneur has done more in 23 years than most people can do their whole lives. Running her YouTube Channel, filming a television show, starring in movies, and representing an all-natural beauty line is just the start of the Liza Koshy’s credits. If you want to push yourself to start doing more with your career, follow Liza Koshy, she does everything and still gets to sleep in.

Top 15 Boss Babes To Follow This Year   

3. Mindy Kaling

Producer, author, actor, writer and mother Mindy Kaling has done it all! Most Hollywood actors get into producing at some point in their career, but Mindy Kaling uses her producing credits to help change Hollywood norms. She uses her platforms to promote racially diverse content that is entertaining and often educational. Although we love seeing Mindy on the screen herself, it is also great to see her sharing the spotlight to give more people a chance to share their unique voice. Now, if only she could write an updated version of The Office, I would love to watch that.

Top 15 Boss Babes To Follow This Year

4. Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh started as a Youtuber with a degree in psychology and now, ten years later, she is hosting her own late-night show on NBC. She is the definition of a hustler, she works hard and deserves every little bit of success she has gained over the past decade. Also, bonus points to this boss babe because she’s also Canadian just like me! 

Top 15 Boss Babes To Follow This Year

5. Robin Arzon

You’ve probably seen Robin Arzon on the screen that is attached to your Peloton bike. She is an instructor that understands the importance of breaking a sweat and looking good while you sweat. When you feel good-you’ll do good. Robin Arzon isn’t only an instructor at Peloton, she is also the Vice President of Peloton. Next time you’re sweating up a storm with her, just remember the business babe that’s behind the sweat. 

Top 15 Boss Babes To Follow This Year

6. Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino had an idea to make Youtube videos where she made deserts based on nerdy movies and shows she was watching. Simple. Now over a decade later she has turned those videos into an empire. Baking lines, cookbooks, music videos, television shows, swag and more have all started because she made a cake that looked like Mario. Amazing! 

Top 15 Boss Babes To Follow This Year 

7.  Jane Lu

Jane Lu or The Lazy CEO on Instagram is anything but lazy. This boss babe is the founder of Show Po. Her business has pushed her to win awards such as Online Retailer of the Year, Forbes 30 Under 30, Cosmo Girl Boss of the Year. She’s busy and definitely knows how to market herself. 

Top 15 Boss Babes To Follow This Year

8. Sharna Burgess

Warning, don’t follow Sharna Burgess unless you want to instantly dye your hair red. She makes it look so good and so easy to maintain, but we all know it wouldn’t be easy, not at all. Sharna Burgess was a coach on Dancing With The Stars and is now building her own fitness empire. Follow this boss babe to get endless amounts of fitness inspiration, she’ll whip you into shape in no time. 

Top 15 Boss Babes To Follow This Year

9. Erin and Sarah Foster 

Yes, Erin and Sarah Foster are technically two boss babes you should follow, but I’m putting them both as to number 9 because they’re sisters and I didn’t want to start a fight about who was higher on the list. These two sisters are now business partners, writing and producing television shows together they are truly a dream team we all want to be apart of.

Top 15 Boss Babes To Follow This Year

10. Sophia Amoruso

The original Boss Babe Sophia Amoruso hasn’t stopped making waves in the fashion and business world since she sold her company ‘Nasty Girl’ a few years ago. This boss babe will never stop hustling and is a reminder that hard work takes time, but it’s always worth it if you believe in what you’re working towards. 

Top 15 Boss Babes To Follow This Year

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11. Jenna Kutcher 

If social media really is the future then we should all really start following Jenna Kutcher. From beautiful photos, inspiring captions and various marketing projects Jenna Kutcher knows what is up in the social media world.

Top 15 Boss Babes To Follow This Year 

12. Reese Witherspoon 

Reese Witherspoon owns a clothing line, has written a book, hosts a book club for audible and is staring in the new show ‘The Morning Show.’ She’s busy but manages to manage it all with a smile on her face and a spoonful of southern charm. Reese Witherspoon is the perfect example of grace under pressure, and you should follow her as a reminder that a smile goes a long way. Just because you’re happy doesn’t mean you’re weak.

Top 15 Boss Babes To Follow This Year13. Elizabeth Banks 

Elizabeth Banks has come a long way since making a porno with Seth Rogan. The beautiful star is usually behind the camera these days producing some of the best girl power movies of the past decade. From Pitch Perfect to the new Charlie’s Angels, she knows how to make movies about strong women being boss babes. 

Top 15 Boss Babes To Follow This Year

14. Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler doesn’t have Instagram, instead, she has an ‘Amy Poehler Smar Girls’ account. This Instagram account is solely devoted to talking about how women can change the world. Follow this account for inspirational and empowering stories from real women. Amy Poehler deserves all the boss babes credits for creating this platform for women to speak on. 

Top 15 Boss Babes To Follow This Year

15. Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift has always been a talented singer and songwriter, and based on that alone she deserves to be on this list. However, her new album Lover is what pushes her over the edge. She isn’t just a boss babe who can carry a tune, she used this album to talk about real political issues and gender stereotypes. Yes, there are still gushy love songs, but listen to songs like You Need To Calm Down, The Man and Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince. These songs aren’t just pop songs, listen to the lyrics, you might just learn something. 

Top 15 Boss Babes To Follow This Year

Boss babes are one of a kind and can offer you a daily dose of inspiration or start a fire in your belly that you didn’t know existed. Follow these boss babes to help keep you on the right path this year. 

Who is your favorite boss babes to follow? Comment below!

Featured Image Source: Rachel Hollis Instagram 
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