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5 Booty Shaping Moves You Need In Your Arsenal

5 Booty Shaping Moves You Need In Your Arsenal

Booty Shaping Moves, 5 Booty Shaping Moves You Need In Your Arsenal

Everyone wants a round and perky booty year round! Well, what’s better than some booty shaping moves that’ll give you not only a cute butt but, a strong one? Check out these moves for the strong, lifted and sculpted booty you’re looking for!

You can put them together and make a workout with the five I have listed or you can add any of them into your own leg and glute day workouts! Enjoy trying them out and learning more about the exercises that will get you to where you want to be! 

1. Leg Press 

So this can be a scary one for some, but I promise you it will do some good! You can use the elevated one or the other machine that you can find at most any gym. Foot placement is everything, place your feet high and narrow to get the booty, hamstrings and some quad! Add it into your leg day and after a month or two you will without a doubt see a difference. 

5 Booty Shaping Moves You Need In Your Arsenal

2. Resistance Bands

In order to really get the perky butt you want, before doing any heavy lifting exercises use a tight resistance band around your thighs to warm up or activate the glutes. My favorite moves to do with a resistance band are abductors, crab walks, Donkey Kicks, and hip thrusts. A heavy resistance band will truly help to warm up your glutes so that you can help to build them while doing heavier weighted exercises. But you can also use a resistance band for any kind of glute workout that may include a bit of HIIT or cardio! 

5 Booty Shaping Moves You Need In Your Arsenal

3. Weighted Hip Thrusts 

Hip thrusts are probably the best glute builder there is! Once you nail down the form and add it in for weekly workouts you will realize why it is such a staple exercise. This booty shaping move can be difficult and that’s why you should check out Bret Contreras on Instagram, he knows everything there is to know about glute building science. He also coined the original hip thrust so check out his background and the videos on his page that can help you master your form! 

5 Booty Shaping Moves You Need In Your Arsenal

4. Hamstring Curls

In a lot of these exercises you will be targeting the glutes but a bit of hamstring will go a long way. It will shape the back of your legs and help to create the sculpted appearance of your backside. Hamstring curls are a great way to finish a heavy lifting booty workout! You can use a hamstring curl machine or use a longer resistance band and tie it to a pole and do them lying down with the band around your feet or ankles. 

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5 Booty Shaping Moves You Need In Your Arsenal

5. Lunges Instead Of Squats 

Lunges are a great way to target your quads and your booty! You can do a Bulgarian split lunge with one of your feet on a bench behind you as you lunge with or without the weight! But don’t bring your front leg out too far and get uncomfortable in this exercise because it is not easy once you’re on the second or third set. 

5 Booty Shaping Moves You Need In Your Arsenal

I hope these five booty shaping moves will help you get the booty you’re looking for year-round! Try them out at the gym and check out different variations of each exercise! They can all be paired together as one workout or used separately for a workout you make yourself! Either way, they’ll be a great way to bring you the booty you’ve always wanted.

Do you have any booty shaping moves that you absolutely live for? We’d love to hear about them! 

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