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Booties You Need For Going Out

Booties You Need For Going Out

*Booties You Need For Going Out

Booties make the entire outfit sometimes so it’s essential that you have some in your closet that are dedicated to going out. Booties for going out need to meet some standards or you just need to not care about them in general because once you hit the club enough times in them, those bad boys are gonna be trashed. Booties are a nice change from your favorite pair of sneakers, and sometimes a good pair of booties can make you and your outfit feel sexier.

1. Chunky-Heeled Booties

Chunky-heeled boots are nice because of the added support they give. You can walk comfortably and confidently in chunky heels. Chunky heeled booties can also mean that they are ankle or knee-high. They are great to wear with anything as well. What’s fun about chunky heeled booties is that you can get them in black so they are something that you wear often of you could get them in a fun color so they add some spice to your outfit. There is something about a bootie that can still look so cute but also are incredibly stable too. It’s something you can put on when you know your night is going to take you to more than one place. Hell, add some vodka and you could probably run a mile or two in these booties.


2. Snakeskin Booties

A classic print for anything. You add snakeskin to a pair of booties and you have something beautiful. Snakeskin adds so much to your outfit without even trying. Snakeskin booties are amazing pairs of shoes that should be in your closet. They are great to go out in and great to wear to lunch the next day. These are booties you can wear 24/7, 365 days. What’s also nice about these booties is that you can wear them with any outfit. You can wear them with cute jeans or a dress. They are such chic booties that you need in your closet.

3. Platform Doc Martens

Once you get a pair of these, you will find yourself putting these on every time you get ready. These boots are absolutely amazing. They are the perfect length and they come in so many styles that will only add to your outfit. You could get a pair of slip on, their classic lace-up, or the other variations that they’ve made into platforms. These boots will become your everything. What’s also so great about these boots is how easy they are to clean. If you take a wet wipe to them, they will look brand new. Plus, a great thing about Doc Martens is that they look better when they’re worn in. These boots can change your life especially if you liked Doc Martens long before they ever had platforms. Docs have a great vibe to them where you can wear these with a pair of long jeans so you can avoid them rubbing on the ground, or you can wear them with a pair of shorts. Doc Martens go way back and have done a successful job making sure that anyone can wear and enjoy them.


4. Bright-Colored Booties

Sometimes you need a pair of shoes that shout “look at me!” A bright-colored bootie can and will do exactly that. Bright colors make any outfit that much funner, so why not figure out any and every way you can incorporate those colors into it? Bright-colored booties not only make a statement but also assert confidence. If you can rock a bright-colored bootie then you can accomplish absolutely anything. Period. If you’re fully attracted to the idea of a bootie that is all the same bright color then find a bootie that has an accent of bright color. This could mean they are color-blocked, the zipper in bright pink, and so on. Color adds warmth and fun to an outfit and if you’re hitting the scene, sometimes a bright color is exactly what you need.


5. White Booties

All white booties can pull any outfit together. While it can seem like a daunting task to be able to tackle the world in all-white shoes, sometimes it’s that trusty pair of booties that can tackle every dance floor. White booties look so clean and chic that they are great for any outfit you slip on. When you imagine all white booties you can think of the classic go-go girls or a cute ankle bootie with a pointed toe. The options are endless for what style of bootie you get, but when they’re all white style doesn’t matter. If you have the courage to step out in all-white booties, then you can do just about anything. And the best part about the booties is that if they do get too dirty, grab a Clorox wipe and give them a good scrub. They will look brand new.

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6. Low Heeled Booties

While these do sound like what your mom would wear or your sister in her 30’s, low-heeled booties take the ground running. The beautiful thing about these booties is that if you head out to lunch with your family but need to be at the bar afterward, these booties give you the opportunity to do that. You don’t need to run home to change. If the outfit is too scandalous for your parents slip a jacket or a sweater over your top and put your low heeled booties on. When you get to the bar take your jacket off and boom, bar-worthy outfit. Like Cinderella in her glass slippers. Rags to riches, baby.

7. Waterproof Booties

These are needed. Waterproof booties can take on the entire world. If you go out to the frats and bars in college then you know the struggle. The mud, alcohol, and whatever else is on the floor will destroy your shoes. So, why not get a pair of shoes you can take a hose to? Waterproof booties save lives.


What booties are in your closet that you think more people should have? Let us know below!