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Bookshelf Ideas That Will keep Your Books Organized And Looking Amazing

If you are a bookworm or just have tons of books thrown all around because of school, we bring you an amazing organization solution you probably know about; bookshelves. But not your common library like a bookshelf, we are talking about unique and super creative ideas to have all your books totally organized in an out of this world library. From wall-hanging libraries to original shaped, to classic with a twist we bring you some bookshelves ideas you will want to add more than one to your house. Say goodbye to common, standard bookshelves and keep your books organized in one of these creative ways!

1. Batman Signal Shape Bookshelf

Specially designed for comic fans this bookshelf is what you need in your house to not only organize your books but have them protected as well. In its classic black this batman signal shaped bookshelf can improve the decoration of your room and send it to a whole new level. And the best part is that it won’t take any space in your room’s floor, so it works perfectly if you have a small area or if you live in a dorm room and are allowed to hang things on the walls. Add this unique bookshelf to keep everything in place, plus if you are not a huge Batman fan you can always find this bookshelf in your favorite superheroes signal!

2. Out Of Balance Boxes Bookshelf

Maybe boxes sound a bit of a classic bookshelf idea, but not the way these ones are arranged! As if they were going to fall this bookshelf idea is so flexible, creative and can be adapted to any space. For example, you could add a bookshelf like this to your dorm room and divide the boxes with your roomie so each one of you gets the same number of boxes to organize their books and stuff. Or you could put it in a waiting room of a creative company with a magazine for clients to read while they wait for their meetings.  You could also arrange the different boxes as you desire, be as risky as you want!

3. Half-Mandala Bookshelf

Mandalas are such a hit when it comes to decorating ideas, they are not only super versatile but can be adapt and transform as you decided. Adding a half-mandala bookshelf to your room is an amazing idea to keep your stuff organized while adding an extra glamorous touch to your bedroom.  This bookshelf can be used as the design you want since every piece comes as its own, so they can be arranged and transform to leave the traditional design behind if you want too. If you are very good with tools and building, you can even create your own from scratch! These types of bookshelves work super good on rooms that are small since they are attached to the walls and make everything look tidier and more organized.

4. Cute Giraffe Bookshelf

If you have kids, nephews or are planning on redecorating a space and want it to have a magical touch these cute giraffe bookshelves are just what you need to add! Their structure is simple, and you can have it in any color you desire. For example, you can have this cute giraffe bookshelf in white tones and add it to a pediatrician’s office, it will look classy while still having a fun vibe to it. The best part about this unique bookshelf is that you can place lots of books on it from head to toe literally and they would still look really organized.

5. Dr. Seuss Jumping Bookshelf

Who doesn’t love our favorite doctor’s tales? Inspired by one of the greatest characters Dr. Seuss has ever created, the Cat in the Hat, we bring you this bookshelf idea that will leave you daydreaming. Not only it has the colors of one of our most beloved character, red and white in stripes, it’s also leaning to one side as if it was just about to jump away. This is a super funny bookshelf to add to your kid’s room or to a space you want to add a little bit of laughter and magic too. The best part is that you can get two of these jumping bookshelves and place them close together to have the effect of dancing bookshelves. Remember that we are never too old to read or have a great laugh!

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6. Travel Lover Bookshelf

This bookshelf is designed specifically for those who share a passion for traveling and maybe a bit of geography too. The travel lover bookshelf is shaped like a map and the best part is that it can have the shape of whatever country or city you decided to choose. If you have a home office, we recommend adding one of these travel lover bookshelves in one of your lonely ways to not only keep your stuff organized but change completely the way space looks. Travel lover’s bookshelves can be as big or as small as you decided, they also work really good to add on the common areas of apartment buildings or student dorms where you can add books for everyone to have access to them or even make a small piece of the map a book trading shelf.

7. Squeezed And Lean Bookshelf

Have you ever ridden the metro or taken a bus and feel really squeezed up? Just like canned sardines! Well, this bookshelf gives you kind of that same feeling but in a cooler way to add to your space. This can be an awesome furniture addition for a living room or an office where you have small spaces and tall ways. Also, a great thing about this specific bookshelf is that books can be organized in a horizontal or vertical way and books can also be divided between the taller ones like Encyclopedias on the bigger spaces and other books that are smaller can be organized in other compartments of the bookshelf!

Do you feel the need of getting rid of your standard bookshelves already? Let us know your favorite bookshelf style in the comments below!

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