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5 Books To Help You Survive High School

5 Books To Help You Survive High School

Whether you’re just starting high school, or you’re halfway through it, or even coming to the end, you might be in need of a little help getting through it. This is where these five fantastic novels come in! Books are a fantastic source of life lessons, morals, and advice, so why not give these five books a read if you’re looking for some help surviving high school?

1. Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park follows the lives of two 16-year-old misfits living in Omaha, Nebraska from 1986 to 1987. There are some seriously important topics within this book that aren’t touched on enough, including domestic abuse, child abuse, bullying, and body image. Eleanor is a new student at school and suffers a lot of bullying, so if this is something you’re also experiencing, Eleanor and Park could be really helpful.

Despite being extremely different people, Park and Eleanor become great friends and go through a lot of tough times together. The book is a great display of how you can find the best friends in the most unlikely places and how friendship can truly change your life.

5 Books To Help You Survive High School

2. Am I Normal Yet?

Although Am I Normal Yet? actually takes place during college, it undoubtedly will teach you many valuable lessons about being in the world of education, being young, and dealing with some of the more taboo parts of life that other books might avoid. The book deals with mental health, physical illness, the general struggles of being ‘different’ and finding your way through young adult life whilst dealing with all of these things.

5 Books To Help You Survive High School

3. I’ll Give You The Sun

This story follows twins Noah and Jude, who tackle numerous coming of age issues and some tragic disasters too. As the two significantly grown apart with age and rediscover their love for each other at the end of the novel. The novel tackles grief, sexuality, creativity, bravery, identity, guilt, and of course love.

It is a beautifully written coming of age novel, ideal for any teenager that is struggling with any number of issues and will help you to get through some of the toughest issues that you may experience while in high school.

5 Books To Help You Survive High School

4. Harry Potter

Although, of course, Harry Potter is mainly concerned with navigating the world of wizardry rather than high school, there are certainly a lot of important life lessons that will help young people to get through the potential difficulties of high school. With lessons in love, grief, bullying, overcoming setbacks and facing your fears, the Harry Potter novels offer some fantastic morals that will hopefully help you to face some of the tougher parts of high school.

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5 Books To Help You Survive High School

5. Me Before You

Despite this story taking place in the adult world, long after the two main characters attended school, it still teaches so many valuable lessons. Not only does it demonstrate how truly important it is to live your life to the fullest, as you never know what could be around the corner, but it also teaches a lot about self-love, trust, and confidence.

Louisa Clarke is a fantastic example of being yourself and loving doing so, whilst Will Traynor is a great example of why you should always say yes and do things that are out of your comfort zone. This novel is full of some of the most important morals that life will teach you.

5 Books To Help You Survive High School

No matter what you’re struggling with at high school, hopefully, one of these books will offer what you’re looking for! If not, remember you are certainly not alone and always talk to someone if you’re struggling! Let us know in the comments below if you have any tips for surviving high school.

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