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10 Books By Public Figures We All Should Read

10 Books By Public Figures We All Should Read

10 Books By Public Figures We All Should Read

Public figures have given us the chance to look into their lives with books they have written, so here are 10 that we all should read:

1. A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like – Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is a plus size model who promotes body positivity and girl power, her book is inspirational and empowering. She has been modelling since the age of 13 and was the first ever size 14 model, so it is no surprise that this book teaches self love and confidence.

2. Saffron Barker Vs Real Life: My perfectly filtered life (Sort of. But not really at all) – Saffron Barker

Vlogger Saffron Barker has written a book about her life and the struggle of getting to where she is right now. This is a year in her life, all the crazy things that have happen in her life, what she wants for the future and all the little things that matter. This book is worth the read.


3. I Hate Myselfie: A Collection of Essays – Shane Dawson

This book was written a few years ago by famous youtuber Shane Dawson, you might know him by the conspiracy theories or his occasional appearance on Jeffery Stars channel. Don’t let the word “essay” put you off, this is a book about his life where people get to know him better as a person, his childhood, adolescence, love live details and much more.

4. I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban – Malala Yousafzai

Nobel prize winner Malala Yousafzai has shaken up the world with her story, being shot for going to school in northern Pakistan to getting her voice heard by the United Nations. This book is about her life and everything she stands for, it will change your perspective on the things we take for granted like an education.


5. Brunette Ambition – Lea Michele

You may have seen actress Lea Michele in Scream Queens or Glee, her book gives us an inside look at what it’s like to be in show business. We can all take some of her advice and life lessons from this amazing book where she talks about beauty, fashion, fitness and loads more, this book is a must read guide to life.

6. You Bantering Me?: The life story of Love Island’s biggest star – Chris Hughes

Many of you know Chris Hughes from 2017 Love Island, he has just recently come out with a new book to allow us to get to know him a bit better. In this he talks about his life before Love Island and before he got famous, and how his life has changed so much since being on the show.


7. Modestly – Dina Torkia

Breaking stereotypes and remolding the image of Muslim women, Dina Torkia has written a book about her life and how she has got to where she is right now. She talks about beauty, fashion and life in general, giving advice and sharing personal stories. This is a first ever deep look into her life and so it’s a must read.

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8. No Filter: An Uncensored Guide to Life From the Internet’s Big Sister – Grace Victory

Grace Victory is a body positive, feminist, public figure who has written a book about her life and the struggles she has been through. She is very open about her depression, self harming and anxiety in this book but she also talks about fashion, love and goals.

9. Confidence: The Secret – Katie Piper

After suffering from an acid attack, Katie Piper has thrived with confidence as one of Britain’s most inspirational women. Her book is about her experience, advice and guidance which stresses just how important it is to stay confident.


10. My Diarrhe – Miranda Sings

The hilarious youtuber Miranda Sings has written a book about her life, childhood, funny stories and more. This is the ultimate “diarrhe” and worth a read when you need to laugh.

Which of these books will you read? Tell us in the comments!

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