10 Bold Makeup Looks That Any Skin Tone Can Rock

Here’s the truth about makeup: anyone can wear whatever kind of makeup they want and it will look fabulous. If you want to wear orange eyeshadow with purple lipstick, do it. If it’s a Tuesday afternoon and you’re going to the grocery store and that iridescent highlighter is speaking to you, then the supermarket better get ready for a show stopper. Makeup is all about expressing yourself and no one’s judgment should stop you from rocking a look! With that being said, here are some bold makeup looks that prove that more is more.

1. Black lips to match my soul

Make sure to wear black lipstick to all your haters’ funerals after you stunt on them with this look!

2. Wings so big you can fly

You know when you’re doing winged liner and you’re trying to make them even and then you end up with liner that covers most of your eyelids? Well, embrace it! A thick line that stretches back to your eyebrow can be an absolute show stopper.

3. Bright and beautiful

A bold lipstick can transform you. It will make any critique that comes out of your mouth seem less harsh because it’s just so nice watching you talk! But seriously, wearing bright lipstick will make you more confident than you thought possible.

4. That red lip classic

There’s a reason why red lipstick and black liner never goes out of style. It just works. No matter who you are, this will look great on you!

5. Color outside the lines

You definitely don’t see enough people experimenting with colored liner on a day-t0-day basis. It can be a super fun way to incorporate your favorite color, and even make your eyes pop if you use the right shade!

6. You better cut it

Nothing screams “I know what I’m doing, so you better bow down to me” like a cut crease. It shows that you are willing to spend a good 20 minutes carving out your eyelid with concealer in order to look snatched. Someone who can do that every morning deserves respect.

7. Just put some glitter on it

If you messed up your blending, put some glitter on it. If your highlighter just isn’t blinding enough, put some glitter on it. And if your boyfriend just broke up with you – put some glitter on. The point is glitter fixes everything.

8. All that glitters is gold

Gold is another one of those classic makeup looks. I swear it looks good on every skin tone! Whether it’s a champagne gold or a warm coppery gold, I’m here for it!

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9. Don’t let the sun set on me

Sunset makeup is all over Youtube and Instagram right now. It’s basically just makeup that uses colors that you’d see in a beautiful setting sun over the ocean. So think orange, yellow, pinks and purples. All of which are great for if you want to experiment with bright colors, which you definitely should!

10. It’s not goth, it’s vampy

Who says you can only wear rich plums in the fall and winter? I say if you want to slap on some dark lipstick and a sultry smokey eye, then it’s appropriate year round.

Which one of these bold makeup looks are you ready to rock?! Let us know which one is your favorite down below!


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