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10 Bold Eyeliner Looks That Are Perfect For Fall

10 Bold Eyeliner Looks That Are Perfect For Fall

We’ve all seen the amazing bold eyeliner looks taking over our Pinterest boards. It may be scary for some of us who haven’t experimented with bold eyeliner yet, but it doesn’t have to be hard! There is a variety of ways you can achieve the bold eyeliner look while still matching your aesthetic!

1. Try A Simple Yet Stunning New Take On A Wing!

For some of us, trying new makeup looks can be challenging. Maybe you don’t know where to start, or perhaps you have not branched out into experimenting yet! A simple yet bold take on a wing is to extend the eyeliner under your eye and smoke it out. This can create a ‘reverse cat eye’ effect. Not only does this add a level of sophistication to your look, but it’s also the perfect touch of dark to accentuate your fall outfit! Black, sultry eyeliner is set to be all the rage this fall, why not hop on the trend early? This look may be achieved with a creamy eye pencil or a gel liner! It’s up to you to experiment and find the routine that fits your lifestyle best!


2. Add A Pop Of Color to Your Fall Wardrobe.

Let’s be honest, Fall can be pretty drab. Most of us spend our Fall days craving some Summer sun! Sometimes, we just need a pop of color to brighten our day. Perhaps you’ve gravitated back to the black section of your wardrobe, that’s okay, we all know a black outfit is always a classic! If you’re looking to branch out try adding colored eyeliner to your makeup collection. It’s a great way to step out of your comfort zone without going too far. This look can be completely customized, the color and design are completely up to you. Maybe you already hopped on the colored eyeliner trend for the summer, bring it with you into Fall! Pops of color do not need to stay behind in the Summer! If bright colors aren’t your vibe, experiment with darker colors such as purple, red, or navy!

3. Try A Double Wing To Spice It Up!

Makeup is all about finding what works for you. Experimenting with a double-winged look can bring your bold eyeliner to the next level. This style has been all over Pinterest! Not only is it in trend for the season, but it’s also a perfect start for beginners. A double-wing can be versatile, you gain the opportunity to adjust the look to best suit your face shape and outfit. For a night out, try a bolder extended double-wing. For the perfect date night look, try a look similar to the picture attached below! This style of eyeliner is great for those with downturned eyes or for those who normally struggle to find an eyeliner look that suits their eye shape. This look is perfect to convert from day to night. Simply add a smokey eye and you have the perfect club look that will leave you feeling runway ready.


4. Use Eyeshadow To Recreate A ‘Fox Eye’ Look.

Using eyeshadow in replacement of eyeliner to create the popular ‘fox eye’ trend has been my favorite TikTok hack! This smokey, subtle look is perfect for your Fall outfits! For some of us, work and school obligations can prohibit us from thinking outside the box with our makeup looks. A great way to achieve a unique makeup style without branching outside of the dress code is to use brown eyeshadow to create a wing! To achieve this look, simply wet an angled eyeshadow brush and dip it into your favorite brown eyeshadow. A useful tip for this look is to make sure your eyeshadow brush is only slightly damp when you dip it, or else it may be too dark. This style of eyeliner can also be adjusted to best suit your lifestyle, if you prefer a more natural look choose a lighter brown eyeshadow!


5. Test Out A Graphic Look For Your Next Night Out.

Graphic eyeliner has taken over all Pinterest boards! Getting creative with makeup has become more popular in recent years and I couldn’t be happier about it! Makeup has become a safe place to experiment with expressing your authentic self. Bold, graphic eyeliner looks are the perfect transitional look from summer to fall while getting artistic. The best part about this style of eyeliner is once you get the hang of it you can truly style it however you please. If you like making a statement, you can add an eyeshadow look to match! This style of eyeliner is the perfect way to look put together after a long day. You may choose to use color, or stick with classic black! Your eyeliner can double as an accessory, use it to express your aesthetic! Not only is this look extremely fashion-forward, but it’s also the perfect attention grabber for your Instagram selfie.

6. Turn Heads With An Open Wing!

Open-winged eyeliner is sure to be a staple in your fall makeup routine! This look is the perfect way to make a statement without adding an hour to your makeup regime. Simply grab your favorite liquid liner, and recreate the lines. In addition to being low-effort, this style can also be very versatile. Whether it be date night or a night out, open-winged eyeliner is destined to refine your fall outfit.


7. Accessorize Your Fall Eyeshadow Look With Rhinestones.

Incorporating rhinestones into your favorite eyeshadow routine is an effortless way to add some glamour to your aesthetic. Place the rhinestones where you’d normally put your eyeliner and you instantly have a bold eyeliner look that’s sure to turn heads! When I recreate this look, I use eyelash adhesive for a safe way to keep the rhinestones in place all night long! This is the perfect way to enhance your next concert outfit or little black dress without too much thought.

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8. Pair A Dark Eyeliner Look With A Bold Lip Color.

A sultry dark-smudged wing will give you all the Fall vibes paired with a deep lip color! This classic look is a staple for Fall and Winter, I love breaking out my deep maroon and dark brown lip shades this time of the year. For the perfect Fall going out look- try adding smudged black eyeshadow under your waterline to create a smokey eye effect. For more of a daytime look, try using brown eyeliner instead! For a look similar to Kendall Jenner’s I recommend using the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick in shade 50 Voyager. It’s a great drugstore option that allows you to recreate the look for an average of $7.99!


9. Stand Out With White Eyeliner!

A helpful tip I’ve learned is that using white eyeliner can help your eyes pop. Whether it’s for the perfect makeup selfie or your looking for a way to change up your look, white eyeliner is sure to make a statement. This trend is all over Pinterest, and it’s easy to see why! It can be easily achieved with white liquid eyeliner. You may create a classic wing- or experiment to create whichever bold eyeliner look best suits your mood! If you’re looking for a way to brighten your eyes without committing to a wing just yet, try adding white eyeliner to your waterline!

10. You Can Never Go Wrong With A Classic Cat Eye.

To ensure you’ll stand out while sticking with the classics- try a cat eye with a bold twist! This look can accentuate almost any eyeshadow look or stand out on it’s own. Fall gives us the opportunity to embrace darker and dramatic eye looks, and I will be taking advantage of that! To really sharpen the look, I recommend extending your liner to the inner corners of your eyes to really accentuate the cat eye shape. This style, like the others, allows you to make adjustments to suit your outfit and eye shape. College is all about being resourceful, and this look is a great way to extend the use of your regular black liner to create a unique approach on bold eyeliner.


11. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With Bold Eyeliner!

Makeup is all about branching out of your comfort zone to try new things and embrace your creative side! Bold eyeliner does not have to be as intimidating as it seems, you can rock that cat eye or graphic liner with practice and finding what works for you! What are some of your go-to eyeliner looks? Comment below!