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Boho Chic Styles To Try This Summer

Boho Chic Styles To Try This Summer

Boho Chic Styles To Try This Summer

That’s so 70s, so beachy, so boho chic! The so called bohemian style is not only cute AF but oh so trendy especially for summer! Somewhere between a 70s and a beachy, hipster vibe, the boho style usually consists of a relaxed, distressed, retro, and hippie sort of look. It is totally in, comfy and you are guaranteed to look like a sexy surfer girl. Here are some boho chic styles you should try this summer!

Two Piece Sets

Two piece sets are so boho and very trendy now! Not only do they match, but you can always mix and match with other clothing. It is a perfect summer look that you can practically pull off anywhere without looking like you are trying too hard!


Off The Shoulder

Off the shoulder shirts and dresses are super in right now. This boho look is super relaxed but also incredibly sexy. You can dress tops like this up or down whether going for coffee or a night out in town! Pair it with some cute distressed jeans for a more casual outfit or with some heels and classy skinnies for a drink night!


Loose Dresses

Dresses are a must for summer time because they don’t cling to your body when its hot out! Loose dresses are so boho chic and beautiful; you are automatically ready for date night or an Instagram photo shoot with this look!

Bell Bottoms

Bring the sexy 70s look with bell bottoms! This retro style is totally coming back and better than ever! Not only do bell bottoms fit the boho style, they do wonders for your curves! You can find them almost anywhere from American Eagle stores to outlets and the style is totally up to you! If you want a more modern look, try some ripped bell bottoms for a more hipster vibe!


Printed Pants

Nothing screams boho chic more than printed loose pants! They are comfy AF and you can still look amazing in them! Wear them for festivals, lunch out with the girls, walking on the beach, or even chilling around at home!


Colorful Sets

Sets, on sets, on sets! Crop top, colorful sets are SO IN and super duper cute! Not only do you not have to worry about matching pants, you have a perfectly ready outfit for any occasion! Pair colorful sets with some simple jewelry like a long, plain necklace or hoops and you are ready to go out!


All Lace

Lace may seem old fashioned but totally not out of style for the boho chic look! It looks so timeless and pretty, you wont have to work with much! Dress it up or down, you are guaranteed to turn so many heads with this sexy lace!

Bandannas and Ray Bans

Summertime equals cute sunglasses and accessories! Go full out boho style with things like bandannas and ray bans! You will be the cutest looking hippie ever! Try it with a loose outfit like the one below (or practically anything)! Essential pieces like this can make a whole outfit! The key is simplicity.

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Loose Crop Tops

Summertime is the time for crop tops and showing off that sexy bod without looking too riskay! Go for a loose crop top look like this one and pair it with simple jeans or shorts! It looks oh so effortless but super sexy and breezy; the sun wont be the only thing that will be turning on the heat!

70’s Style Shirts

The tribal 70s looks is extremely boho chic. The detail will allow you to accessorize very simply and go for neutral pairings like jeans. Who said that to be sexy you always have to have tight outfits?!


Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are the ultimate essential piece to the boho chic look. Perfect for casual beach days, dates, walking around town, the maxi will always make a simple outfit pop! Look out for cute designs and patterns or go for more neutrals! Whatever suits your style, girl!


Summer time is perfect for the boho chic look due to the relaxed, beachy, hipster style! What are some of your favorite boho looks?

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