Boho, Chic And Cheap Decorating Ideas For Any Home

Want to decorate your room or your house? Maybe your dorm room? Don’t know how to decorate it? Need a theme or some inspiration? Are you concerned because you’re short on money?

Why not decorate your room boho-inspired? It is perfect for those people who love layered rugs, different textures and colourful accents. A boho designed room can also be easily done on a budget.

Boho is often associated with artistic people. However, it also makes a home feel authentically yours. A bohemian decor can be pricey due to the value of antique and handmade elements being extremely important to decorating a room. With some help and strategy, you can capture a bohemian style with eclectic charm on a budget. People will love how you have decorated your room and will never want to leave! Here are some boho, chic and cheap decorating ideas for your home.


1. Mix Colours and Patterns

Colours are important to any house. Colours are also important to achieve a boho interior. Go for big and bold colours or bright colours. If you aren’t one for bright colours, subdued colours like mustard yellow, rusty orange or moss green will work too. Also, mix these colours with lots of patterns such as florals or geometrics. You can add colours and patterns through pillows, tablecloths and stencils.

2. Window Treatments

Don’t go for those big fancy curtains, tailored shades or window shutters. They are too high-class for a boho-inspired house. Try and use simple cloth panels. Also using materials such as bamboo, beaded curtains and colourful sheers would look great. They add some added colour and texture. You can easily get these materials on a budget from any homewares or fabric stores!


3. Use Lots Of Embellishments and Trimmings

A bohemian style house is all about those extra embellishments and trimmings. They will make your house feel extremely inviting, unique and eccentric. Boho rooms often use natural or raw materials such as wood. Despite natural textures being important, you can also add metal elements. Save yourself some money – you can make a woven wall décor, macramé plant hangers and create your own decorative ladder. 

4. Look At Vintage Furniture Stores And Op-Shops

For a boho-inspired room or house, vintage furniture and thrift stores will become your best friend. As they say, another man’s trash can be another one’s treasure. Bohemian designed rooms are often made up of interesting and unique vintage pieces. You may find a beautiful chair or rug for cheap!

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5. Add Plants

The addition of plants will give your house or room an earthy and inviting feel. Don’t go for the normal avenue of showcasing plants in a bouquet arranged in vases. Go for something different by having miniature succulents in pots or overgrown plants. These succulents could be hanging from the room. The flowers could be used as wall hangings. If you are not one for maintaining plants or you are unsure, fake flowers can always be used.


But with these ideas, if you are decorating your room on a budget you need to make sure your room looks coherent! Bohemian is a range of styles and themes, so you need to choose one. For example, if you have a silver theme, choose silver objects to decorate your room. If your theme is birds, choose bird figures, patterns and objects to decorate your room with. 

Create a beautiful boho-inspired house on a budget or for cheap by following these ideas. Have a room that you fall in love with every time you walk in and one that your friends and family will love! Let us know your favourite boho-inspired ways to decorate your room in the comments below!

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