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15 Bohemian Style Items That Are Awesome

15 Bohemian Style Items That Are Awesome

The boho style is such a cool, eclectic, free-spirited look. The style incorporates the most aesthetically pleasing prints and hippie-like touches. If you’re interested in trying different styles and diving into the boho way of life, be sure to check out this list of 15 bohemian style items that are simply adorable. 

1. High Waisted Wide Leg Pants

These pants are seen all over, probably because they’re so versatile. They come in a variety of different prints to match your style and fit well with plain colored tops. 15 Bohemian Style Items that are awesome

2. Wide Brim Hat

Perfect for walking around during those super sunny days or going to a festival in the desert, wide brim hats are the cutest touches to any outfit. More often than not, if you go on the hunt for boho style, you’ll find a wide-brimmed hat. These are plain and simple, but give off a hippie vibe. 


15 Bohemian Style Items That Are Awesome

3. A Flowy Shawl / Wrap 

You’re probably wearing dresses you can twirl in and lounge in the heat but as you relax in the night sky things might get a bit chilly and these wraps give off Stevie Nicks vibes. You can get more plain cotton wraps or flowy lace detailed ones. They’re quite cute paired over your shoulder or draped loosely behind you back and around your arms. You can make these the statement piece of your outfit or just add it on as an accessory. This accessory is also great for when it’s cold but don’t want to fully cover the outfit you look hard to put together.

15 bohemian style items that are awesome


4. Throw Rug

Now bohemian style is much more artistic and free than the regular styles you see in stores. So when you’re trying to find pieces to add into your room or apartment for this type of style it’s best to go thrifting or to a vintage store. Throw rugs are a perfect piece to add to the room. Add a few puffed ottomans to sit on and you’re giving a relaxed boho feel. 

15 bohemian style pieces that are awesome

5. Canopy Bed

Now a canopy bed can be for any type of aesthetic from french country to sleek modern but what really sets apart the bohemian style canopy bed is the fabric you use. Don’t be afraid of adding busy prints whilst you have a printed rug or styled wallpaper. Bohemian isn’t about it all making sure that everything is seamless but instead it’s organized chaos. If you want a paisley print canopy fabric purchase that even if you think it won’t mesh well with your forest patterned wallpaper. It’s okay, trust me. A canopy is also a great style item if you don’t think you have enough room. It can really close off the bed space from the living area. 


15 bohemian style items that are awesome

6. Skirt 

Imagine walking around and picking wildflowers in a long flowy skirt. These usually tend to be high waisted and to the ankle. The prints of these all tend to be very busy so more often than not they’ll get paired with a simple color, neutral top. You can even get a skirt where the slit is high up on the leg. 

15 bohemian style items that are awesome

7. Rings

You often see rings on every hand. Turquoise stone ring, evil eye ring, mini rings, chevron style rings. Go ahead and wear all sets of rings on the majority of your fingers. You can even double stack them and mix them in with family heirlooms. You can wear gem rings matching cuff bracelets you might have. Antique stores are great for purchasing unique pieces. 

15 bohemian style items that are awesome

8. Sun Catcher 

These pieces can be made by you or bought at a store. It’s better if you purchase a handmade one from a small business to make it more unique. A suncatcher is the aesthetic version of a wind chime. A suncatcher is made with pretty glass beads all strung together to bounce off the light while a wind chime makes beautiful soft sounds as the wind blows through them. You can hang one of these suncatchers by a window, or out on a patio or porch. If you choose to make them you can add all your favorite colors and what you prefer to look at. 

15 bohemian style items that are awesome

9. Silk Scarf

Now it doesn’t have to be a silk scarf but more of a versatile scarf that usually tends to be silk or soft cotton. The versatility of this scarf is that you can wrap or tie it around your neck as a statement piece and then wrap it around your head like a bandana. This is also perfect for when you’re having a bad hair day and need to pull it up in a bun or you’re at a festival and sand gets in your hair and its too hot to keep it down. These pieces are often very printed and make a statement on their own but don’t feel as if you can’t wear it with your skirt or overly patterned swing dress.

10. Fringe Purse

Fringe is something so freeing. There’s something about fringe that even if it’s not worn as an everday item when added to something it really makes it pop out. I tend to see most bohemian style women rocking a faux brown leather purse with fringe. So be on the look out for them when you go into stores and if you don’t see them in a brick and mortar store I’m sure Amazon has your back. If you can’t find a fringe purse I’d suggest a faux leather purse that has a stitching design on one of their sides. 

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11. Throw Blanket

The throw blanket put on a bed is almost always a must but get a bohemian style throw blanket will look quite pretty over a simple, plain duvet. A boho throw blanket even looks great if it has the same color scheme as your rug but not the same print or pattern. That way from afar it looks like it matches but then you notice it doesn’t really but it still works well together. If you’re on a styling budget I’d suggest just purchasing the throw blanket and boho rug for underneath your bed. It’s more budget-friendly while investing in a great piece and it shows off your bohemian style with only a couple pieces.

15 bohemian style pieces that are awesome

12. Waist Cincher Belt 

Since most bohemian dresses are flowy and are shapeless you can add a nice thick belt in the center or at the part of your body that you would like to define more. The belt adds definition and catching notice to the body’s natural shape whilst still allowing the dress to be flowy and free. 

Bohemian Style Items

13. Boots

Now I don’t mean winter boots but a cute pair of doc martens or cowboy boots really is something that you can invest in and wear with just about any outfits. They’re also perfect to pack on trips or to wear when you’re traveling. 

15 bohemian style items that are totally awesome
14. Bell Sleeves

This is quite similar to the flared pants. Bell sleeves are 70’s inspired bohemian styled tops that look great with anything. They can be cropped and worn with flared pants or skirt, a bell-sleeved dress is stunning as well. 

15 bohemian style items that are awesome

15. Wrap Around Dress

If you google bohemian style I guarantee you will see one woman with a flowy tie around dress whilst wearing a wide-brimmed hat. These dresses are a staple for this type of style worn almost constantly and the ability to purchase in a variety of colors and patterns. They take the stress out of picking out an outfit. 

15 Bohemian Style Items that Are Awesome

That’s it. These are some amazing bohemian style items that you can add to your place to make it more you and some items that you can wear and play around with until you find your perfect style and what you’re comfortable with.