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Coachella Body Jewelry Perfect For Festival Season

Coachella body jewelry is a big part of your Coachella outfit! Planning your outfit for Coachella is just as important as planning the rest of your trip. One way to make you stand out from the crowd is by picking out the right body jewelry! From head to toe, you can make a statement with your body jewelry. Check out my suggestions for the jewelry you should buy to wear to Coachella this year. I can’t wait to see how you sparkle!

Hair Jewelry

Starting from the top (quite literally) you can’t go wrong with hair jewelry! With the hot sun and wind, getting your hair up out of your face is a go-to for Coachella. But don’t just set and forget your hair! Reach for pins, earrings and hair chains that draw attention to your hair and add some bling to your outfit. Personally, I love the hair earrings since you can add them to your braids, ponytails, and twists! These earrings range from plain hoops to stars, hearts, and feathers. Perfect for the Coachella vibes.

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When it comes to bracelets (or all jewelry for that matter) at Coachella, the moto is MORE IS BETTER! Don’t be afraid to layer on all the bracelets you can find. When it comes to boho bracelets, you can’t go wrong with mixing metals and stones like turquoise! Alternatively, reach for the classic, beaded friendship-style bracelets that you can layer with as many colors as you want! Don’t forget to take your Coachella wristband into consideration, the color can be the starting point for your bracelet stack! This is some of our favorite Coachella body jewelry!

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Body Chains

The end-all of festival jewelry is body chains. Everyone from celebrities to performers and festival go-ers rock them with a variety of outfits. The cool thing with body chains is that you can wear them over or under your clothes depending on the look you are going for. Look for chains that have interesting shapes, pendants and mixed metals to get the ultimate use out of them. Try a chain that starts as a choker (metal or leather) to spice things up and give an edgy vibe to your outfit!

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While an obvious choice, there are endless amounts of necklaces you can rock at Coachella. If you’re looking at keeping it simple with the rest of your jewelry, try a giant statement necklace that is large and features a ton of adornments. When it comes to statement necklaces, the bigger the better! Don’t be afraid to make the necklace the center of your outfit and keep the rest simple. Not into big pieces? Try layering a dozen tiny necklaces, of various lengths and metals and adornments for a fun look that is a little more delicate.

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Back Necklaces

If you’re rocking a daring open back dress or top, definitely try a backdrop necklace! Ranging from simplistic designs with just chains or with jewels or pearls, you can use them with a variety of outfits. If you have a design in mind, reach out to Etsy artists who customize jewelry and they can add jewels and gems that will match your outfit. Pair with matching dangling earrings, rings and of course, bracelets. Keep it in the same metal family and you’ll have a beautiful monochrome jewelry addition to your outfit!

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Leg Chains

Skipping the dress/skirt look? Grab your Daisy Dukes and add a leg chain to add some drama to your short-shorts! Just like with the rest of your jewelry, try pieces that feature stones and crystals that match your outfit or spirit and you’ll have the perfect addition to your look. If you are already rocking stones in your bracelets, rings or earrings, try and all-metal chain that has stamped metals as adornment! Just make sure to put sunblock on so you don’t get weird tan lines!

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Just like with bracelets, you truly can’t go wrong with endless amounts of rings! Make the perfect stack by combining metals, jewels, stones, and sizes! After you choose your base (preferably a large statement ring) don’t forget to grab enough midi rings for each finger. Midi rings with triangles, moons, and stars are a fun addition to your stack. The great thing about rings like this is they are collector’s pieces that you can wear daily or for festival seasons year after year so don’t be afraid to get some rings that are investments. You’ll definitely use them!

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Belly Chains

Crop tops are a staple of Coachella and the festival world so don’t forget your belly when you’re grabbing jewelry. Belly chains are essentially a bigger choker that you can rock around your stomach. Just like with the rest of the festival jewelry, there is such a variety of metals and adornments you can pair with your outfit. Celebs like Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid have been seen wearing these year after year at Coachella so you know you can’t go wrong copying the look! If you are wearing a ton of bracelets, rings or a large necklace, try keeping the chain simple as to not overwhelm your overall look. But hey, it’s Coachella so wear what you want!

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Stick-On/Temporary Jewelry

The final choice of body jewelry is, of course, stick-on or temporary jewelry. There are so many choices whether you want gems to make a face design or tattoos to go down your arms, back, legs, etc. The point of the stick-on is sparkle and there are so many kits that are set up for a certain design or if you are feeling artsy, get packs of the gems and do it yourself. Temporary tattoos are no longer just cute animals and roses, you can find designs that are shiny gold and silver and in every pattern imaginable.  The best part of stick-on and temporary jewelry is that you can be as creative as you want. Go crazy with the creativity-Coachella is the best place for it! This is some of the best Coachella body jewelry!

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So what are your Coachella outfit plans? Are you going to wear Coachella body jewelry? Share them below!

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