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12 Boba Flavors You Have To Try For Yourself

12 Boba Flavors You Have To Try For Yourself

When your daily routine filled with coffee, tea, water, and wine is not doing the trick for you anymore, go out and try Boba. Not only are these drinks astetically perfect, they’re delicious and sometimes are supercharged with a caffeine kick too. Somehow, Boba has mastered the art of mixing great flavor and great texture. The extra “pop” at the bottom adds more excitement to my drink than anything else I’ve experienced. Below I’ve curated 12 must try Boba flavors when you’re looking to switch things up.

1. Strawberry Lemonade Boba

My Go-To Boba Tea is Strawberry Lemonade. I believe it’s a simple mix of Green Tea, Lemonade, and Strawberry Boba. They don’t carry this special flavor everywhere but if you get lucky enough to find a Boba spot that does sell it, order it. It’s delicious and refreshing. If I could have a million of these each day, I would (but that probably wouldn’t be great for my bank account.). 

12 Boba Flavors You Have To Try For Yourself

2. Black Milk Tea

For those of you that like simple flavors, this is a must try. Black Milk Tea is exactly what it sounds like, Black Tea, Milk, and Boba. It’s a twist on a classic Black tea, and it’s delicious. I personally like to enjoy this on early mornings before work. It wakes me up and starts my day right. Plus, no need to worry about a sugar crash later in the day. Black Milk Tea Boba is not too sweet or sugary but contains the perfect punch for your daily caffeine intake. 


3. Thai Milk Tea

This Boba Tea comes in a beautiful orange color that is not only photo worthy, but very delicious. Personally, I find this option tastes similar to a Chai Tea Latte but the Boba pop at the bottom adds a little something extra. Similar to the Strawberry Lemonade, this isn’t usually available at every Boba spot, so if you find it, it’s a must try.

12 Boba Flavors You Have To Try For Yourself

4. Passion Fruit Tea

Passion Fruit Boba Tea feels like you escape to a tropical island. It’s light and sweet but carries so many good vibes in each sip. I truly feel like I am on vacation drinking this while tanning. It’s a guaranteed mood booster drink. I suggest drinking this with some go-to good vibe songs playing in your earbuds and you’ll be set in a great mood for the day.

5. Matcha Boba Tea

As it is, Matcha is my morning go-to. It’s the perfect extra kick of caffeine that I usually don’t feel from just drinking tea. The icing on the cake is that it is also delicious. I usually don’t shoot for a Boba drink when I’m looking for my morning caffeine kick but Matcha Boba Tea is my drink of choice if I do. It’s a great drink to kickstart your morning.


12 Boba Flavors You Have To Try For Yourself

6. Winter Melon Tea

I learned the hard way that Winter Melon is not at all the same as Watermelon. Luckily for me, Winter Melon is equally as delicious. I learned after making this mistake that Winter Melon is a fruit that caramelizes itself when heated up, so this drink has a warmer look and taste. It reminds me of a nice fall day. I suggest picking up a Winter Melon Tea and spending the day jumping in a pile of leaves. Extra points if you finish the day with a fall cocktail after. (If you’re of age, of course.). 

7. Popcorn Tea

Popcorn tea is made with tea and cooked rice. I know it sounds like a weird flavor for a drink but it is to die for. The cooked rice gives it that popcorn-like flavor and the texture is incredible. As someone who is very texture focused, I can tell you this one cannot be beat. If you’re not big into fruity flavors, this should be next on your list to try. 

8. Taro Boba

Taro Boba is another Instagram worthy drink. This Boba Tea is less sweet than most of the one’s I’ve tried which is perfect for those of us that enjoy our drinks not as sugary as the other options. The Taro root balances this tea out perfectly and makes for a refreshing twist on a plain iced tea drink.

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12 Boba Flavors You Have To Try For Yourself

9. Coconut Boba Tea

Coconut Boba is usually just Coconut Milk, Boba, and a fruit flavor of your choice mixed in. It’s sweet and delicious but lower in calories than other options can be. The Coconut Milk also brings in that tropical taste that we all know and love. 

10. Fruit Iced Tea Boba

When I first started drinking Boba these were my go-to’s. Fruit Iced Tea is exactly as it sounds, a classic iced tea with a fruity twist. It’s a safe bet anyone will enjoy this refreshing iced tea. This is a great go to flavor for kids too. It’s sweet and delicious. I’d be shocked to find someone who doesn’t obsess over a nice Fruit Tea Boba.


11. Mango Bubble Tea

As I mentioned before, I am a total texture freak but this drink checks all my boxes for great texture. It’s light like a classic iced tea, sweet with mango, and has a nice “pop” at the bottom with the “bubbles”. Don’t worry though, the mango flavor is not at all overpowering or too sweet. Somehow Boba Tea Cafe’s all seem to have mastered the perfect Mango Bubble Tea.

12. Chocolate Bubble Tea

This one tastes just like Chocolate Milk and is perfect for an after dinner snack or just to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours! If I had a child, this would be the perfect drink to get them when we go for a Boba run, too.

12 Boba Flavors You Have To Try For YourselfComment down below if you have other Boba suggestions. I am always looking to try out new flavors to obsess over. If you try any of the suggestions above, let me know what you think! I can’t wait to see all of your reactions and perfect Insta-worthy pictures. Enjoy your Boba and your days!