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Blue Light Glasses: Good For Your Eyes & Your Style

Technology has become an incredibly important and valuable resource we use in our every day lives, especially in the year 2021. After spending majority of 2020 fighting a pandemic and living under quarantine, for many, online school and working from home are the new normal. Many of us are still getting adjusted to the idea of spending every single day looking at a screen for 6+ hours at a time. Our eyes haven’t developed quite as quickly as our technology has, and so there’s been large numbers of people who are forced to spend their days online, and finish the day with burning, itchy eyes, headaches, and difficulty falling and staying asleep. All of these side effects come with serious concern, and they take away from the positive qualities of life. There is a way to combat these symptoms of technology, and all it takes is a simple pair of blue light glasses!

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is simply one of the shades of the visible light spectrum. It is part of the ROY G BIV combination of visible lights that creates the white light we see from the sun. ROY G BIV stands for the color names, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Blue light has shorter wavelengths and a higher energy level than the other visible colors, so it attacks eyes in a way that the other colors don’t. Our phones, tablets, and computer screens almost all emit blue light that is within the damaging spectrum of lighting. While blue light can be good for keeping you awake and alert, improving memory, and improving attention span, it is simultaneously harmful, especially when you’re exposed to it at night. Here’s a few of the detrimental effects blue light has on your eyes, and how blue light glasses can help!

1. Eye Strain

Looking at bright screens all day long can be exhausting in itself. Your eyes begin to burn and itch, and sometimes the brightness alone is painful. If you adjust it and it’s too bright, it’s like looking at the sun; if you adjust it and it’s too dim, you have to squint and strain your vision. Sometimes there’s just no winning, and no matter what you do, the screen looks and feels abrasive on your overworked and exhausted eyes. This is where blue light glasses come in! Reasonable affordable with effective pairs starting around the $30-$40 mark, blue light glasses are an easy solution to a daily problem. With different levels of filter, different sizes, and the ability to add a prescription eye corrective lens, blue light glasses are perfect for literally anyone. Simply purchase a pair, pop them on, and look stylish while protecting your eye sight!

2. Insomnia

Blue light is known for boosting alertness and stimulating your brain, which can keep you awake for quite a while after you’ve shut all the screens off. This leads to a bout of insomnia in many students who study late, video game players who just want to play “one more game,” and individuals who watch television and films just before bed. Normal blue light glasses help to filter out some of the harmful blue light from your screens, but there are a newer type of blue light glasses that has a lens specially designed for wearing at night to block a higher percentage of the blue light rays that will keep you tossing and turning. These glasses have lenses that are a noticeably orange-yellowish color, which essentially is a more intense version of the more basic blue light glasses, which only give off a subtle orange toned hue.

3. Headaches

Millions of people experience headaches on a regular basis. Whether caused by lack of sleep, stress, hunger, a strong scent, a loud noise, whatever it may be, people get enough headaches from their daily lives as it is. Now, with technology as dominant in our society as it is, regular tech users are complaining of more frequent and more painful headaches. There’s always the recommendation to “reduce your screen time,” but for some whose livelihood, degree, and way of life rely on technology, that simply isn’t an option. Getting all of our work done in such a crazy and hectic world is difficult enough as it is, and we don’t grueling headaches and bad advice on top of it all. Instead, a pair of comfortable blue light glasses could (and should) become your new daily accessory!

Where To Find Blue Light Glasses

The final part of our discussion on blue light glasses is where to find them. Now that you know a bit more about what they do and how they can help, you’ll have an easier time deciding if they are for right for you. If they are something you’d like to try, here’s a couple of stylish pairs of blue light glasses you’re sure to love!

See Also

Here’s an affordable and classically beautiful pair that has a perfect five-star rating! All of Noura Blu’s blue light glasses are priced at $35, and come in a variety of styles and colors, all featuring the well-loved blue light filter lenses. Teachers who switched to online classes, and students who had to do the same, all rave about how wonderful the glasses are and how much they’ve improved their daily lives. Order them right from Noura Blu’s website!

Here’s another pair that is a bit more expensive than the previous pair, but offers ultimate protection. The Swanwick “swannies” are designed specifically for nighttime use, to aid in reducing eye strain and the alertness you receive from blue light you’re exposed to before bed. These blue light glasses have been featured in huge publications such as BusinessInsider, Forbes, the Harvard Business Review, and the New York Times, and only great things have been said. The glasses retail anywhere from $59.00 to $297.00. Most pairs are under or near $100, so if you wear them regularly, you’ll probably find them to be worth that price. You can order the Cat Eye Night Swannies from Swanwick for $69.00!

Tell us what you think about blue light glasses in the comments! Do you think they truly help, or are they just a fad? Let us know below!

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