7 Blazers You Need To Have Right Now

Blazers are meant to make us women feel empowered and like boss babes. (Remember that you’re a boss babe any day, with or without a blazer!). So, it’s important to have a handful of these bad boys in your wardrobe at all times.

It doesn’t hurt to update your clothes every now and then (or more often than that if you’re a fashionista and a lover of all things shopping). So, in case you’re looking for a new set of blazers to revamp your style game, you’re in the right place!

Here are seven must-have blazers that you need to have in your closet right this moment. Go on, take a read—you can thank us later!


1. The Snakeskin Blazer

Do you want to make a statement at the next monthly meeting with your boss? Pick up the snakeskin blazer and rock it to work—there’s a reason they say you should dress to impress. The snakeskin print is all the rage this season and we seriously think that it is here to stay. So, don’t delay this purchase any longer than you have. Get your hands one of these the next time you’re at the mall.

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2. The Blazer Dress

This one is a personal favorite. Not only are you wearing a boss-babe blazer but you’re also wearing it as a dress, so it’s versatility at its best! The blazer dress normally comes in a single length, sitting right above your knees, and can be paired with a stylish pair of stilettos; if you’re feeling risky, wear it with a sexy pair of thigh-high boots.


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3. The Oversized Blazer

Here comes another fan favorite. Since all fashion is coming in oversized, then why not the blazer? This type of blazer looks best with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. But, if you feel like being extra comfortable, pair your oversized blazer with mom jeans or a wide-legged pant. Both ways will look phenomenal!


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4. The Printed Blazer

If you’re looking for a bit of an adventure, try a printed blazer for a change. A piece with florals on it is perfect for the upcoming summer season and you’ll look fresh as a daisy as you step out and strut your classy look down the streets.

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5. The Mustard Blazer

If you don’t already know, it’s all about mustard right now (no, not the condiment!). The color mustard is taking over many fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2019, but we’re not complaining! A longline, mustard blazer is just what you need to get in the good books with the fashion gurus.

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6. The Camel Blazer

Here’s another colored blazer you need in your closet. The camel look will pair perfectly with almost anything you already own—white tee and cropped skinny jeans; black leggings and nude bodysuit; or, teal gauche pants and a barely-there bralet. The options are endless with this color.

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7. The Striped Blazer

Stripes are the “it” print right now so you need this one as soon as you can get it! I’ve mentioned this before and will say it again that vertical stripes will flatter every body type. They make your torso look elongated so you’ll be standing tall and strong in one of these!


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So, which one of these blazers do you think you’ll be rocking to your next big work presentation? It doesn’t even have to be to work, remember that blazers can act as a versatile piece in your wardrobe. They’re easy to take from work-to-street wear at any time. Go ahead, get creative!

Featured Image Source: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/464574517807875738/
Sandy Panesar

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