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10 Blankets You Should Have In Your Home For Chilly Weather

The comfiest way to spruce up you living space is thanks to blankets.  There is a large variety of these warm and fuzzy sheets, but all of them have excellent uses for keeping you snuggly and comfortable.  Here are just some of the best blankets you can get to ward away the cold and make your home that much softer!

1) Comforter

Comforters are one of the most common blankets you’ll find out there, especially when it comes to bedding.  A comforter is made by sewing two sheets together, with a layer in-between of warm, soft filling.  These fillings can be a variety of things, like down, feathers, cotton, or more.  These blankets are excellent for poofing up your bed, making it softer and fluffier.  They retain a great deal of warmth without being too heavy.  Comforters are popular for a good reason, with only one real drawback– they capture heat almost too well.  You may want to store your comforter during the summer season, but otherwise, it’s a perfect choice for any bed.

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2) Throw

Another of the common blanket, throw blankets are smaller, knit, single sheets of fabric.  They are very light, and often used for aesthetic purposes– they are typically found hanging over a couch for a complimentary color, or used in conjunction with other, heavier blankets in a bed.  Throw blankets are great because they are light and easy to interchange based on the visual appeal you are going for, as well as their usefullness when used with other blankets.  The main drawback to throw blankets is also their main strength; throw blankets are light and small, meaning they aren’t great if they are your only blanket.

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3) Quilts

Quilts are another blanket excellent for aesthic purposes.  Quilts are a three-layered blanket, formed by a long piece of farbic at the bottom, a middle layer of thin cotton or wool, and the top comprised of patches sewn together.  Quilts are great for a smooth, silky looking surfance, as well as providing a lightweight warmth.  They aren’t quite as warm as other blanket choices, but they certainly are beautiful and a good addition to any room.

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4) Sherpa

Sherpa blankets are one of the warmest choices you’ll find– a perfect choice to wrap around yourself as you huddle up with a nice cup of hot chocolate.  Sherpa blankets are two-sided.  The top side is smooth and velvety, and a little more geared towards decoration, or even sitting on top of.  The Sherpa’s other side is fluffy and fuzzy, and incredibly effecient at trapping heat.  This side is considered fur-like, and is one of the softest blanket options you’ll find.  This blanket has an excellent combination of aesthetic appeal and function!

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5) Chenille

Chenille is the French word for caterpillar which this blanket is supposed to resemble.  Don’t worry, that’s where the similarities between the two chencilles end.  These blankets are known for their designs, due to the fact they are made of a fabric raised in certain areas to form patterns and images.  Despite the complexity of the design, the blankets are suprisingly warm, and make your room feel vintage.  They are on the delicate side, so be careful with them, especially when washing.

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6) Cotton

Cotton is a very versatile blanket.  It is one of the most breathable options you’ll find, meaning it allows a good amount of air through it, so no air becomes stagnant.  These blankets are especially good for those with senative skin or those who heat up easily.  This is also a good choice for children.  It’s lightweight, and supports warm and cool atmospheres.  The main drawback for cotton is that for extreme colds, it is less useful.  That issue is easily rectified by using additionally blankets along with your cotton one during the winter season.

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7) Knit

Knit blankets can come in a variety of sizes for whatever your need may be.  These are also very aesthetic blankets, due to their detail and texture designs.  Many knit blankets come with tassels, for that extra bit of flare.  Due to their pleasing visual appearance and differing sizes, these blankets are great for couches and chairs.  They work fine with beds, though you may want to have another blanket beneath it.  These blankets can be tangled easily, making them less ideal if you have a curious pet around.

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8) Waffle

Waffle blankets are another blanket excellent at collecting warmth.  It’s unique design, based on the breakfast food, it why it is so good at keeping in the warmth.  It has little indent pods throughout its surface, allowing it to catch and contain air, which is then easily heated up.  They are shockingly light for a blanket of such specific design.  They do tend to be most effective if you use a heavier blanket about it, so the combination of waffle and comforter is one that can’t be beat.

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9) Vellux

These blankets are comprised of entirely man-made products: two layers of polyurethane foam bonded with nylon fibers.  These makes a long lasting blanket that is incredibly soft and warm.  In fact, with every wash, Vellux blankets will get more soft.  These aren’t very breathable blankets, which means they aren’t great for those who sweat a lot when they sleep.  Otherwise, this is a very comfortable choice, great for the chilly nights.

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10) Bamboo

The final blanket on this list is made of bamboo.  These blankets are perfect for regulating your bosy temperature– they keep the heat in, but are very breathable and absorb sweat just fine.  These are a very light blanket, and doesn’t retain odors.  The issue with bamboo blankets is that they can’t be machine dried, so you should time your loads carefully.  On the plus side, due to their breathable nature, they can last longer than the average blanket between washes.

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This has been our list of the best blankets to keep on hand for those cold nights.  Pick these up and get ready to snuggle up and relax.  Which of these blankets do you prefer?  Leave a comment and let us know

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