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Blankets For Your College Dorm That Will Keep You Comfy

There is a lot that goes into a great dorm room. You enter the room with a blank slate, and you decide what your room needs. Some things are obvious, like posters for your wall and sheets for your bed. However, some things are less obvious, but will still be incredible additions to your room. An example of one of these additions is a blanket. You probably have a comforter for your bed for sleeping a night, but that is not the type of blanket that is being referred to here. Sometimes you don’t feel the need to be tucked into bed, but you still want to rest. Or maybe you are just sitting in your room and you are starting to feel a little chilly. This is why you should get a thin blanket that won’t be too heavy and won’t make you too hot. Blankets are easy to grab and can help you be comfy at any time of day in any kind of mood. Here are some blankets in many different styles that will make your dorm room more appealing and cozy.

1. Tortilla

It always feels good to wrap yourself tight in a blanket. It is kind of like being in your own little burrito. And who doesn’t love burritos? Now you can finally live the tight burrito reality. This is a blanket that is made to look exactly like a tortilla. It is double sided and there is absolutely nothing else on it, just tortilla. It is also very comfortable to snuggle up in. As a throw blanket, you can just wrap yourself in it during the day if you are cold and just want to relax watching a movie. Therefore, you are a cozy little burrito in your tortilla. It will be something funny to add to your room and will be a fun joke among your friends. Sometimes your dorm accessories can just be humorous. If you are sad while in your blanket, you can laugh thinking about what you must look like in there. So stay warm with the recipe for comfort.

2. Puppies

Cute, soft, and lovable. What is this describing? This is obviously the description of puppies. Puppies are widely adored and they make people feel warm and gooey inside. What could be better to put on a blanket? This blanket shows off an adorable photo of a group of puppies. All of them are bunched together and making silly faces. It is a picture that could make anyone smile. That is what makes it a cool blanket. It will look great in your room for people to see. It will also be great to curl up with as it will be soft like a puppy. The picture will also make you feel warm on the inside as well as happier. It will be like a bunch of puppies laying on your lap, and who doesn’t want that

3. Summer Treats

Going to college means that the summertime is over. No more days of relaxing in the sun and having a carefree time. That does not mean you can’t hold on to the memories of the summer. This blanket will remind you of all of the happy times of the summer. Specifically, it will remind you of the awesome foods of the summer. This blanket is covered with all sorts of popsicles and watermelon slices, food that is associated with hot summer days. This blanket will help you look back to the fond days of freedom. Even though it is covered in cold items, it will help keep you warm and cozy. You could even watch some summer movies while wrapped up in it. You don’t have to be brought down by the grayness of school. Cuddle in something happy so you are comfortable in this great new year.

4. Mermaid

Didn’t everyone used to dream about being a mermaid? It seemed like it would be amazing to be a magical creature in the water with a spectacular tail. Unfortunately, mermaids are not real so that dream can never happen. However, this blanket will get you closer to that mermaid dream. That is because this blanket is a mermaid tail. It is structured differently than the other blankets on this list. It is stitched together, with a tail fin at one end and an opening at the end. You have to slide your legs inside and it will go up to your stomach. Even though it has a fitted structure, it will give you some room to move around. It is also made of a nice knitted material that is very cozy. It will help keep your legs warm in their own little space while your arms are free to do anything. Live your best mermaid fantasy while staying comfy in your dorm.

5. Boho Chic

There are a lot of aesthetics that can be achieved for a dorm. This is your home now, so you can do whatever you want with it. Try to find a style that speaks to you so that your room has a sense of beauty. This blanket can help you achieve a bohemian vibe if that is what you want. It has a visually interesting look with its denim fringe. That gives the blanket some texture, which will make for a great bedroom decoration. The texture will also provide a fun feeling when you are wrapped in it. It will be a little smooth and maybe a little warmer than the others, but still comfortable. When you are not in the blanket, it will be draped across your bed which will make for a very pretty room and tie it all together. You don’t need to pick style or comfort, you are able to have both.

6. Flowers

Perhaps you want your room to have some color. Maybe you want some brightness to cheer up your room and bring some joy. That is the beauty of a pattern of flowers. This blanket will certainly stand out in your bedroom. It is not just a normal floral pattern. The flowers come in a variety of fun colors in many different sizes. That makes it pretty unique compared to other floral patterns. As soon as someone enters your room, their eyes will be immediately drawn to this blanket. Not only is it beautiful, this will also be a great blanket to drape across yourself. The blanket is made out of some sari switches, and the cotton material will feel soft and silky against you. It will be great for any sort of rest. This is a wonderful blanket that will brighten your day just by looking at it, and it will be the statement piece of your room.

7. Faux Fur

All of the blankets on this list are cozy, but how about a blanket that is really soft? Softness can really help you feel snug and relaxed. Extra softness can come from a material like fake fur. That is why this is a great blanket for any bedroom. It is a blanket that you will just want to run your hands across, even when you don’t need to use it. This faux fur blanket will feel great against your skin, like you’re petting a bunch of kittens. It also comes in fun colors, a bright pink and pale blue. You can pick which one will fit the vibe of your dorm more or which one is more appealing to your eye. Anyone that visits your room is going to want to use this blanket and be jealous that they do not have something this soft in their room. You will have a pleasant resting experience and you will never want to get out of this blanket.

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8. Paris and Love

College is filled with a lot of work and some stationary schedules. It can get boring after a while and you probably are wishing for something more fun. You might be daydreaming about going on a vacation for a bit to get away from it all. While that may not be feasible, you can still have a reminder of that dream in the form of a blanket. This is a blanket that is all about the great city of Paris, France with a pattern of the famous Eiffel Tower. It is a pattern that is not very in your face, which makes it a cute little decoration in your room that will make your dorm look well put together. It is also very soft and  cozy so you could just fall into a nap very quickly in it. The little hearts on it help show that this is a blanket that is meant to make you happy and feel positive. Paris is the city of love, and that will make your dorm the dorm of love. 

9. Modern Design

Treat your room like your own drawing board. Feel free to express yourself creatively and go for a style that you enjoy. As this is college, you may want a more grown up vibe. This can be achieved with some modern styling with sleek lines. That is the style that this blanket is achieving. It is all about lines that divide up the blanket into geometric sections of many sizes. The simple colors of black, white, and gold help with the maturity of the art. It will be like your own painting, except it will be laying on your bed. It will also be nice for laying in with its long lasting comfort and its breathable softness. And every time that you snuggle in this blanket, the way you shape it will be like creating a new painting. Go bold this year and go for a look that you are ready for the big world of college.

10. Halloween

Sure, Halloween only comes once a year. However, it is always a memorable time of year. You get a bunch of candy, dress up in crazy costumes, and just enjoy an overall awesome night. It is a time of fun, and you should be able to carry that energy for the rest of the year. Luckily, now you can carry energy. This blanket exudes all of the great parts of the spookiest  holiday. With ghosts, bats, spiders and pumpkins, this just screams Halloween. Having this blanket will allow you to be filled with joy and high spirits, pun intended, as you think of a night where real world problems do not matter. Your friends and you can get a good laugh out of it as it will look pretty funny in any month that is not October. That just shows that his is a blanket that will become a real centerpiece and talking point for this room. And who doesn’t love a good laugh? And when it does reach October, that is the time of year where a light blanket is exactly what you need for the weather, so stay toasty. Happy Halloween, and enjoy your spooky and hilarious room.

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