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18 Black Tie Wedding Guest Dresses Under $200

So, you got invited to a wedding. That’s awesome! But now you have the assignment of finding something amazing to wear for an inexpensive price. Probably one of the hardest weddings to find a reasonably priced dress for is a black-tie of formal attire wedding since all the dresses need to be “upscale”. To help with this task, here is a list of 18 Black tie wedding guest dresses that are all under 200 dollars.

1. Long Green Dress:

Dark, forest green and emerald are two of my favorite colors, especially for dresses. I just think it’s a color that looks great on anyone. For a black-tie wedding, you won’t go wrong with a long, sleeveless, dark green dress.

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2.  Dark Red Wrap Dress:

A flowy wrap dress is just what many need for the busy day that comes with attending a wedding. Wrap dresses are light, airy, and the style looks good on everyone. Also, when it comes to color a deep red hue is another color that looks great on everybody. There is no way you could go wrong with this dress.

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3. Black Asymmetrical Dress:

A black dress will forever be a classic outfit go to, no matter the event but it’s beyond perfect for a black-tie wedding. Change up the classic by wearing a dress with an asymmetrical hemline or an interesting collar.

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4. Navy Satin Midi Dress:

Satin will always be such a chic romantic fabric, which makes it perfect to wear as a guest at a wedding. Satin also looks best in deep colors like red or navy and it has never looked better than in this navy satin midi dress.

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5.  Black Floral Floor Length Dress:

This is would be a great dress if you are looking for one that can seamlessly go from day to night. The black fabric will look amazing for the late-night reception, with the flowers adding a little pop of color. But it will also look amazing for the ceremony during the day or afternoon because the bright flowers adorning the dress totally go with the amazing summer season.

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6.  Glittery Blush Pink Floor Length Dress:

Get Glamour on with this glittery, blush pink floor-length dress. The sparkle will complement the theme of the evening and the color will complement other summer colors and your glass of champagne. Plus, the price tag will thrill your wallet.

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7. Floor Length Chiffon Evening Dress:

Chiffon is another light, elegant fabric that is often found at weddings. Probably because it is a light and relaxed fabric that still always looks amazing. I assure you, that you will look glamorous and fully ready to be a well-appreciated guest at a black-tie wedding ceremony and reception.

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8. Mini Black Lace Dress:

This mini black lace dress would be perfect for a more modern wedding or if you plan on dancing the night away at the reception party. The cut-outs of lace are also a nice romantic touch that will look flattering on everyone.

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9. Floor Length Lace Top Dress:

Lace is great for a wedding, But if you want a long dress that gives you some more coverage while still having that desirable pattern, go for a floor-length dress with a lace top. You will look adorable and black-tie event ready, trust me.

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10.  One-shoulder Dress:

A one-shoulder neckline will always be a popular look because it looks great on everyone. It is another style that occurs often in formal wear and it makes the wearer look regal and polished. So, safe to say that this would be a perfect dress to wear to any fancy wedding.

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11.  Short-Sleeve Velvet Dress:

Velvet will always be a great fabric that looks posh, glamorous, and expensive without having to be. This short-sleeve velvet dress looks the part for a black-tie wedding yet is kind enough to your wallet so you can actually enjoy your time wearing it.

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12.  Navy High-Low Hem Dress:

This navy dress with a high low hemline definitely fits the theme of any black-tie event, especially one as important as a wedding. With this dress, you look ready for the cocktail hour, the beautiful reception, and for whatever comes your way afterward.

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13.  Deep Purple Floor Length Dress:

For a light, and flowy dress that will look great while keeping you cool, go for this deep purple floor-length dress. The color will fit in perfectly with the classiness of the event, but the fabric is sure to keep you feeling fresh even during the last dance of the night.

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14. Pastel Blue Floor Length Dress:

If you’re looking for a color crisp like the afternoon sky and soft enough to with most wedding palettes, then go for a pastel blue dress. Not only does this dress look great for outdoor weddings, but it is also just what you need to look on point at the black-tie reception.

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15. Floral Pink Dress:

If you want an adorable dress that would be perfect for those outdoor weddings this spring and summer than look no further than a dress in a pink floral print. The color will complement the outdoor scenery for sure and look great in every photo.

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16. Rose Satin Dress:

For a romantic look that would be perfect for any wedding, go for a rose-colored satin dress. The color, fabric, and print of this dress will make you one of the best-dressed guests at the wedding: and that’s a fact, not an opinion.

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17.  Long Sleeve Sequin Dress:

When it comes to black tie and formal, I think sequins are an automatic win. They’re glittery, sparkly, and just look great no matter what accessories you pair them with. Go for a floor-length, long sleeve dress in order to shine at the reception.

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18.  Floor Length Dark Orange Dress:

Another color that looks great on everybody, and is often a typical wedding color is dark or burnt orange. I think darker colors are particularly flattering on everyone and can transition well from day to night. Speaking of transitions, this specific dress has a convertible top so maybe you can get away with wearing to a couple weddings if your calendar is that full.

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I hope this list of black-tie wedding guest dresses helped calm your nerves and bank account. Which dress was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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