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10 Black Makeup Artists You Should Have On Your Radar

Makeup is a form of artistry all its own. The makeup industry is constantly growing and changing, however, it has not always been as accepting of different cultures and skin tones. These makeup artists strive to educate and inspire the industry to be more inclusive and diverse. These black makeup artists will have you begging for more and more black beauty. 

Nahhdee @bynahhdee

At just 20 years of age, Nahhdee has worked to create content that is beautiful, glamorous, and at times, slightly outrageous. She is a self-taught freelance makeup artist based out of D.C. and works to create beautiful works of art for clients around D.C.


Nahhdee specializes in working with African American women, helping to enhance their natural beauty, and use products that are specially formulated to match every skin tone and complement every feature. If you are looking for young, fresh makeup inspiration, she just may be your gal. 

Shavonte Dill @shavonte_dill

Shavonte Dill, Shay for short is known throughout the industry as a true artist in her own right. She creates thematic, glamorous looks for every occasion. Originally from Bermuda, Shavonte draws inspiration from her life in Bermuda and the continuous growth of the makeup industry.


Shavonte continues to produce beautiful work while working with the black community to promote black beauty and black makeup artists. 


Beat By Britt @maicanbeauuuty_mau

The CEO of Maican Beauty lashes is a force to be reckoned with. Britt is a full-time makeup artist based out of Jamaica. This beauty guru uses delicate details and bright colors inspired by the Jamaican culture.

Britt mixes fresh ideals with long time beauty standards to produce looks that compliment the natural skin tone and amplify the features. She is a huge fan of dramatic lashes and has produced a line that encompasses all of the drama. Her lash line is bold, beautiful, and sophisticated, helping to transform any look from easy going to bold and fabulous. 


Nikki Hill-Reece @allurfaces

Nikki Hill-Reece is a self-taught, freelance makeup artist based out of Dallas, Texas. Nikki has always had a strong passion for beauty and has always provided makeup services for her friends and family. After marrying her husband, she opened her first business, Allure Faces by Nikki.


Nikki’s passion is to make every client in her chair feel confident and gorgeous, inside and out. She is currently working at developing Allure Faces by Nikki into an inclusive, unique beauty brand while continuing to give exceptional services to whoever walks through her door. 

Derrick Davis @derrickdavismua

Derrick is a Glamour content creator and makeup artist. He works to promote men’s beauty care while providing looks that can be copied by men and women alike.


Derrick Davis also works as a Mented mentor, creating looks using the Mented Cosmetics skincare, producing fabulous, magical looks that help to inspire other artists and promote self-confidence and self beauty from within. 


Prime Time Beauty By PC @primetimebeauty_

PC is a hairstylist and makeup artist. She specializes in working with black women to accentuate their natural beauty. She uses natural makeup techniques, beautiful golds, and highlights that accentuate the skin tone.

PC also loves to create character makeup, working with the years hottest products to produce stunning looks and timeless classics. She is an artist all her own and works to amplify women’s self-confidence while making them feel powerful. 


HumbleJas @humblejas_artistry

AT just 21 years of age, Jasmine has been able to take her passion and transform it into a full-time career. As a young African American woman, Jasmine has worked with incredibly talented people in the makeup industry including Karen Civil, Pat Smith, the Miss Teen USA pageant, and Kaleigh Garris to name a few.

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Jasmine (Jas) continues to work to produce quality looks for all of her clients, while promoting and growing her brand @fleekedco.cosmetics. Jasmine also has a youtube channel with an extensive following, creating how-to videos and makeup looks inspired by her love for the art form and the likes of her followers. She is nowhere close to stopping and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the makeup industry. 


RaRa @ra_thegoddess

As a makeup and natural hair enthusiast, RaRa is a self-taught makeup artist. Not only is she a blogger of all makeup things, but she also has an incredible Instagram feed showcasing her raw talent. She is a self-taught makeup artist taking inspiration from the world around her, the makeup industry as a whole, and the natural beauty of African American women. 

A’Landra D’sire @alandradsire

A’Landra D’sire is a self-taught makeup artist based out of Mobile, Alabama. At only 19, A’Landra has perfected her makeup skills, creating beautiful, detailed works of art. Much of her makeup is unique and she uses her skills to create character after character. Specializing in artistic design, she creates beautiful holiday looks, haunting Halloween faces, and delicate details.


A’Landra D’sire is a true artist in her medium and continues to perfect her skills. She also works primarily with black women, helping to bring light to the makeup industry, creating looks that complement every skin tone and helping to provide makeup looks that highlight the natural beauty of black women and create looks that they can replicate at home. 


Anna Soko @miss_xoco

Anna Soko is also a self-taught makeup artist. She is a beauty content creator and artist who taught herself the ins and outs of the makeup industry. Anna is based out of the UK, creating classical makeup looks and catering to clients around the globe.

Anna has perfected the au natural makeup look while providing her signature details to every look. As a black woman, working with black women has been a passion for Anna. She works to help broaden the range of the makeup industry, working to make it more inclusive for all and providing looks for women that allow them to feel confident and sexy in their own skin. 


These artists are incredibly talented makeup artists, with a diverse clientele and a passion for self-confidence and embracing our outer (and inner) beauty. They continue to create dramatic, beautiful glam while inspiring the black community and makeup industry.

Chloe Duncan

Originally from Denver Colorado, Chloe is 27 and now living in Asheville, North Carolina with her Son. Chloe loves everything Fashion, Style, and Design. Everything from clothing to home decor!

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