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15 Most Bizarre Things About Queens No One Understands

There’s a lot going on in Queens, good and bad. Being a resident and occasionally out and about, I notice a lot of things about this place I call home. Some really bizarre things that make you say WTF and some that make you proud to be here! Here’s a nice mix of the two, 15 most bizarre things about Queens NY.

The Largest New York Borough

The First bizarre thing about Queens that’s not often recognized is that we’re actually the largest of the 5 boroughs in terms of land mass. That’s right, bow down to the bosses, New Yorkers. Queens is the biggest. 😎

Crazy Driving

If you’re a driver in Queens you’ve probably seen some occasional nutty driving. Really. You gotta ask yourself if people are getting free licenses somewhere and you shouldn’t have paid for yours. And strangely, driving styles vary between towns. Aggressive in some, laid back in others, and speedy and rushed in most. No one understands that you’ve gotta drive for others, meaning that you have to drive like you’re not the only one on the road, because you’re not. But it’s all good. If you’re from Queens you get used to this. 😆❤

Wonder Bread Is Gone

After 130 years a popular Wonder Bread factory in Woodhaven was shut down! I couldn’t believe it! We still need Wonder. It’s sold everywhere. So where did they go? We miss you Wonder Bread smell. Bizarre…

Grand Piano Factory

We’re so cool, we’ve got a Piano Factory! Over in Astoria, Steinway & Sons has a Grand Piano factory that you can actually go on tour in. Definitely a bizarre thing worth checking out. I used to have some keying skills, you know a little Chopsticks, a Bach Minuet, Für Elise by Beethoven…used to…

There Are Suburbias

When people think New York, they often think city. And when people think Queens, they probably think apartment buildings and two family houses. But there are actually some really nice large-style homes in different areas of Queens. Such as Whitestone,  Cambria Heights, Bayside, and Bellerose. Bizarre but yeah we’re not all industrial. This is one of the most surprising and bizarre things about Queens.

Irish Pubs Everywhere

Irish pubs appear almost as frequently as delis in Queens. There’s one on about every other corner. I wouldn’t say we’re dominantly an Irish city, because it’s really mixed here, but the pub business is a big thing. An old favorite spot is Saints & Sinners in Woodside. 🍻”Slinte!”

Is That A Guy Up There

Right on Woodhaven Boulevard there’s a statue of a Presley look-a-like–a guy in a leather jacket with jet black hair, looking like a rebel–sitting atop a clock. What makes this bizarre is that it’s not so high up for a statue. It’s more like awning height so if you’re like me, when you see it, you think there’s a guy sitting up there for real. It’s crazy and cool at the same time.

We’ve Got UFO’s

Nah, just kidding. They’re actually UFO shaped pavilions. It’s bizarre because they’re remnants of a worlds fair from the early 1900’s. They’re located in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, where you can find some other interesting things too. Like the Unisphere. This is one of the most bizarre things about Queens.

A Garden Of Beer Drinkers

There’s this awesome trend of Beer Gardens! They’re literally like huge, gated, outdoor green areas with picnic style tables and lots of beer. It’s a really different and bizarre thing in Queens, and it’s also really cool and engaging. There’re a few:  Ozone Park, Glendale, Richmond Hill, and Astoria.

Extremely Awesome Diversity

Speaking of engaging, there’s nothing like the diversity in Queens, New York. It’s a combination of every culture found everywhere, packed into one beautiful city. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it. Maybe I need to get out more, but it’s a pretty bizarre thing about Queens.

So Many Cats

If you live in Queens, you know there’s a bizarre amount of stray cats roaming around everywhere. A lady came to me one day saying that I should report them to her or ASPCA before we get too many. But she already knew about them…so…yeah. Lol. Cats. Domestic cats aren’t so much an issue, but feral cats are a big deal to most people.

See Also

No More Cheap Wine

Some supermarkets around Queens have gotten rid of their wine section! You know, the $5 bottles you can pick up to casually drink with your dinner? Or maybe just to sip on if you’re at home one evening, eating cheese or I don’t know. But yeah. They’re gone. I’m upset about it. And I find it really bizarre especially since I’m not much of a drinker and find it easier to get a bottle when doing grocery shopping. This is one of the bizarre things about Queens!

All Speed Limits Reduced

Some time in the past year, city speed limits have been changed. You can now only drive 25 mph legally here. It used to be 30. I guess it’s not so much bizarre as it is a realization that some people can’t drive safely and need to be slowed down. 😐🤔

Watch Out For Bikers

Another bizarre thing about the streets of Queens is that not all bikers stay in their lanes. You gotta watch out for those guys and keep them safe. Especially on side streets. I think you’re supposed to go with traffic but that’s a common sense rule that not everyone follows.

A Magicians Resting Place

Saving the most bizarre aspect for last, something that is actually known by many people (and isn’t quite contemporary). Magic…is a pretty popular talent, presentation, and entertainment in New York in general. There’re tons of shows and performances year-round, but, only here in Queens will you find the actual grave of the late Great Escape Artist himself. Harry Houdini. His burial place is in a cemetery in Glendale. This is one of the most bizarre things about Queens!

Hope you enjoyed these fun and crazy things about my hometown. If you liked reading about these bizarre things about Queens leave some comments below. Or share some things you think are interesting.

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