5 Bizarre But Functional Travel Bags

Being able to travel and get to anywhere on the face of the Earth seems like an achievement to me, more so, a privilege. Back then, it used to be slower, more complex and only available for certain classes in society.

Now, with the remarkable communication and technological milestones we’ve crossed, we’re able to go anywhere and reach the farthest of distances in a matter of 2 days!

If you’re looking to travel anytime soon and you’re in urgent search of travel bags, then here’s a list of 5 bizarre but functional travel bags that will add style and facility to your traveling experience!

1. Sarah Jane Williams Vintage Suitcases

These hand-stitched bags cultivated by Sarah William, a London College of Fashion graduate, exhibit unusual yet stylish designs that will alter your travel experience. Incorporating leather and brass as the basic materials for the bags exhibits elegance and uniqueness to the bags.

However, depending on the style of the travel bags or suitcases, it is likely that they might not fit in the overhead bin, unlike your typical carry-on luggage.

2. Techy-Lux Luggage

This is for all of the tech heads, jet setters, and neat freaks.

It’s hard to switch back to regular travel bags once your eyes catch these. These smart bags are imperative for maintaining wrinkle-free garments, keeping all of your technological appliances fully charged wirelessly, in addition to tracking the bags through a smart app!

This smart vertical luggage bag includes hanging your fancy clothes with garment hangers or simply folding and placing them in the bag pockets.

How unforeseeable were the measures technology was able to manifest in every little corner of our lives? Who would’ve thought!

3. Crash Baggage

Traveling can be worrisome at times especially when you hear all of these ugly stories about damaged, delayed or lost in the fire luggage.

Rather than sitting in fear wondering whether you might receive back beaten-up baggage or not, you can seek the oddly-cultivated pre-damaged travel bags instead! Not only do these bags boldly display the flaws of a damaged bag, they still manage to fall under the stylish category for their clean and matt finishing.

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4. Motorized Scooter Suitcases

I must be living under a rock since I only recently discovered this bizarre development: suitcases can be attached to scooters! In case you’re running late for your flight but luckily had already checked-in online, then this is a brilliant solution to speed up the process of reaching your designated terminal before it’s too late!

You also don’t have to feel leery in terms of fitting it in the upper deck bin in the airplane!

5. Your On-The-Go Closet

Organizing your travel bag on the go is only getting better and better. How many times have you had your luggage looking like it’s experienced WW5 in there? This revolutionary invention results in a systematic and efficient packing experience.

This stylish, horizontal luggage is a staple for those businessmen and women looking to attend several essential meetings in different cities and to minimize worrying about keeping things from wrinkling as much as possible.

Instead of squeezing your clothes in there, you just tidy them up to the way you prefer it like you do using your regular closet at home!

Did you like any of these travel bags? Most certainly, my favorite was the tech-lux travel bag imitating the shape and design of a portable charger! Do share your opinion regarding your favorite bizarre but functional travel bags in the comment section below!

Featured Image Source: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/125045327140619969/
Ayla Mourtada

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