Birthday Suggestion For Every Month Of The Year

Birthday plans can sometimes be hard to come up with, but everyone needs to celebrate. Whether your birthday falls in the middle of August or the end of January, we have birthday plans for every month of the year. Set aside some birthday money, call off work, do what you need to, because 2020 is going to be your best birthday yet!  Check out these birthday plans!

1. January: Ice Skating 

If you are not a cold-weather person, maybe this option isn’t entirely for you. However, ice skating is a wonderful winter activity and it makes for a super cute date night. Grab your hat and gloves, some hot chocolate, and head to the skating rink! Not to mention, this option is a fantastic workout. 

Birthday Suggestion For Every Month Of The Year


2. February: Movie Night 

The month of February is different temperature-wise for everyone. If the weather permits, planning a movie night possibly at an outside drive-in theater could be the best way to go. Super romantic, cute, modern, and it’ll be a birthday you’ll always remember! There are always movies playing, and some theaters are better than others. 

3. March: Weekend Getaway 

Shamrocks, daylight savings, March is a good birthday month. I would suggest taking a little weekend getaway. My boyfriend’s birthday falls on February 27, so for his birthday weekend, it was in the month of March. We went to Boston for a weekend. It can be such a nice getaway even for a couple days! March weather can be both bitterly cold and somewhat nice, so if you have the time or if weather permits, take a walk through the city before leaving your weekend getaway!

4. April: Spa Night

For most of us, April can be a warmer month. Even if you are in a serious relationship, getting a few of your girlfriends together for a spa day (or night) is never a bad idea. It is important to maintain close relationships and when someone has a birthday is the perfect time to do that! Plus, spas can be very relaxing. Depending on where you live in the country, April can be neither hot or cold. Regardless, spa activities are totally worth it. 


Birthday Suggestion For Every Month Of The Year

5. May: Take A Hike 

Well, seriously, take a hike. Just kidding, of course, but going for a walk or hike can be a great day trip, you could travel to a mountain or hike a few hours away and make a day out of it. Get lunch, go shopping, because once summer comes, it will be too hot for a hike. May is the perfect month! Not to mention, how often do we get the chance to thoroughly enjoy nature and detach from the world around us. The fresh air and beautiful scenery are worth it!

Birthday Suggestion For Every Month Of The Year


6. June: Blueberry Picking 

June birthdays are tough, it isn’t quite beach weather outside, but it is definetly warm. I think going blueberry picking is the perfect birthday plan. Take your boyfriend/ girlfriend, a group of friends, your sister, or anyone! This birthday plan will be perfect on a sunny day, and you can grab dinner afterward. There is actually a blueberry patch 15 minutes from my house, and I remember when my mom took us as kids. Super fun and you will definetly remember it!

7. July: Oceanside Dinner 

Where are my fellow July birthdays? My birthday falls on July 11, one week after the fourth of July. I love having a July birthday, and I love the warm weather. For a July birthday, I suggest going out to dinner near the ocean! July is the perfect beach weather, you can spend all day by the water and then go home to change for your birthday dinner! July is the perfect month to surround yourself by the ocean air and make the most of the warm weather, it doesn’t last forever. 

Birthday Suggestion For Every Month Of The Year

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8. August: Bar Hop 

August is also a great birthday month, the warm nights and even warmer days can’t get any better. If your birthday falls during the month of August, I recommend planning a bar night! Choose a central location to bar hop, and you can wear skirts and crop tops given the time of year. Summer nights are the best for a reason! 

9. September: Wine Night 

If you were born during the month of September, you have the best of both worlds, the warm days but crisp nights knowing that fall is on the way. Get some of your friends together and host a wine night! Spending time with our friends is super important, and with everyone’s busy schedules we don’t always have time. Ditch your iPhones and social media, and kick it with a glass of wine and a load of gossip! 


10. October: Costume Party 

Before you say it sounds tacky, remember that Halloween isn’t just a day. For college students, Halloween runs all month long, really. A costume party can be held at your apartment, or even head to your local bar. College towns will plan accordingly and often throw costume parties!

11. November: Apple Picking 

November is one of the best months to go apple picking, the fall leaves have completely changed colors, making for great pictures and even better apples! Most apple orchards are within close distance to your home, no more than 2 hours away. At least that is the case for those that live in the North!

Birthday Suggestion For Every Month Of The Year


12. December: Ugly Sweater Party 

Excuse the cliche, because this is a classic! If you were born during the month of December, run down to TJ Maxx, and check out their ugly sweaters! This makes for plenty of laughs and even better pictures. Enjoy your birthday before all the crazy holiday plans come out!

When it comes to birthday plans, it isn’t always super obvious on what to do. Weather, holidays, and schedules can get in the way. I hope this article helps everyone plan a good birthday! What month does your birthday fall in? Comment below! Thank you so much, everyone, for reading!

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