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21st Birthday Party Ideas For Anyone

21st Birthday Party Ideas For Anyone

Here are a few birthday party ideas for your best friend when she turns 21. These 21 birthday ideas will at least spark some ideas you might have. Enjoy!

Everyone knows your 21st birthday is a rite of passage and a pretty big deal. The number 21 means adult, responsibility and of course, drinking. The law no longer stands in your way when ordering a drink. You only turn 21 once so here are some 21st birthday party ideas for you or your bestie. Thinking of getting her a gift? We’ve got some good gift ideas for that as well!

1. 21st Birthday Brunch

This is the most ideal 21st birthday party idea in my opinion. Nothing beats spending a morning with your closest friends and having a boozy brunch. Find the best brunch spot in town and go to town! Now that you’re old enough you can finally order a mimosa! You can send boozy inspired party invitations to get your friends excited.

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2. Las Vegas

Over-the-top birthday party ideas are very much so on this list. It shouldn’t be a shocker that the most common place people spend their 21st birthday is Las Vegas. Again, it’s a rite of passage. Las Vegas makes for an unforgettable, or very forgettable, birthday weekend with friends. You can hit the casinos, shows and nightclubs all in one birthday extravaganza. What happens in Vegas surely stays in Vegas because people tend to forget what went down.

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3. Day Cruise

If your best friend’s birthday is during a season where there is nice weather, a day cruise is ideal. Spend a day on a boat with your closest friends drinking. This is one of those birthday party ideas that usually never fail. Bring a bunch of booze for you and your friends, speakers and some fun props and you’re bound to have a great time. Just make sure the 21 year old doesn’t go overboard and get themselves sea sick.

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4. Nightclub/Lounge

Since you’re finally 21, you’re able to get into the nightclubs and lounges. This is another one of those birthday party ideas that are well known options for those who have joined the recently legal world. Get you and your friends a table with a promoter and hit the dance floor all night.

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5. Birthday Bonfire

This is one of those birthday party ideas that are more mellow. If you or your best friend just want to chill out on their 21st, gather a crew for an evening of bonfire fun. Get some beers or liquor, whatever you’re feeling, and grab a few chairs. It’s always a good time just kicking it with your closest friends. End the night with sparklers and s’mores.

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6. Birthday Road Trip

This is a great birthday party idea for anyone looking to spend quality time with their friends. Prepare a playlist, get some snacks and grab your besties. Not every 21st needs to be insane. This is one of those birthday party ideas that are memorable beyond belief! You can hit up the bars on your way to wherever your destination may be. If getting crazy is really that crucial, head to NYC for a good time.

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7. Spa Day

Now that you, or your bestie, is an adult, you deserve some well-deserved R&R. A nice spa day is perfect. You can lounge, get a massage and unwind. This is a seriously sophisticated and mature way to spend your 21st. You can enjoy wine after you de-stress and feel fresh.

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8. Pop Open Champagne

Now this isn’t exactly fall under birthday party ideas but it’s a birthday idea. When the clock strikes midnight, have a bottle of champagne ready to go for your bestie. They’ve got to pop open their first legal bottle of the champ.

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9. Casino

Don’t see why not.

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10. Strip Club

Strip clubs aren’t just for guys. This is actually a lot of fun! This is one of those unorthodox birthday party ideas but I promise it’s a good laugh. Would definitely be an unforgettable 21st.

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11. All Day Party

You could just spend the entire day on a bender. Always a possibility for the 21st. See how long your bestie lasts.

12. Bar Crawl

Self-explanatory but of course it makes the birthday party ideas list.

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13. Alcohol Bouquet

Again, it’s not necessarily a birthday party but you could make it one. Get a bunch of girlfriends together to make a boozy bouquet. Might seem incredibly pointless since chances are you will be consuming the goodies but why not.

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14. Boozy Piñata

Stuff a Wal-Mart piñata up with schnapps, candy, lotto tickets and anything else your bestie would love. It’s a perfect pregame activity for the birthday girl.

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15. Take A Bartending Class

What better way to figure out what drinks you like or dislike now that you’re legal. You can even hit on the cute bartender, assuming he’s cute and all.

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16. Dare List

Make a list of dares your best friend has to complete by the end of the night. Come up with 21 dares she has to complete. Add embarrassing tasks like sing karaoke, take a shot with no hands and asking for a stranger’s number. Hopefully she’ll have some liquid courage by then.

17. House Party

Keep it traditional and throw a house party. Why not? This is definitely one of those classic birthday party ideas. Everyone has to bring a bottle for entry and you can invite all your besties friends on Facebook. You can even make it a surprise if you’d like. Fun!

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18. 21 Selfie Challenge

Similar to the dare list, make up a list of 21 selfies your bestie has to take. Add dancing with a stranger and standing on a table.

19. Birthday Dinner

Keep it simple.

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20. Wine Tasting

This is one of those really fun birthday party ideas. Find a winery near you and hit it up. Wine tastings are a blast and you get a lot more inebriated than you’d think. Don’t forget your ID.

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21. Spend It With Loved Ones

All in all, the number one birthday party idea is spending it with loved ones. What else really matters?!

Let us know what you think about these birthday party ideas in the comments below!
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