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15 Birthday Outfit Ideas To Sparkle All Day Long

Is it almost your birthday? Even if it’s not sometimes it doesn’t hurt to plan what you’re wearing ahead of time. Even if you don’t have any big plans for your birthday, just wearing a cute outfit on your birthday makes you feel good and makes the day just a little bit more special! Here are some birthday outfit ideas to help inspire you to find the perfect outfit to celebrate in!

1. Red Mini Dress

Having a cute red dress is essential in a woman’s wardrobe! It also makes for a good birthday party look, especially if you are planning to hit the club with the girls. It’s sexy, classic, and is guaranteed to make you look even more stunning than you already do. You can dress it down with a cute pair of white Air-Force 1’s for the daytime and then dress it up with a pair of black heels for your night out. 

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2. Lace Body Suit

A little lace didn’t hurt anyone! Bodysuits, in general, show off your physique and make you feel good. Lace bodysuits are edgier and the right amount of sexy to wear during the day and the night. No matter what color you decide on you can wear it with a pair of jeans or a cute skirt and maybe add a stylish jacket over it. Also, add some jewelry and maybe a belt to make a bolder statement.

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3. Off The Shoulder Mini Dress

The off the shoulder style is super cute especially in the form of a mini dress! It’s form-fitting and can be worn as a day dress and a nightdress! Wear with your favorite pair of sneakers for the day and then some wedges for the night. They look good in any color, but the white is definitely a classic look.

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4. Cheetah Print Mini Dress

Trying to look fierce for your birthday? Well, the cheetah print pattern will definitely make a statement on your special day. Dress it down with some sneakers or some sandals and dress it up with strappy heels! 

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5. White and Black Checkered Mini Skirt

If you’re trying to go for an outfit that is a bit more laid back, but still cute maybe opt for a white and black checkered mini skirt! This is a perfect outfit idea for a summer birthday! The skirt would look amazing with just a regular white or black cropped tee (like the one pictured) or even a simple bodysuit. Shoe wise I would maybe choose some white tennis shoes, Doc Martins or some cute wedges! 

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6. Matching Top and Skirt Set

For a dressier look, a matching crop top and skirt are a great idea! Usually, they are sold in a set so you don’t need to buy each item separately. You can do a solid color or pattern but there are a ton of options out there! If you’re throwing a birthday party or going somewhere fancy, the matching set will look amazing. 

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7. Satin Top

Satin tops aren’t overly dressy, but they still are perfect for an evening out! they look great tucked into skinny jeans with a cute belt! Wear it with a pair of boots and a leather jacket for an edgier look! 

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8. Oversized Graphic Tee

Normally people would not think to dress up an oversized tee, but it is possible! All you have to do is put on an oversized graphic T-shirt, a pair of thigh-high boots, and a jacket (preferably leather) and you’ll look like you are ready to hit the club! You’ll look stunning and feel comfortable at the same time. 

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9. Black Jumpsuit

Look like Kendall Jenner by wearing a classic, stylish black jumpsuit! Break out your nude or black heels to go with it. As a short person, I know wearing a jumpsuit may feel intimidating and you think it will make you look even shorter, but once you find the right one and a good pair of heels, you’ll feel amazing in it! 

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10. Long Sleeve Black Shimmer Mini Dress

You will literally be sparkling all day in a black mini dress with glitter! Instead of the usual LBD, go for the sparkly black dress. This will work for however fancy your plans are for the night!

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11. Plaid Pants

Not only are they comfortable, but they are also stylish AF! Plaid pants are so in and easy to dress up or down! Wear it with a cute bodysuit and some boots for a chic look. 

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12. Silver Mesh Rhinestone Slip Dress

The perfect birthday ensemble that is guaranteed to turn heads! The silver rhinestone slip dress has been worn by many celebs on their birthday so why not try it out? Do some glam makeup and hair and you’ll be looking amazing in this dress!

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13. Long Blazer With Tights

This outfit will definitely make a statement! Wear an extra-long blazer with tights (preferably sparkly!) and pair with your favorite heels!

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14. Sequin Romper

Yes, rompers can be annoying if you go to the restroom, but they’re so pretty that it’s worth it! In a sequin romper, you’ll be shining from the day into the night! Make it more casual with some sneakers and dress it up with some heels!

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15. Glitter Tank Top With Open Back

Last but not least this adorable glittery tank top! You can wear it with jeans for a more casual look or dress it up with some fancier pants or a skirt! 

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Hopefully, these outfits give you some ideas about what you want to wear on your special day! You deserve to wear an outfit that makes you feel confident!

Do you like any of these birthday outfits? Let us know in the comments below!
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