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20 Birthday Ideas For Your 20th Birthday

20 Birthday Ideas For Your 20th Birthday

Here are 20 birthday ideas that don't suck for celebrating your 20th birthday. These birthday ideas will kick start your year perfectly babe. Happy 20th!

Turning 20 isn’t exactly the most exciting year. In fact, it kinda sucks (no offense). You are one year away from 21, which we all know is the legal drinking age in the U.S. Legally you’re an adult but you still can’t drink; sorry (but, I know you all totally have so spare me here). Just because you can’t legally drink, no I’m not encouraging you to break the law and do it anyways, you can still celebrate. Here are 20 birthday ideas to help kick off your 20th birthday.

1. Go to Mexico … Or Any Other Country For That Matter.

It’s not like you haven’t thought about it. You can go to Mexico or Canada to celebrate your 20th with booze in hand if it’s really that detrimental. Here are a few suggestions of places you can hit up in Montreal – no don’t expect to find any clubs on this list because clubbing is lame. Hit up these incredible speakeasy bars in Montreal. They are cool, hip and have an insane cocktail list. If you’re gonna adult, at least be cool doing it: Big in Japan Bar, 5295/ Le Bar Sans Nom, Atwater Cocktail Club, Bar Cloakroom and Mayfair. Thank me later.

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2. Pamper The Shit Out Of Yourself.

Nothing quite like a spa-day, let alone on your birthday. There’s no doubt getting a massage, mani/pedi or facial on your birthday will have you feeling like a million bucks. Make it a girls’ day-out that way you can all hang out at night and chill on the couch (not going to suggest a bottle of wine to top the day off).

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3. Go To A Nice Dinner.

It’s your birthday – there’s no point in holding back. Plan a nice dinner with you and your closest friends. Although you might not be able to score drinks, that won’t really matter if you guys are nomming on excellent food. There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by your friends on your special day. Chances are you’ll finish the meal with a bomb birthday dessert. You seriously can’t hate on that at all.

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4. Go Get Free Shit.

You usually get free shit on your birthday and free shit is great. If you don’t anything for free you usually get some sort of a discount. Discounts are great! Here are a few places you can get free things that don’t suck: ABP free lunch (Au Bon Pain for those of you who don’t know), Benefit Cosmetics free brow arch (call specific locations), Edible Arrangements free gift (sign up for Edible Rewards), Pinkberry free yogurt (Loyalty Program), Sephora’s free gift (sign up for Beauty Insider) and bareMinerals free gift (join the Friends and Benefits Program). Told you those wouldn’t suck

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5. Get Laid.

No explanation needed.

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6. Go On A Date.

Just make sure it doesn’t suck. Other than that, that’s a pretty ideal birthday activity.

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7. Take A Road Trip.

With a new year, come new places. There’s no better time than to get out of the house and explore. Hit up some of the greatest cities in the US. Personal recommendations: NYC (you very well may be allowed to drink), LA, New Orleans, Charlotte, Palm Springs, Chicago, Portsmouth, Boston and Minneapolis.

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8. Hit Up An Amusement Park.

What? They’re amusing and fun! You are never too old for an amusement park. Grab a bunch of friends and hit up Six Flag.

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9. Shopping Spree.

New year, new wardrobe. You’ll feel great after selecting a new wardrobe, or at least I would feel great.

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10. Do Something Nuts.

Skydiving? Bungee jumping? Tattoo? Given you can do most of these things when you are 18, there’s a pretty big chance you haven’t already checked these off your list. What better way to start your year with something that gets your adrenaline rushing.

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11. Hit The Movies.

The movies is always something fun to do on your birthday. You can’t hate the movies and if you do, something’s seriously wrong with you. If your birthday is soon here’s a list of movies coming out soon: Flatliners, Blade Runner 2049, The Snowman, The Mountain Between Us, Thor: Ragnarok (c’mon looking at Chris Hemsworth isn’t gonna hurt you), Justice League and Wonder (looks unreal).

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12. Throw A Party.

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13. Do Something You Love.

Whether that’s photography, writing or whatever it may be, do something that makes you happy on your birthday. Shoot a few photos, jot down a few thoughts or whatever! It’s your day!

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14. Check Something Off Your Bucket List.

If you don’t have a bucket list, make one. You’re only 20 years old and things are only going to get better from here on out. That’s another promise I’m willing to bet on. You haven’t even experienced a quarter of your life yet (hopefully).

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15. Sleep-in.

Trust me, you’re going to want to. As you get older it’ll be harder to find times where you can actually sleep-in. You’re always waking up for class, attending meetings and pretty soon, you’ll be working! Life gets busy so take the time for yourself and chill the fuck out. Have someone bring you breakfast in bed.

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16. Host A Sleepover.

You’re never too old for sleepovers. Do it up Blair Waldorf style; get blow-up mattresses, have mani-pedis, order sushi and come up with a bad ass list of things to do before the night is over.

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17. Go To A Concert.

Concerts are always an amazing time! Check out what musicians are playing on your birthday and go!



18. Go Go Karting.

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19. Pray Your Friends Throw You A Surprise B-Day Bash.

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20. Surround Yourself With People You Love.

This is truly all you need for your birthday. Regardless of the fact that you can’t legally drink yet, there’s nothing better than feeling the love from family and friends.


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Let us know what you think about these 20 birthday ideas for your 20th! Drop us a line!!
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