10 Birthday Gifts For Your Mom That She Will Love

A mom is many things, which is why getting her a gift for her birthday should be meaningful. Here are some birthday gifts for your mom that she'll love.

A mom is many things – a watchful eye, best friend, trusted confidante and relationship expert, to name a few. Picking a birthday gift for such a multi-faceted woman can be a daunting task, so I’ve compiled a list of suggestions to help you pick the perfect birthday gifts for your mom on her big day.

A Letter

Most mamas oughta qualify for sainthood, in the wise words of Luke Bryan, and we fully agree. Mothers are some of the most genuine and devoted human beings alive, as well as some of the most underrated. Revisit all the times your mama picked up the pieces when you couldn’t yourself – heartbreak, friendship drama, school stress, family deaths and mental health are all issues that fall on your number one supporter. If you express your gratitude in a letter, she can hang onto it forever and revisit it whenever she’s having a bad day (which moms have too!). If you’re not the touchy-feely type and don’t want to write it all out, even a quirky numbered list will put a smile on her face. This is one of the most meaningful birthday gifts for your mom.

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Who doesn’t love a deliciously scented home? Candles are universally beloved, regardless of the amount of space in your home, and there are inexpensive options out there  in a variety of aromas. Pick one in her favorite scent for a simple addition to your gift. This way, you’ll be doing a favor for both, your mom and your home. 

Check out these birthday gifts for your mom!

Gift Cards

If there’s one thing that weighs down on my mother, it’s the consistent expenses of a household. Lots of groceries, countless bills and school tuition are just a few expenses she needs to consider, and they add up significantly over time. A gift card to her go-to grocery store may seem extremely lame, but it’s appreciated by a mother (trust me). It’s not always about extravagance – sometimes the practical, boring gifts are the ones she really appreciates. This is one of the fool-proof birthday gifts for your mom.

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A Homemade Meal

Your mom is sick of cooking and ordering out for the family. This simple yet sweet idea is ideal for the busy mom. Surprise her with food on the table when she’s home from work, or bring her breakfast in bed the morning of her birthday. She’ll surely appreciate the effort (and her favorite delicious foods!)

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Check out these birthday gifts for your mom!


Shoes are a tried and true mom gift. You probably know your mom’s size exactly, so buying shoes is much easier than clothes shopping. Get her a new pair of classy heels or trendy sneakers that you know will fit her vibe. Trust me, she’ll be forever grateful! This is one of the trendiest birthday gifts for your mom.

Check out these birthday gifts for your mom!

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