10 Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend That He Will Love

15 Boyfriend Gift Ideas He'll Absolutely Love

When you’re in a relationship with someone, you of course want them to have the best of the best!  I personally know how this feels – the other week my boyfriend celebrated his 21st birthday!  We’ve been dating for about ten months, but this is his first birthday that we celebrated together. Being the perfectionist that I am (especially when it comes to him), I searched the internet and depths of Pinterest looking for ideas he would love. If you are a panicked girlfriend looking for the perfect gift, don’t worry!  Here’s a list of birthday gifts for your boyfriend I found that will make any guy happy!

1.) Headphones


These birthday gifts for your boyfriend might seem kind of random but think about it.  EVERYONE uses them!  This gift is especially good for the tech savvy guys or the gym rats that want to blast their beats during reps.

This is a perfect time for this market too- with Apple and Beats releasing more different types of headphones, there is something for everyone.  For example, the new Apple Airpods are hassle-free because you won’t get tangled up in an unnecessary chord.  If you want a little more substance, I would go with the Sony WH-1000XM2.  These ranked extremely well when it comes to sound quality, noise cancelling, and even has a 30-hour battery life!  Everyone uses headphones, so he might as well have the best!

10 Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend That He Will Love

*If you are a college student, don’t forget to take advantage of the Samsung student discount program: Sign up for a Studentrate account with a valid .edu email address here from your current school. You will get access to Samsung exclusive student discount program with up to an additional 20% off regular pricing.

2.) Wallet

This is a great and practical gift for any man!  Whether it be a bigger wallet he wants or just one that is more age appropriate (a.k.a- one without zippers and Velcro), there are plenty of looks and styles that fit the bill.

10 Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend That He Will Love

If you want to splurge, I would recommend checking out Coach– they make their products with great quality leather that will last for years while still looking brand new.  If you want to be a little more frugal, there are plenty of options for that too- places like Bass & Co and even Marshalls offer good quality at affordable prices.  Everyone has a wallet, so you might as well upgrade his!


2.) Birthday Treats

Let’s be honest, what’s a birthday without a birthday cake?!  If your man has a giant sweet tooth, like mine, he will love getting the gift of food.  From cakes and cookies to chocolate covered strawberries, there are so many options out there that you can absolutely customize for the occasion.  Baking them yourself is always a sweet gesture, but if you think it would be best not to, I’ve got you covered!

Websites like Shari’s Berries offer a wide range of products, for example, mini birthday cakes or chocolate covered cheesecake bites, along with a wide range of prices.  You will definitely find birthday gifts for your boyfriend that he will love and won’t break your birthday budget!

10 Birthday Gifts That Any Boyfriend Will Love

3.) Homemade Gifts

Bring your Pinterest board to life for his birthday present!  There are millions of little homemade crafts that you can make that will show him how much he means to you.  Some of my favorites are a picture box full of your memories- it’s as simple as finding a wooden box, painting it, cutting out pictures of you guys and decorating!  So simple anyone can do it!

10 Birthday Gifts That Any Boyfriend Will Love

Going back to the food theme, making a bouquet of his favorite snacks is a great idea.  Simply get the snacks, tape them to wooden sticks, and compile them in a vase like you would do with flowers.  Again, so simple and easy!

10 Birthday Gifts That Any Boyfriend Will Love

4.) Tickets To An Event

Concerts, sporting events, comedy shows, festivals, etc…  The possibilities are endless when it comes to events you can take your boo to!  If he is the kind of guy that likes experiences more than tangible things, you can’t go wrong with tickets.

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Any city has their own sports teams, so that’s an easy one to find.  For music, I know that Lupe Fiasco, Never Shout Never and Panic! At The Disco are touring soon.  For entertainment, Kevin Hart, Bill Burr and Daniel Tosh are also on the road.  Give him the gift of a night he won’t forget!

10 Birthday Gifts That Any Boyfriend Will Love

6.) Digital Photo Frame

The future of photo frames is HERE!  Keeping with the sentimental meaning behind the classic picture frame, this just takes it a step further.  My mom got one for my dad for his desk at work, and every time I visit I really like watching the slide show of memories go by.

10 Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend That He Will Love


Instead of just one picture, you can now download many pictures of the happy memories you two have shared!  This is perfect to go on any desk (at home or at work), and he will be reminded of the good times whenever he looks up and sees a different memory.  I truly think one of the best gifts you can give is the gift of memories.

Now that you have your bearings, go out there and find your man the perfect birthday gift!

Were these birthday gifts for your boyfriend helpful? Comment down below!

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10 Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend That He Will Love

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