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21 Birthday Gifts For Her 21st Birthday

Your 21st birthday is something you look forward to…for 21 years. The day you’re finally legal to do everything you’ve already been doing for years. Going all out is a MUST and the gift you get your best friend/girlfriend/sister should be perfect. Here are 21 birthday gift ideas for her 21st birthday!

1. A Timeless Jewelry Staple

I mean hello, this isn’t just any birthday, it’s her 21st birthday a.k.a. – jewelry is a must. Pick the birthday girl up a necklace that she can keep for years! This rose gold necklace is super cute, dainty, and timeless for the birthday babe.

2. Custom coozies

Whether you’re having a big party or hitting the clubs/bars, these coozies are the accessory every 21 year old and her friends need.

3. Wine bottle labels

No wine bottle should be plain on a girl’s 21st bday. These labels are the perfect way to dress them up. Plus, if it goes with the theme of the party it’s even cuter.

4. Bday charm bracelet

This is a gift that she will keep forever and will remind her of her favorite bday!

5. Might be vodka water bottle

She can take this bottle with her to the gym, to class, or work and is something she can use over and over. Practical is always a good choice.

6. Hungover shirt

The morning after her 21st she’s going to need something comfy to lounge around in.

7. Oh Shit Kit

Put together a box of supplies she can use the night of her birthday as well as the morning after.

8. Beer bottle labels

If the lady in your life isn’t a wine gal, go with some beer bottle labels instead.

9. Birthday sash

If she tries to tell you she doesn’t want to wear a sash, she’s lying. Everyone wants to do it, so make her throw it on.

10. Alcohol tower

Probably one of the best gifts to give is a tower of her favorite alcohol beverages.


11. Bottle opener

Now that she can (legally) go buy herself beer, she’ll need a bottle opener and this one is adorable.

12. Shot glass

If she’s turning 21, she better be supplied with endless amounts of shots in a cute 21st shot glass!

13. Photo props

You already know you need these props for the gram.

14. Party smart

People SWEAR by this herbal supplement that helps you avoid the hangover and gross morning after feeling.

15. Glitter crown

Just like the sash, she wants a crown. Make her feel like a queen!

See Also

16. Cute wall art

You can never go wrong with some cute wall art.

17. Wine socks

I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a pair of these…

18. Flamingo beer bong

Every party needs a funnel or beer bong and this flamingo one is everything.

19. Bowl of shots

Just like the tower of bottles, this cute shot bucket is the perfect gift idea.

20. Wine glass

Give her a wine glass she can use over and over again!

21. Drunken birthday cake

Last, but not least, the drunken bday cake! This is a classic gift idea that she is sure to love!

Do you have any other gift ideas for her 21st birthday!? Share in the comments below!


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