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5 Birthday Gift Surprises For Your Boyfriend

Finding a perfect birthday gift for your boyfriend could be challenging, especially when you have used up all your gift ideas over the years. 

Trying to get something different each time could get tricky. However, the market is huge, and offers a wide variety of things to pick from. This may take up a lot of your time. Not to worry, here are 5 interesting, funny and different birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend that he is going to love. 

Whether you have been planning his birthday for months, or have a last minute plan, take the time to show him how much he means to you with these customizable and unique birthday gifts. 

Custom Cushion

The time you both have spent together is priceless and close to your heart. You might not always be next to your boyfriend, however, the amazing time and memories you both have had together will always be on your mind.

You would want your boyfriend to think of you often. A custom pillow will do it just right. For the times when you both may be physically together, this custom pillow will always remind him of the good times you both spent together. 

You can pamper, embrace and capture these special moments by ordering for a personalized pillow with a custom image of the two of you. You may also consider customizing other things like mugs, tshirts, and even his boxers to add some fun to his birthday gift. 

Burrito Blanket

A burrito blanket, yes you heard it right! 

Ever dreamt of being a tortilla? well, your wish will now come true. You cannot literally wrap yourself up like you’re a burrito with this interesting, soft blanket. Your boyfriend may not need a blanket, but he sure will laugh out loud over this one, and that is all that you want right? To make him happy. Be the filling to his burrito blanket and nothing can be a better gift. 

This blanket looks very realistic and is ideal for snuggling. It’s lightweight, yet a warm feeling makes it breathable and comfortable. You may use it at the beach, picnics, camping, while lounging on your couch, or even style at a party. It also is an easy wash and will save you all the extended work of washing regular blankets. 

Self Sustaining Aquarium

If your boyfriend is not much into detailed work at home, a self sustaining aquarium is a perfect gift for him. 

Not only is it a great pick for decorations in your home, at a party, on your office desk or anywhere else. But, it also adds a calm and warm feeling to the house. It also has the option of a light within it which can create a beautifully romantic mood for the two of you.

It consists of love algae that have a very long growing season. It takes about 5 to 15 to 20 years to turn into the size of a baseball. It’s low maintenance is it’s greatest perks. It only demands normal to little house lighting and a change of it’s water ever week or two. 

If for some reason he forgets to take proper care of it and the moss ball starts to turn brown, you can move it to a cooler place with less exposure to direct light. Take out your moss ball and squeeze it under tap water to wash out any of it’s dirt, it should usually recover, turning green again.

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Phone Projector

How many times have the both of you gone camping, a weekend getaway, or a party at your place and you wished you had a screen to play something for entertainment. 

If you do not have a huge television, you may consider gifting him a phone projector. It is a great pick for entertainment on a large screen. You must keep your phone’s brightness on the maximum for a greater effect. Also try to use it in a dark room, projecting onto a smooth white surface for best results. 

Your movie night can now be more fun with a larger screen to watch it on, instead of squishing into either one of your laptops. You may also want to consider investing a little more in this projector to get one with a greater quality and display. 

Basketball slippers

If he is a basketball fan, or any sports for that matter? A pair of sporty, furry, and comfortable slippers will be a cute little gift. 

Enhance his game experience and give him a reason to stay home to watch the game in full spirit with his basketball slippers on. 

This soft, comfortable and light weight pair will help him keep warm during the winter. 

Let us know in the comments below of your best gift ideas for your boyfriend.

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Reeti Rohilla

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