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12 Birthday Gift Ideas You Have To Get For Your Girlfriend

You always want to make your girlfriend feel special, but there is one particular day each year that you want her to feel really special – her birthday.  Well, luckily, these birthday gift ideas are guaranteed to do just that! Every one of these gifts will surely make your girlfriend’s heart melt. Make her day special and secure the title as “Best Boyfriend Ever” with one of these products that any girl would be dying to get their hands on. 

1. Custom Name Necklace

This custom gothic name necklace is stylish and trendy. You can customize it to display your name or her name. There are also different font styles that the company offers if gothic doesn’t exactly match your girlfriend’s taste. The necklace also comes in silver, 18k gold plating, and 18k gold vermeil. 

2. Personalized Blanket

This fleece blanket is super soft and cozy. Print any picture that you want onto this blanket in ultra-HD resolution. Even print a picture of yourself on it so that your girlfriend can wrap you around her even when your physical presence isn’t there. The blanket comes in a variety of sizes ranging from baby (20″ x 25″), medium (30″ x 40″), throw (50″ x 60″), and queen (60″ x 80″). This company guarantees 100% satisfaction or your money back. 

3. Coldbrew Maker

Cold-brew has been all rage and if your girlfriend is an avid coffee drinker then this is the perfect birthday gift for her. With this gift, no longer will your girlfriend have to settle for the standard diluted, bitter, acid taste of regular coffee, instead, she can sip on sweet, rich, and smooth cold-brew every morning. This cold-brew maker comes with an easy to take on-the-go spill-proof mug! The cold-brew maker and mug are both insulated too as to ensure that your cold-brew is fresh and cold every single time. 

4. Record Player

If your girlfriend has a passion for music then out of all the other birthday gift ideas, this is the one you should go with. This record player has a clean, vintage-inspired aesthetic that is capable of fitting into any space. It is lightweight which allows for it to be capable of traveling further than most other products. This record player allows for records with 33-1/3, 45 or 78 RPM to play. It has a built-in Bluetooth receiver too though which would allow your girlfriend to play her digital music wirelessly through the record player’s stereo speakers. 

5. Customized Star Map

This customized star map is one of the cutest birthday gift ideas I have ever seen. Go to the website, pick a date, location, and time, and it will generate what the night sky looked like during that particular night. It is a good reminder of a special day and it serves as a good reminder for that one special girl of yours that you love her to the moon and back. 

6. Fitbit

If your girlfriend loves to exercise, then she will really love you for getting her this amazing gift. A Fitbit is a super convenient tool to have when trying to reach your fitness goals. The latest version of the Fitbit has Amazon Alexa built-in, sleep tracking, music experience, Fitbit pay,  24/7 heart rate tracking, all-day calorie burn tracking, guided breathing sessions, and is able to display smartphone notifications. It is able to support all of these features and still have a 6+ day battery life. The Fitbit also has a premium design that makes it look pretty and sleek so your girlfriend will never want to take it off even after her workout has been completed. 

7. Crossbody Purse

Is your girlfriend into style, fashion, and accessories? If so, then I have the perfect birthday gift idea for you! This crossbody purse from Coach is a triple threat – it is timeless, stylish, and will match any outfit. It is a luxury item that your girlfriend is sure to swoon over. Purchase this Coach crossbody bag and she will be sure to shower you with kisses. 

8. Booties

I have yet to meet a girl that wasn’t absolutely obsessed with shoes. These Dixon Western Boots from Ariat are the perfect addition to every girl’s shoe rack. It can be worn casually, or you can dress them up. They are more comfortable to wear than heels, but they are more stylish than a regular pair of converse. They can also be worn for any season, whether it be summer, spring, winter, or fall. Your girlfriend will be impressed by your taste in shoes and she will be dying to put these on the minute she sees them. 

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9. Lululemon Leggings

Every girl dreams of having one pair of Lululemon leggings in their closet. Make her dream come true by buying her these Wunder Train High-Rise Tight 25″ leggings that come in a variety of colors from Lululemon. Leggings from Lululemon last a life-time and they fit like a glove. Not only that, but they are also as comfortable as can be. Your girlfriend deserves the best of the best, and these leggings are the best of the best when it comes to athleisure. 

10. Pandora Earrings

One of the most quintessential birthday gift ideas is jewelry. There is a reason that it is a steeple though and that is because jewelry is beautiful, can be worn at all times, and it does a good job of showcasing one’s affections for another. With that said, show your girlfriend how much you love her with this pair of heart-shaped hoop earrings from Pandora. They won’t tarnish and they are a fun spin on the classic circular hoop earrings.

11. Custom 3D Photo-Lamp

Another heartfelt and personalized gift your significant other is sure to love is this 3D Photo-lamp. Simply submit the image you want your lamp to display, choose the color wood you like most, decide if you want there to be an engraving on it, and you have yourself the perfect gift. Your partner will be sure to notice the amount of detail and thought that went into it and thus will feel deeply cared for. Not only is this present heartfelt but it is a great addition to any room. This lamp will literally light up the room with your love; no other night-light could top that. In times where your partner feels low, they can just turn on this light and be reminded of the positivity you bring into their life.

12. Self-Care Journal

This self-care journal is a cute, thoughtful, and sweet gift that your girlfriend is sure to love. Perfect for helping your girlfriend unwind and reflect, this gift is truly a gift that will keep on giving since it will undoubtedly help her to improve her mental health. Give your girlfriend this self-care journal for her birthday and she will appreciate both it and you. 

One of these birthday gift ideas will surely bring a smile to your girlfriend’s face and make her feel extra special. Which gift will you be purchasing? Let us know down in the comments below!

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