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8 Birthday Cake Recipes For Something Extraordinary

8 Birthday Cake Recipes For Something Extraordinary

Someone’s birthday? Your birthday? Choosing the right birthday cake recipes can always be a little bit difficult. Some may be very complicated to very time-consuming. You want to choose a birthday cake recipe that will impress and amaze guests. A birthday cake recipe that is straightforward to complete. The trend now is often simplicity is best. You don’t want to overcomplicate the flavours. Here are 8 birthday cake recipes for something extraordinary. These birthday cake recipes are paired back, focusing on the flavours. You will impress the birthday guest, friends and family by making one of these birthday cake recipes.

1. Vanilla Layered Cake with Vanilla Icing

A vanilla layered cake with vanilla icing is simplicity at its best. No flavour is too overpowering and you can choose how sweet you want the cake to be. With a vanilla layered cake, there is the opportunity for improvisation. Maybe sprinkle some cocoa over the top? Or in between the layers?

2. Funfetti Cake

A funfetti cake is perfect for a party. A great take on a vanilla layered cake. This cake not only screams ‘fun’, but it also screams ‘celebrate’! With sprinkles scattered all through the cake and on the icing, this is a birthday cake adults and children will love.


3. Rainbow Cake

What screams birthday celebrations than a rainbow cake? This cake provides an element of surprise. When you initially see the birthday cake, it looks like any other layered cake. But when you cut it open, the layers are the colours of the rainbow!

4. Red Velvet Cake

For those who love a rich and decadent birthday cake. A red velvet cake is just that. When you slice the cake, you see the beautiful red layers contrasted with the white cream cheese icing. One thing great about this cake is it is satisfying after one slice.

5. Chocolate Layered Cake with Chocolate Icing

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing, what more would you ask for? Perfect for the many chocolate lovers out there. Just like the vanilla layered cake, you can improvise. Maybe add some sprinkles on top? Or some fresh berries in between each layer?


6. Marble Cake

A cake recipe that is in the memory lane for many people. A marble cake is a childhood delight and will impress any guest. You can choose using vivid colours for a crazy finish, or just chocolate and vanilla. It is delicious! One layer or a couple of layers, no icing or icing. The choice is yours!

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7. Ice Cream Cake

An ice cream cake will delight, excite and impress. The flavours you can choose from are endless. It is easy to make (… if you have an ice cream machine!). It will always be appealing, no matter how old you are. Maybe this finally calls for an ice cream machine purchase?


8. Classic Birthday Cake

This birthday cake recipes list would not be complete without the classic birthday cake. This recipe is simple and foolproof. A buttery cake with chocolate ganache frosting and some added sprinkles. A classic birthday cake will impress any guest.

Some bakers like to stick strictly to the method of the birthday cake recipes. Others like to improvise. Maybe use chocolate icing instead of vanilla? Add some fruit? Add some sprinkles? Dust some cocoa? Just remember to make sure the flavour combinations are nice!

Birthdays are special occasions and you always want to impress the guests! Choosing one of these birthday cake recipes will be that something extraordinary on a special day. Let us know whether you’ve tried to make one of these recipes. Share with us in the comments below!

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