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20 Binge Worthy Shows & Movies on Netflix

20 Binge Worthy Shows & Movies on Netflix

Regardless of where you are in the world right now, you probably have been spending a to go time at home lately. Something that comes to our minds when we think about ways to spend time at home would be turning on Netflix and watching a show or movie into the depths of the night. I personally find myself watching the same five shows repeatedly. That’s when I decided to try some “lesser known’ content on Netflix and compile a list. Here’s the list so you can pick and choose your next Netflix venture as well!

1. Outlander

Outlander is a TV show based on the book series of the same name by Diana Gabaldon. It is a historical drama series that follows the story of Claire Randall, a former World War II nurse who ravels back in time to 1743 Scotland. She finds herself in an unknown world where her life is on the line and is forced to marry Scottish Highlander Jamie Fraser. Outlander follows Claire in her adventures and is perfect if you love history, romance and really hot guys in kilts. 

20 Binge Worthy Shows & Movies on Netflix

2. Sense8

When Angelica kills herself to escape a man called “Whispers”, she births a psychic connection between eight strangers across the world. Sense8 follows the story of these strangers who get thrusted into each other’s lives and secrets. As they try to decipher the meaning behind their connection, they find out that Whispers is still on the hunt to kill them. 

3. Skins 

Skins is a British series that aired in 2007 and it revolves around the lives of a group of teenagers. It stars actors such as Nicholas Hoult, Dev Patel, Kaya Scodelario and Daniel Kaluuya. The show tackles topics such as mental illness, substance abuse, dysfunctional families and bullying. 

Each episode is named after a character and addresses the struggles in their lives. The show is broken up in “generations” where each generation of teenagers are connected with each other. 

20 Binge Worthy Shows & Movies on Netflix


4. Kim’s Convenience 

Witness the misadventures of the Kim family who own a convenience store. Mr and Mrs Kim are first generation Korean-Canadians who are parents to Canadian-born Janet and Jung. The sitcom is a classic comedy show which tells he heartfelt story of how these parents tackle family dynamics, the community they live in and of corse, their convenience store. 

5. Russian Doll

Russian Doll is a dark comedy drama show that follows the life or rather, the death of a woman named Nadia. She is a software engineer who finds herself reliving her birthday party. She dies every time only to restart at the same moment at the party. Nadia has to figure out how to go past the point of dying through navigating all the choices she has made up until the part. 

The less you know about this show, the better. One thing is for sure; Russian doll will not disappoint. 

6. Unbelievable 

This web series is a dramatization of the 2008-2011 Washington and Colorado serial rape cases. Marie wakes up one morning blindfolded and gagged by a masked intruder. After he leaves, she calls the police and her foster mother. Due to a traumatic childhood, Marie has learned to switch off more of what happened that morning in her mind. She recounts what she could remember to the officers in charge only to have her story dismissed. 

It is only when another similar case lands in the hands of detectives Grace Rasmussen and Karen Duval does Marie’s story get the justice it deserves. The show is incredibly made and everyone should watch it. 

20 Binge Worthy Shows & Movies on Netflix

7. Never Have I Ever

This new show on Netflix follows the life of first generation Indian American teenager Devi who sets out to change her social status after a horrible year. Devi is outspoken, spunky and dramatic at times. Most of all, she is a relatable character and isn’t characterized by her ethnicity. It is a perfect blend of comedy and drama and takes the coming of age genre to a new level. 

Never Have I Ever is funny, relatable and at the end of the day. fills your heart with a sense of comfort. 

8. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

This is a comedy talk show series hosted by comedian Hasan Minhaj. It covers a wide range of topics from politics to modern culture all infused with comedy and simple terms that help people who aren’t as well versed in these areas understand society better. 

The best thing about this show is that you can watch any episode you want since each episode covers a singular topic. Some of my personal favourites are “Amazon”, “Student Loans”, “Why Your Internet Sucks” and “Mental Health”. 

9. Outer Banks 

Outer Banks is a new Netflix teen drama show that follows a group of teenagers who live in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. They call themselves “Pogues” which also refers to the less wealthy part of the community. When John B’s father goes missing, the Pogues set out to find out what happened. As they delve deeper into the mystery, they uncover secrets that John B’s father has been keeping. 

10. Ben is Back 

Ben is Back is a drama film that has a serious tone to it so if you’re looking for a light hearted comedy, this might not be the one for you. It follows the story of a young boy who struggles with drug addiction. 

Holly, Ben’s mother is surprised to find her son in the driveway of her house one day. He was supposed to be in rehab but Ben informs her that his sponsor thought it would be a good idea for him to take a trip home. Although Holly is happy to see her son, she lets him know that he is allowed to stay over is he doesn’t leave her sight. Ben is Back plays off on familial dynamics and addiction struggles. It is a heartbreaking story that will move you. 

20 Binge Worthy Shows & Movies on Netflix


11. Silver Linings Playbook 

This move earned a total of eight Academy Award nominations and you’ll know why when you watch it. Pat is a man with bipolar disorder who sets out to win back his estranged wife after eight months of treatment in a psychiatric hospital. He meets Tiffany at a dinner party and finds out that she was a widow with a disorder. Pat’s wife had filed a restraining order against him. Tiffany offers to help him win her back but under one condition; he must enter a dance competition with her. Pat and Tiffany start to bond over training and develop a special connection as they help each other with their problems. 

12. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society 

The film is adapted from a novel with the same name and is set in 1941 on the island of Guernsey. A group of friends is stopped by German soldiers for being out so late. They reply by saying that they’re a part of a book club. 

A few years later, writer Juliet Ashton receives a letter from a man named Dawsey Adams who tells her that he is part of a book club and that they were then reading one of her books. Fascinated by the man and his book club, she continues to exchange letters with him, sending him books in return for information about his club. 

It is perfect for anyone who wants to spend a cozy night in and soak up the beautiful blend of romance, history and drama. 

20 Binge Worthy Shows & Movies on Netflix

13. Adrift 

Adrift is a romantic drama film based on the true story of a couple who are stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after a hurricane. Tami wakes up on a sailing yacht and finds her fiancé Richard overboard and unconscious. 

It is a frustrating yet endearing movie and there is a huge plot twist in the end that will shock you. However, it is still worth the watch!

14. The King 

The King tells the story of Henry V of England   and features a stellar cast of Timothée Chalamet, Joel Edgerton, Robert Pattinson and Ben Mendelsohn. It is based on several plays from William Shakespeare’s “Henriad”. 

The historical drama follows Henry V, often referred as “Hal” who is the reckless son of Henry IV. He is crowned King after his father’s death and is sent a ball as a coronation gift from eh Dauphin of France. He feels insulted as the ball signifies weakness and thus, he declares war on France. 

The King displays violent war scenes, a bit of comedy and is an all around delight to watch if you are a history buff. 

20 Binge Worthy Shows & Movies on Netflix


See Also

15. Frances Ha 

Frances Ha is a comedy drama film. The most interesting part of this movie is that it is in black and white. Yes, you heard me. Black and white throughout the whole film. 

Frances is an aspiring dancer at a small company in New York City. She lives with her best friend Sophie. The movie starts with Frances breaking up with her boyfriends. After reaching home, Sophie tells her that she will be moving to Tribeca with her boyfriend. On top of all of that, instead of getting a long term membership at the dance company, she gets dropped from its roster. Unable to pay her rent without a job and a roommate, she moves into an apartment with two of her friends Lev and Benji. 

Despite all of the shortcomings in her life, Frances keeps a smile on her face and a bounce in her step. The movie seems simple in its cinematography but underneath, it is a breakdown of the mind of a young woman. 

16. Okja 

You probably would have heard of Parasite by now. If you are looking for other works by director Bong Joon Ho, Okja might be the perfect fit for you. This adventure-action movie follows the story of a young farm girl who raises a huge genetically modified super pig. Through beautiful shots and incredible acting, Okja discusses the impact of factory farming, mass production of meat and sustainability. 

17. Isle of Dogs 

Isle of Dogs is an animated stop motion film by Wes Anderson. In my opinion, it is highly underrated. 

When a young boy named Atari in a dystopian Japan loses his dog, a group of banished dogs help him look for his lost pet on an island where all dogs have been banished to due to an outbreak of canine flu. 

With a charming story and mesmerizing shots, this film will capture your heart and soul. 

20 Binge Worthy Shows & Movies on Netflix


18. Uncut Gems 

This movie was one of *the* movies last year. However, not many people know about it. Here’s what Uncut Gems is all bout. 

It is a crime thriller movie about a man name Howard Ratner who is a gambling addict and jeweller. He is in serious debt and must retrieve a very expensive gem he purchased in order to pay off his debts. Adam Sandler leads this movie and honestly, he is very persuasive as Howard and puts on a a damn great show. 

19. 13 Going On 30

If you haven’t watched this feel-good romantic comedy, then you have to stop whatever you’re doing and go watch it. All 13-year-old Jenna Rink wants is to be popular at school. She tries to impress the cool kids by inviting them to her birthday party, only to get humiliated in front of her crush. She wishes she was 30 years old and when she opens her eyes, she finds herself in 2004 in a luxurious apartment. Her wish came true and she is unsure of how she got there in the first place. 

13 Going On 30 is a classic nostalgic movie which will make you laugh, cry and fall in love with its protagonist. 

20 Binge Worthy Shows & Movies on Netflix

20. Extraction 

Extraction is about a mercenary who is sent into Bangladesh to retrieve the kidnapped son of a drug lord. He must protect the boy while escaping gangs who are on the chase to kill him. With straightforward storytelling and excellent action sequences, this move does not fail to keep you hooked. 

If you are into movies that keep your adrenaline rushing, Extraction is the one for you!

If you watch any of these shows or movies, let us know what you think in the comments and recommend your favourite Netflix binges!
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