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10 Bikini Brands We’re Obsessed With

10 Bikini Brands We’re Obsessed With

10 Bikini Brands We're Obsessed With

With all the bikini brands out there, it’s hard to know which ones are good and which ones just downright suck. Here’s 10 bikini brands that we’re obsessed with because of their reliability, cute styles and affordable prices that you should definitely check out.

1. Summersalt

This brand has high-quality bikinis that you’ll pay a little more for, but honestly how long they’ll last you is definitely worth it. The best part of this brand is that they have a “try before you buy” option where you can select four bathing suits to try in the comfort of your home and then only pay for whatever you decide to keep. I think this concept is absolutely genius and that more brands should implement this in order to allow customers to feel comfortable when trying on bikinis.

*10 Bikini Brands We’re Obsessed With

2. Zaful

Honestly, Zaful has some of the cheapest bikinis you can find right now. When I first ordered I was definitely skeptical, but watching YouTube reviews of certain styles from the brand helped me figure out which to buy to get the most bang for your buck. Considering the cheap prices, the quality is actually really good and they offer a ton of different styles, so you’re sure to find something that’s up your alley. Do your research first, and you’ll be good.

*10 Bikini Brands We’re Obsessed With

3. Moana Bikini

This designer Australian bikini brand has so many unique styles that it’s mind-blowing. While they’re on the pricier side, they have styles that flatter every body type in the best possible way. The quality of the bikinis and the range of styles definitely make this company one of the top bikini brands to obsess over right now.

*10 Bikini Brands We’re Obsessed With

4. Monday Swimwear

This brand, founded and often modelled by two best friends, is amazing. These bikinis have so much support so your ladies are comfortable and where they should be, which is something a lot of bikini brands lack. They have a huge range of styles with so many cute prints, and they’re one of my personal favourites right now. Check them out and you’ll probably be obsessed too.

*10 Bikini Brands We’re Obsessed With

5. Hoaka Swimwear

A lot of bikini brands are kind of flimsy and won’t last over time, but this is not the case for Hoaka. The brand makes incredibly durable bathing suits that will last you many a pool day with no problems. The brand ships to just about anywhere you can think of, so there’s really no excuse not to check this cute and comfortable brand out.

*10 Bikini Brands We’re Obsessed With

6. Kopper & Zink

This designer brand really reinvents the bikini game. Who said bikinis had to look a certain way? This brand makes bikinis that are fashion-forward while also being super sturdy and comfortable. T-shirts, one-strap, high waisted, lace-up, you want it, they probably have it. While many bikini brands tend to have similar styles, Kopper & Zink strays away from the crowd and brings a fresh touch to the game.

*10 Bikini Brands We’re Obsessed With

7. Seafolly

Even though it didn’t start off under this name, this brand has certainly been around for a while. It started of as “Peter’s Folly”, and has now evolved into one of the most renowned bikini brands out there. The brand has one many an award for the quality of its bathing suits, and if that isn’t a good enough reason to check it out, I don’t know what is.

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*10 Bikini Brands We’re Obsessed With

8. B Fyne Swimwear

This brand was created when founder Buki Ade decided she’d had enough of the lack of representation of African women all over the fashion industry and the world. She created this gorgeous brand and hopes to inspire women to embrace their bodies and love themselves as wholeheartedly as possible. In these gorgeous bikinis, anyone can feel like a goddess.

*10 Bikini Brands We’re Obsessed With

9. Vitamin A Swimwear

This is one of few bikini brands that is not only fashionable, but sustainable. The brand offers a sustainable collection that is made out of recycled nylon fibers. The company strives to be as eco-conscious as possible, and this is a cause we should all be supporting as much as possible. On top of helping the industry be more sustainable one bikini at a time, their products are also gorgeous.

*10 Bikini Brands We’re Obsessed With

10. Frankies Bikinis

These designer bathing suits are so nice that I really wish I had the money to buy all of them right now. From classic one pieces to 90s style, high cuts, high waist and everything in between, Frankies Bikinis puts their own unique spin on just about every style. If you want the perfect bathing suits to add some flare your collection, 10/10 recommend checking them out.

*10 Bikini Brands We’re Obsessed With

Are we missing any brands that are absolute must-haves? Let us know in the comments down below!

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