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The Biggest Turn Ons For Guys Ft. Victoria’s Secret Models

Men are pretty standard, straight-forward beings. When it comes to turning a guy on, again, you can’t really go wrong. I mean you could, but you’d really be fucking up big time if that were the case. Here are the biggest turn ons for guys that are guaranteed to work. There are always those obvious moves, but subtle cues are just as powerful, if not more everlasting.


Life lesson: do everything with confidence. Given it’s a lot easier said than done but if you really commit to confidence, I promise you, you’ll be unstoppable. This is truly one of the biggest turn ons for guys. It’s a big turn on for anyone. Stop giving a fuck about what other people think and start focusing on your happiness. You are your own worst enemy; stop doubting yourself and get out of your head. Chances are half of the shit you are worried about, people aren’t even picking up on.


Again, just like you’d love to see a guy who’s driven and ambitious, the same goes for men. If you aren’t sure of your passions, you need to do some serious reconsidering. There’s no way you can start dating if you don’t entirely know yourself. That’ll just end in disaster. With ambition comes confidence. You can bet your ass this is one of the biggest turn ons for guys.


An Open Mind

Guys change their minds every damn day so if you can’t keep an open mind, they’ll probably have a problem with that. Again, there’s nothing more unattractive in a male than someone who’s narrow-minded and set in their ways. Be open to new experiences and ideas. It’ll take you far in life.


This is a combination of confidence and ambition. If you’ve mastered those two things, independence follows. It’s one of the biggest turn ons for guys when a girl is okay going to the bathroom by herself or ordering her own damn drinks at the bar. Hold your own women!

Make The First Move

Guys already have enough to worry about when it comes to dating. Every now and then, take the reins on the relationship. If you are in the initial stages of dating, don’t make him work so hard for it and don’t play games. If you want him to kiss you, take the initiative yourself. Again, don’t overthink things and take what you want. There’s no way he’ll reject you making the first move.


Eye Contact

Eyes are the window to the soul right? Eye contact is crucial. However, there is a fine line between eye contact and being a creepy weirdo. Give off a friendly warm vibe and look at him when he’s talking to you. Pretty subtle way to attract a guy.


C’mon, this is fool-proof and of course it’s one of the biggest turn ons for guys. Showing you are able to have a good time and goof around is attractive. It proves you aren’t uptight. Teasing physically is also an option but I’ll let you figure out what floats your boat in that department.

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Sexy Lingerie

… do I even need to explain why this is one of the biggest turn ons for guys? Probably not. I will however say stick to navy, black, red and white. Neon pink isn’t exactly a guy’s fantasy… or maybe it is. Ask your dude if that’s the case.

Dirty Talk

“Talk dirty to me.” Go for it!

Having Fun In Bed

This is supposed to be a fun activity so if you’re nervous and overthinking it, it’s gonna suck. Keep it light-hearted and fun and you are set.

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