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The 10 Biggest Healthy Food Trends For 2018

The 10 Biggest Healthy Food Trends For 2018

Healthy food trends of 2018 are in. These are the healthiest food trends of the year. Find out what the best healthy foods and best superfoods are of 2018.

Food trends come and go. With the New Year fast approaching, the biggest healthy food trends of 2018 are already popping up. These wellness predictions for 2018 are what will be talked about in the year ahead. A new food world has been transitioning for the past 20 months. Nearly 17 CEO’s of large food corporations have stepped down. Fresh-thinking executives are at the forefront of the food industry; new food retail models are being built around us, the consumer. Find out what I think the 2018 food trends will be.

Healthy Food Trends of 2018


Healing spices have slowly been popping up. Tumeric, golden milk and cayenne are a few of the metabolism boosting spices that have hit the ground running. If you are a fan of tumeric’s anti-inflammatory powers, you’ll love moringa. Moringa is a super-green spice that’s more powerful than anything we’ve seen yet. It’s got twice the protein of spinach and three times as much iron. That’s some pretty powerful stuff. Moringa also has vitamin A, potassium and large amounts of calcium. Talk about a super food of 2018. You’ll see Moringa Puffs, Moringa oil and moringa protein bars popping up.

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Jackfruit is another healthy food trend coming to us in 2018. Jackfruit is bound to be one of the healthy food trends since it’s already been popping up as the year comes to a close. Monk fruit is another one of the healthy food trends coming in hot. These super fruits are going to swap out wheat, flour, meat and sugar. You can use jackfruit for vegan taco recipes and monk fruit as a natural sweetener.

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Sleep Inducing Foods

Believe it or not, 30% of Americans have reported experiencing insomnia. No wonder sleep inducing foods will be one of the healthy food trends of 2018. Dream Water has been around for a few years and has successfully made its mark on the health food industry. Cherries and popcorn are a great snack to have before bed that will get your melatonin levels up. It’s no wonder you get sleepy when you go to the movies. Thanks popcorn.

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In other words, bug-based foods. Now I know that sounds gross but it appears to be one people’s radar as one of the healthy food trends of 2018. If you’re brave, give this healthy food trend a go – it’ll definitely be crunchy.

Nut Milk Yogurt

Nut based yogurts are quickly becoming one of the healthy food trends of 2018. Swap out dairy and get coconut milk yogurt options. These alternative yogurt options are flying off the shelves.

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Kombucha is already a seriously popular health food trend. However, in 2018, kombucha will become an even bigger healthy food trend. This fermented healthy drink has finally hit its mainstream. Thankfully Kombucha comes in several different flavors. Swap out soda and get your fix with the ‘booch.

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Maca Root Powder is considered one of earth’s “super foods” that comes in powder form at health food stores and is increasingly popping up in many grocery stores. This powerful plant is highly nutritious, increases libido in men and women, improves mood, boosts your energy, balances your hormones and more!

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Brazil Nuts

Commonly eaten raw and whole, you only need a few of these bad boys a day to cover a wide range of bases! 2-3 of these nuts will grant you your daily selenium needs. Selenium-rich foods are known to fight inflammation, prevent heart disease, and fights free radicals!

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids which in turn helps to balance inflammation from the overwhelming amount of omega-6 fatty acids we put into our bodies every day. They’re also rich in antioxidants, very fibrous and contain iron and calcium. Just mix a couple tablespoons into a smoothie or let soak overnight in yogurt or almond-milk for a gelatinous consistency.

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What do YOU think the biggest healthy food trends of 2018 will be?

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