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7 Big Ticket Items To Buy With Your Tax Refund

It’s officially tax season, which means your tax refunds could be right around the corner! Before you go spending everything you get back right away, think about what you need or want the most. Tax season can be the best time to buy big ticket items, because it’s the time of year most people have some money to play around with. There’s also a lot of retailers who do promotions and big sales events during this time, because they know it’s one of the best times of year to advertise and promote to boost business. Money burns a hole in people’s pockets, and marketing teams know that, so they’ll do anything to get you in the store and spending money. Before you do that, shop around for the best prices and best products. In the meantime, here’s a few well-reviewed big ticket items to consider buying with your tax refund!

1. LG 4K Smart T.V.

Smart televisions are the best way to go when buying a new TV for any purpose. The great thing about smart televisions, is that they have a Wi-Fi connector built-in, so it can download and run streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ without ever needing to connect to another facilitating device, such as a Roku or gaming system. There are a variety of manufacturers that offer smart TVs, and it’s ultimately up to you which brand you choose.

Here’s an LG model that offers 4K resolution over 43″. It has smart capabilities, so you are able to download a variety of apps from the LG store, which is available as soon as the television is connected to either wired or wireless internet. It has over 1,500 reviews that amount to a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

You can get this LG UHD 43″ television from Best Buy for just $289.99!

2. Beats By Dre Headphones

Music is a huge part of almost everyone’s lives. There is music for every occasion and every mood, and the best way to listen to music is your own way. A pair of over the ear headphones are great for truly losing yourself in the music that you love. Hear every harmony and hidden beat with a pair of Dr. Dre’s famous “Beats” headphones. With styles for both studio and casual use, there’s a stylish set of Beats headphones for you.

The Beats Solo Pro and Beats Studio Pro are both big ticket items you can buy with your tax refund! The Solo Pros are geared towards everyday use, and boast a remarkable 40 hours of battery life per charge. They are also foldable, so they’re easy to gently carry around wherever you go. They’re powered by Bluetooth, so there’s no extra chunky cables sitting around, keeping you tethered to your phone. You’re free to move about as you please, plus the headphones have both a noise-cancel feature as well as a transparency feature, so you can be aware of your surroundings even when you tunes are playing.

You can order the Beats Solo Pros from Walmart for just $149.00 while the sale lasts!

3. Xbox Series X

Every few years a new gaming console is released with all new advancements and becomes one of the year’s hottest big ticket items. Systems with better graphics, better speed, and more memory appeal to kids and adults alike. There’s countless things to consider when buying a new gaming system, and for many, the main question is: Xbox or Playstation? Each brand supplies customers with reliable and effective tech that is sure to keep them occupied and content for hours on end, however, there are small differences in the way the systems are developed and designed that attract customers to each specific system. Xbox is made by Microsoft, so if you prefer the simplicity of a Windows look and feel to your gaming experience, you might prefer Xbox!

Their newest system release is called the Xbox Series X, and it features 4K quality imaging, as well as 12 teraflops of raw graphic processing power, which means it can handle almost anything. With such high specs, the Series X has been incredibly difficult to find, and remains temporarily out of stock on most websites, but you may get lucky and find one by the time you get your tax refund!

You can check GameStop, which has been regularly restocking in small amounts, and get the Series X from $399.99 for the digital version. The version that reads disks starts at $499.99.

4. Playstation 5

The opposing gaming console to the Xbox Series X is the Playstation 5. The Playstation 5 can run at 4K quality or even at the newly introduced 8K quality, which means it has double the pixels as the 4K screen. Obviously you would need a television that can perform 8K quality to make the most of this feature, but it is a step above the Xbox system no matter how you look at it. Priced the same, some believe the PS5 is a better deal, but that’s if you can get your hands on it.

Playstation 5s have been next to impossible to get since the day they were released. Every website you can imagine was out of stock within minutes, and now the only place you can find them is one eBay for double, triple, and sometimes even four times what they are worth. Luckily manufacturers have been able to start getting them back in stock, but the market is competitive. Who wouldn’t want such an awesome system?

You can sometimes find the PS5 on Amazon’s website. Of stores like Best Buy, GameStop, Wal-Mart, and Target, Amazon has been more likely to restock, and to have more available when they restock, so keep an eye on their website!

5. Samsung Galaxy S21

Have you ever sat back and realized, “Wow, my phone is old?” Some people are always getting new phones; trading in their 6-month old phones for the newest model, just to say they have it. Other people are more frugal with their money, and prefer to use their phone until it no longer works. If that sounds like you, and your phone is any more than a couple of years old, it’s time to get a new one!

Many people love Apple iPhones, and many don’t. The Samsung Galaxy line of cell phones has been insanely popular alongside the iPhone for years now. They each release a new phone or two a year, and capture everyone’s excitement. This year’s Galaxy is absolutely gorgeous, and comes in four color tones: Phantom White, Phantom Gray, Phantom Violet, and Phantom Pink. With a 64MP camera and 8K video capabilities, you can not only do practical things on the S21, but you can capture memories too!

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You can get the phone unlocked (meaning you can take it to any carrier) directly from Samsung’s website starting at $799.99 while the sale lasts!

6. Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft is one of the pioneers of all things technological. From phones, to computers, to gaming, to all kinds of software, Microsoft has some of the best and most advanced products. For those of you who work from home, attend school from home, or do any type of personal work online, you need to have a decent and reliable laptop to keep you connected. There are so many options out there, based on different memory levels, running speeds, resolutions, operating systems, and even aesthetics.

One of the options that checks all the boxes is the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3. Available in both a 13.5″ size, as well as a 15″ touch screen size, the Surface Laptop is one of the big ticket items you’ll want to keep in mind this tax season. The laptop offers an Intel Core i5, which runs about 40% faster than a MacBook Air. It also features an 11.5 hour battery life, with a standby features that lightly recharges while you’re letting the laptop sleep. It is made for multitasking, which is something we’re all doing these days. Make life a little easier with the Windows Surface Laptop 3!

You can order this laptop directly from Microsoft for $899.99, $400 off the original price, while the sale lasts!

7. Apple Watch

The last of the big ticket items on our list is another technological item. The Apple Watch can be used to connect to your cellphone (or have service of its own) and it helps to keep track of your health. While being worn, it can detect heart rates and moving rates to determine if the exercise you’re getting is both safe for you, and the right amount for you. It also helps to keep track of things like time, appointments, and messages.

You can take phone calls, answer messages, stream music, and track your sleep schedule with the Apple Watch. It is also water resistant, up to 50 meters, which means you can bring it on all of your adventures! There are endless band choices, so your Apple Watch can be tailored to any style. Plus, it looks sleek and stylish with a nice gold casing and smooth, shiny screen.

You can order both versions of the Apple Watch from Apple’s website starting at $279.00!

Which one of these big ticket items are you buying with your tax refund? Let us know in the comments below!

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