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7 Big Beach Hats To Beat The Sun

It’s almost summertime which means it’s almost time for vacations! Many of us love heading to the beach, where it’s warm, sandy, and there’s plenty of sunshine to enjoy. However, sometimes the sun gets a little too strong, and it can make your head hurt and ruin your whole day. To avoid this, you really just need a cute and comfy beach hat! Most of the beach hats we know and love are made from straw, but today, there are big beach hats made of all types of materials and colors, so you can look and feel your best when you’re trying to beat the sun!

1. Old Navy Braided Sun Hat

Old Navy is a great store for people who just want something simple and affordable. This braided wide-brim sun hat comes in two colors, black and tan. Whichever color you choose is perfect for almost any outfit you decide to wear on your beach day! Extra wide-brimmed, the hat is sure to keep your face and neck safe from the brutal sun rays that are known for burning and drying out your skin. Plus, it is a wonderful addition to any swimsuit style!

You can order this boho black beach hat from Old Navy for $24.99!

2. Rip Curl Tropic Sol Straw Hat

Rip Curl is one of the most popular swimwear brands for surfers all around the world. If you’ve ever heard of award-winning surfer, Bethany Hamilton (the girl who lost her left arm to a shark), or her best friend Alana Blanchard, who is also a famous surfer, then you’ve probably heard of Rip Curl. Rip Curl is one of the most durable and reliable swim and surfwear brands, while still remaining stylish and comfortable. If you plan on spending your summer at the beach, this is one of the best big beach hats for you!

You can order this Tropical Sol Straw hat from Rip Curl for $29.95!

3. Natural Life Bucket Hat

Rather than being made of straw or some other rougher material, Natural Life’s bucket hat is made with 100% cotton, which means you can wash it right in your washer if need be. Plus, it makes for a softer and more molded fit, so you’ll be beating the sun in style and comfort! There are two colors to choose from: Black Ditsy Floral which features a black background with a beautiful white daisy pattern, and Olive, which is entirely an army green, with a pretty pink and black stripe on the seam. The frayed edges add a totally boho feel, so this is the perfect big beach hat to wear anywhere!

You can order this cotton bucket hat from Natural Life for $32.00!

4. Anthropologie Cotton Crusher Hat

This cotton hat by Anthropologie is fairly similar to the bucket hat by Natural Life, with the main difference being what colors you can choose from. The Cotton Crusher comes in four colors: gray, white, sand, and green. With so many choices, you’re bound to find one that will go perfectly with your favorite swimsuit. Featuring an inner drawstring to ensure the best possible fit, this hat should work for anyone! Plus, it comes with UPF 50 protection, so your skin will stay nice and hydrated and safe from the sun’s brutal rays!

You can order the Cotton Crusher from Anthropologie for $36.00!

5. Shein Tassel and Shell Hat

Shein is a clothing website that offers men’s, children’s, and women’s fashion at insanely low prices. While perhaps not the best quality option on the list, the Tassel and Shell hat is still incredibly cute and chic, and super cheap! Made from straw, this hat gives off traditional beachy vibes. It also has a cute braided shell detail just above the wide brim, so you can feel protected and stylish all at the same time! This is a fabulous option for someone who is looking for affordable big beach hats!

You can order this super chic Tassel and Shell hat from Shein for just $8.00! What a steal!

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6. Free People Orchard Print Bucket Hat

Free People makes some of the cutest bohemian clothing items money can buy. With lots of florals and other bright and busy patterns, Free People’s products are such to catch some attention. With a bit of a heftier price tag than some of the other options on the list, the Orchard Print Bucket hat is one of the best choices for big beach hats. Available in two delicious color combos, Bubblegum and Ivory, this hat should absolutely be part of your wardrobe! Like the Anthropologie beach hat, this one features an inner drawstring as well, to ensure a snug and comfy fit for those extra windy beach days! Whether you’re enjoying a sunny day at the beach or a sunny day in your own backyard, the Orchard Print Bucket hat is the one for you!

You can order this boho beachy orchard bucket hat from Free People for $38.00!

7. Shopbop Lack of Color Holiday Bucket Hat

The final entry on this list of big beach hats comes from Shopbop, a clothing site that boasts their decision to sell only name-brand, designer products. It is a great site for finding modern looks that you maybe won’t find in places like your local Old Navy or Target. This beachy bucket hat is one of many gorgeous items you can find on Shopbop that are perfect for those long days on the beach. The “Lack of Color” bucket hat actually features a “candy stripe” design that includes a pastel blue, pastel pink, pastel peach, and white blend of colors. This hat is also available in two different sizes, unlike many of the big beach hats listed above, which comes in one size only. While it’s the most expensive on the list, you’ll probably find that it’s totally worth it once you see how great it looks on you!

You can order this Lack of Color bucket hat from Shopbop for $59.50!

Which one of these boho big beach hats will you be rocking this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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